Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 22 Aug 18

Flight 39

by Phillip P. Peterson

For a top-secret research project, airline pilot Christoph Wilder is recruited to fly an A380 equipped with a time machine. But on the maiden voyage, activists hijack the plane and force Christoph to take them back to 1939. Their goal: to kill Adolf Hitler! But the price to pay for averting the Second World War exceeds Christoph’s worst nightmares. He has to decide whether to save the dictator’s life in order to prevent the downfall of humanity in the present day.

+++A fast-paced high-tech thriller from Phillip P. Peterson, the author of Transport and Paradox.+++

The Oeuvre

by Greg James

The Oeuvre collects the complete works in the horror genre of author, Greg James. Over 300,000 words of vampires, zombies, ghosts and more!

This collection includes three full-length novels, four novellas, two novelettes and over twenty short stories published between 2011-17.

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