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Are We Dead Yet: One Family’s Journey To Personal Fulfillment

by M. Dee Dubroff

Enjoy this darkly humored saga about a family of zombies seeking a better undead life. Travel along with the Mortay family composed of Algernon, his wife, Macabra, and their two children, Doomsday, and Beezelbub as they attempt to cross the Sea of Innuendo into the New Country where all are free to stumble where they may.

You’re a Loser, but You Can Still Get Girls (How to Be a Winning Loser)

by J. Reed

Have you ever seen a hot girl on social media and wondered how you could ever get a girl like her? Inside this short guide, I tell and teach you how I got hundreds of the hottest girls on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites with just one message. That’s all it takes. One message. This short guide is all you will ever need to get the girl of your dreams however you want her.

How to make a successful videogame

by Sven Berg

In this book I’ll be presenting my view on how to make a successful videogame based on my experience in game developing over the past few years. This book could be useful for beginning game developers as a guide on how to start setting-up their game or for people who are just interested in the decision-making game developers have to go through to make their game.

This book is based on my experience over the past few years and is to help get you on your way to make a well thought-of game. Success cannot be guaranteed. I also don’t have any thighs to the games and companies used in my examples and they were chosen randomly and are used to clarify some steps. These games and companies are written in italic.

The picture on the cover was taken by Suludan Diliyaer and edited by me.

Whispered Carelessly (Saber of Certainty Stories Book 1)

by Larry Greatman

Greg Crypter is down on his luck. Short on cash, light on marketable skills, and with two small kids to feed, he needs something to break his way, and soon. But when the mysterious Vedd, an old eccentric who lives in the woods, lets slip that he’ll pay good money for books, a resource in short supply in Westarea, Greg forms a plan. Problem is he’ll have to cross the magical Partition to reach the nearest library. But old Greg Crypter never let a little magic get in the way of a big score before, and he ain’t about to start now. As he journeys into the unknown he’ll have to use all his smarts to keep his plan on track and himself alive. Along the way he’ll be tested by beautiful princesses, jealous witches, and a wizard with a grudge. All in the name of, hopefully, pulling off one hell of a heist.

This short novella is the perfect introduction into the world of the Saber of Certainty!

Broke With Benefits: A Guide To A Rich Life

by Mo Yusuf

“BROKE with BENEFITS” is a funny rags-to-riches story told while rag. This no-nonsense, direct approach self-help book is a compilation of life lessons that this writer/comedian learned the hard way. His journey from being broke to being happy began when he realized it was his emotional, intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy that had led to his financial ruin.

“BROKE with BENEFITS” offers a step-by-step guide towards a rich life told through Mo’s funny, and sometimes painful, life episodes. Each page uses the format of stand-up comedy (set-up/punchline) to deliver a message and summarizes it with #FunBrokeFacts that will make you laugh, think and help you get there sooner.

The advice in this book is funny, honest, real, and most importantly, works.

Uncommon Justice: Shawshank Redemption (Reviews Book 1)

by Clinton LeFort

The topic of choice is the film Shawshank Redemption. Stephen King wrote the original book under the title, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.” Shawshank is a fictional state prison. Stephen King refers to Shawshank often. The Fifth Quarter, the Sun Dog, and Dolores Claiborne are three works Stephen King refers to Shawshank. Frank Daramont adapted the book to a screenplay, which became Shawshank Redemption. Daramont adapted two novels by Stephen King to film, the other being Green Mile.
I’m greatly indebted to the makers of Dramatica for learning the theory of Story.


What are all the people in Shawshank Redemption dealing with? The main focus of the story is how seemingly innocent people who have been unjustly condemned react and respond in a different way to the same oppressive system; that is, incarceration in prison life. A situation in which the entire group of people find themselves is a set of circumstances that seem to have no solution. (Phillips, 2013) A situation is “any fixed state of affairs.” The system can be a corporate of government. A movement or ideology. The central point in the system is that it is unchanging. In the case of Shawshank Redemption, we have a system that is both unchanging and established. It is unchanging because of the warden who is a corrupt person who is using the system for his private or personal gain. The system is established because it works within the larger penal system of the establish laws set by the government. We need to know the overall territory in which Shawshank Redemption plays itself out in order to understand the dynamics in which the characters change or remain unchanged.
For example, Andy understands the system, but he is unwilling to be changed by it. He would rather go against the established system while Red and others within the system simply accept things just the way they are. Is it true that the system is always rigid and inflexible?
The system in Shawshank Redemption is much like the world in which Christ became Incarnate. The Roman rulers, the Jewish Pharisees, Sadducees and Gentiles had all become used to the world. Christ came to challenge the “modus operandi.” Did Christ just sit back like so many others and say it can’t be changed? No, because he only wanted the Father’s Will. “My food and my drink is to do the will of him who sent me.” The world has many systems and systems come in different forms and sizes.
Now that we understand the major system that Andy and Red attempt to live their lives it is time to look at other elements of the overall story.

12000 Word Scramble Puzzles to Improve Your IQ

by Kalman Toth M.A. M.PHIL.

Improved Effective IQ
The title indicates that these Scramble puzzles are designed “To Improve Your IQ.” Intelligence Quotient – IQ – is a scientific assessment of your intelligence. Your IQ is determined by measuring your problem solving abilities, memory, general knowledge, and spatial imagery. The average God-given IQ of an adult is 150. It cannot be increased by medical science, because of the microbiology of the brain. It can, however, be improved. The average effective (day-to-day) IQ is only 100-110, mostly due to neglect – lack of brain exercises. Therefore, if you exercise your brain, you can increase your effective IQ. Word puzzles, such as Scramble, provide the necessary mental activity.
Mental Exercise
Word puzzles help expand vocabulary, strengthen word recall, and improve memory. You do not realize while you are working puzzles that you are using thinking skills. Your brain learns new skills and acquires knowledge throughout your life. Mastering puzzle-solving skills improves your thinking.
Scramble puzzles will improve your focus and attention. When you are working on a puzzle, you need an environment that is relatively free of distractions. Puzzle solving is a solitary activity. The concentrated attention you must give to the solution of a Scramble is an excellent skill to develop which can help you in many areas of your life.
Deduction is an important critical thinking skill. Scramble puzzles provide you with an opportunity to learn organizational skill as you apply different solution methods. Practicing the process of elimination – seeking and finding possible answers, also requires deduction.
Scramble puzzles provide you with an activity that is not only fun, but also mentally challenging. Your brain needs regular playtime to form new patterns and complex neural networks naturally. Your mind requires nurturing just like your body. After all, exercise is not just about jumping jacks and free-weights. Both your body and your mind need stimulation and exercise. Puzzles are great for mind maintenance and mental stimulation.

Monster Soup: And Other Rhymes!

by Gary Moore

20 pages of funny Monster Rhymes to tickle your child’s funny bone! Every full color page made to let your child have a new Monster Adventure.

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