Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 22 Aug 18


by Sharon Sant


Elijah is nothing special. He’s just a skinny kid doing his best to stay one step ahead of starvation and the people who would have him locked away in a labour camp – just another Runner. But what he stumbles upon in a forest in Hampshire shows him that the harsh world he knows will become an even more sinister place, unless he can stop it.

As past and present and parallel dimensions collide, freedom becomes the last thing on his mind as he is suddenly faced with a battle to save his world from extinction. But before Elijah can find the courage to be the hero the world needs, he must banish his own demons and learn to trust his friends. And all the while, the sinister figure of Maxwell Braithwaite looms, his path inextricably bound to Elijah’s by a long dead physicist, and hell bent on stopping Elijah, whatever the cost.

RUNNERS is a rollercoaster adventure from the best-selling author of The Memory Game

The Sky Song trilogy
The Memory Game
Dead Girl Walking

Slime Attack: An action-packed adventure for 8-12 year olds

by G.R. Grim

Oscar loves slime, but when he’s sent a mysterious recipe for Top Secret Slime, things get a little sticky. Can Oscar save his friends from a slime attack?

An action-packed, edge-of-your-seat slime adventure for readers 8 and up.

Oliver’s Toothache (Oliver’s Dream Book 2)

by Jaewook Kim

Oliver needs to go to the dentist tomorrow but he can’t…

A Dawn of Heroes (Book #1 of the Obsidian Saga)

by Julius St. Clair

Everyone in the world has just been granted up to three wishes.

And suddenly, the fiery Aidan finds himself in a land that is magnificent, as it is terrifying. Orphaned and alone, he soon grows tired of the chaotic new world and searches for an escape, finding it in the friendship of powerful warriors, and the arms of the beautiful sorceress, Leah Ainsley.

But his destiny is not one of peace. There are dark forces on the horizon.

And he quickly discovers that if he has any chance of preserving his new life, he will have to battle immortal enemies, overcome impossible odds and ultimately tame his dark and tortured heart. Ultimately, he must choose between power or honor…vengeance or love.

This is an epic saga of honorable warriors and long-lost love, of powerful magic and breathtaking romance, of political intrigue and dark mysteries, mythical beasts of legends and fields of dreams.

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