Free horror Kindle books for 22 Aug 18

Voyage of the Pale Ship: A Young Adult Dark Fantasy Adventure (The Chronicles of Willow Grey Book 2)

by Greg James

The land of Tirlane has fallen to the evil Lamia, but Willow Grey and Henu the Wealdsman escape her clutches aboard the legendary Pale Ship!
To free Tirlane, they embark on a voyage that will take them to islands where cats rule over men, ruined cities are inhabited by living statues, and stranger places where spirits can make the wildest and darkest of dreams come true. But it is beyond these isles that the real challenges lie; can Willow Grey survive the perilous trials of the Skeleton Tower? Will Henu face his fears, or be consumed by the darkness growing within him? And what awaits them in the Giants’ Graveyard at the edge of the world – the chance for redemption, or the end of all things true?

A brand new YA Dark Fantasy series from the author of the best-selling Age of the Flame Trilogy!
Book One, The Door of Dreams, and Book Three, All Things True, are available on Amazon!

Katelyn Caged: A Short Story

by Liz Livingston

Short fiction story about Katelyn, a college student, who is kidnapped by a serial killer from a bar in Portland, Oregon.

Hollow Empire: Episode 2 (Night of Knives)

by J Edward Neill

Once, the empire of Vhur was the world’s most powerful. But that was before the Lichy plague. Now, twenty years and millions of dead later, only a few cities remain. The survivors walk a fine line between life and the grave.
And come the Night of Knives, even these last few might perish.

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