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KETO MEAL PREP: Keto for Beginners: KETO MEAL PLAN – Your 30 days Keto-adaptation recipe cookbook, KETOGENIC VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK â?? Your 30-Day Meal Plan, tips, and tricks

by Cameron Walker

Sometimes being on a diet can be frustratingâ?¦the world seems set up for carb-eaters. Being different, anyhow, leads to higher creativity and to finding new untapped secretsâ?¦

Cameron Walker is a PhD in Nutritional Science and Yoga Master.

Having suffered from invalidating migraines since the age of 6, he has a passion for helping others become healthier and a better versions of themselves, mainly through healthy nutrition and an increased awareness about their body.

All his research is based on scientific data and, first of all, on personal testing.

Aware of the fact that going keto can be challenging (Cameron has gone keto since the late â??80ies specifically to change his life-impairing migraine condition), he wished to offer a precious resource for all those who have had the courage of choosing this lifestyle and are pursuing their values every day by deliberately choosing to not eat carbs.

This bundle contains 2 of Cameron’s books:

1)Keto for Beginners: Keto Meal Plan – your complete 30 days keto-adaptation recipe cookbook, that will allow you to eliminate confusion and some of the myths that exist in the low carb community by laying out the milestones you must observe to have success on your keto quest.
2)The Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, which guides you though 30 days of great vegetarian recipes and the indications you need to manage your macros and stay away from side effects when starting a keto diet.

Hopefully, these intriguing recipes will inspire your mind and delight your palate, making your journey to getting into a better shape with the keto diet more of a pleasure and less of a pain.

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Healthy Keto Smoothies: Easy and Delicious Ketogenic Smoothies Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Great in Your Body

by Dr Mark Hogan

Lose weight and drink up your daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants with the keto diet Smoothies cookbook.

Smoothies are a quick, easy and delicious way to make sure you get all the fruits and veggies you need, and the smoothies in this book take it one step further and include herbs and spices that will boost your health and energy levels!

In Healthy Keto Smoothies Cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Keto diet basic
  • What to drink
  • What to avoid
  • Tips
  • Keto smoothies recipes
  • And more

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SIMPLE KETO DESSERTS: Low-Carb, High-Fat Desserts for Smart People

by Dr Robin Hudson

We live in a sugar-filled world, and temptation is all around us. 

Dr Robin Hudson brings his considerable expertise in low-carb, grain-free baking to this book and invites you to indulgeâ??healthfully

In Simple Keto Desserts Cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Cake
  • Bars
  • Pies and Tarts
  • Cookies
  • Candy and Confections
  • Frozen Desserts
  • And more

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Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: The Complete 14-Day Keto Meal Plan for Weight Loss. Cookbook with 200 Low-Carb, Healthy and Easy to Make Keto Diet Recipes.

by Michael Drennan

Are you looking for simple and safe way to shed the unwanted pounds?

You can’t hear about fasting anymore, can you?

To enjoy the delicious food is your cherished dream?

This book is here for you!

The Keto diet is a nice solution to overcome these problems!

What will you get by following this diet?

– You will eat food that really nourishes!

– The fat will start to melt like snow in the sun, the weight will normalize!

– You will get the burst of energy, a feeling of lightness throughout the body!

– You will feel younger!

– The level of sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure will be standard!

– You will part from the problems with skin and joints!

– You will learn to feel your body better!

The author of the book tells you about the principles of keto diet, ketosis and fat burning. Moreover, he shares his own experience with you!

You will be provided with a 2-week food plan for the rapid start of ketosis. You will also receive 200 simple and delicious recipes. Without a personal nutritionist you will learn how to make a correct menu, how to eat less and to control the appetite. The main thing is that having understood the principles of this diet you will be able to create healthy dishes without any calculations. Once have experienced the benefits of Keto diet, you would become a devotee for the rest of your life!

Don’t delay the desire to live the better life for future, act right now!

The Grill Cookbook: Easy and Tasty Recipes on the Grill


“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start. “
Anthony Bourdain
Never underestimate the power of delicious grilled food. Grilling the food to perfection is an art and not everyone can master it. When we talk about barbecue and grilled food, it is difficult to tell whether we love cooking or eating it. Both of these tasks are equally satisfactory and fun. Grilled recipes can be made in any type of occasion but when your friends or family members are coming over, this is the best thing that you can do together. The unique taste bonds families together. If you are just getting started or you love making delicious recipes for your friends, this book has got you covered. You will find many delicious grilled food recipes that you can easily make at your home.

Just Eat, be Fit: Healthy Cookbook with Simple Recipes to make Eating Tasty

by Stacy White

Healthy breakfast should bring you pleasure every morning, make you look forward to your good-smelling tasty lunch and dinner, and friends and the family have to admire your desserts. Do you agree that it possible without harm for health? But you have non time to spend it on kitchen. If YES, this Healthy Cookbook for you!
Just Eat, be Fit: Healthy Cookbook with Simple Recipes to Make Eating Tasty includes:
-48 Delicious Fast Recipes for whole day
-Tasty Low-Carb Healthy Sugar-free Dessert Recipes
-Nutritional information and calories calculated for each meal

Cookbook includes recipes for anybody who wants to be healthy and save time. The products are quite simple and can be easily found on the shelves of the supermarkets.
With Just Eat, be Fit Healthy Cookbook you’ll fell the pleasures of eating good and tasty meals, instead of worrying about what not to eat. This book will show you how easy it can be.
So, don’t waste your time, let’s start cooking right now.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert: The fast and simple pressure cooker guide for smart people.

by Dr. Michelle Danville

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Do you want a fast amazing tasting meal that is healthy?

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Is the answer you’ve been looking for and, with this great addition to your library, this book will help you to achieve health and wellness.

Pressure cookers are nothing new. They have been around for decades and have been a popular addition to many homes. But with

Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook

it’s more than just a simple recipe book and you’ll be treated to something quite different,

including chapters on:

  • Pressure cooking and the history behind it
  • Features and functions of the Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • Cooking tips
  • Benefits of cooking with this method
  • Complete breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Plus dozens of mouthwatering recipes for all sorts of meals, you could be cooking amazing breakfasts, warming soups and stews, meats, vegetarian dishes and even desserts using your new

Power Pressure Cooker XL


The recipes are simple to follow and full of great nutrition, so you can be sure your family are getting the very best.

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Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook

today. You’ll wonder why you never thought of cooking this way sooner!

Scandinavian Cuisine: Recipes of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

by JR Stevens

Scandinavian Cuisine brings the essence of Scandinavia to life and to the table. You’ll find classic and traditional Scandinavian recipes with wholesome and mouthwatering dishes from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavia may be a small region, but when it comes to food, its influence and impact are big. Discover dishes for breakfast, appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts. Find more than 50 recipes including fried herring, Swedish scrambled eggs, Scandinavian Beef Hash, Finnish Macaroni Casserole, Swedish Meatballs, Fat Almond Pancakes and more.

Grab a copy of Scandinavian Cuisine today!

Sardine Solution: How and Why to Eat the World’s Most Badass Source of Protein

by K. Suzanne

Canned sardines – are you leery of them? Don’t be! Even my kid eats them! You need to eat them, too!

Sardines are the solution to many things! Sardines are easy! They are nutritious! They can help with weight loss, gaining lean muscle mass, and reducing inflammation. You can fight Alzheimer’s Disease and heart disease with sardines! 

And they’re cheap, too!

Here’s the thing: Learning to love sardines is easy!

This book will turn you into a sardine fan. It’s a matter of discovering how amazing they are, and going on a step-by-step process through recipes designed to turn everyone who tries them into raving sardine fans.

Fish, in general, is a smart part of a healthy diet. But who wants to deal with cooking fish and stinking up the house? Or trying to find a way to make frozen fish taste good? No need with canned sardines! 

Get Sardine Solution NOW!

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