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A Simple Guide To Living A Happy And Stress-free Life


One of the challenges many people face on earth is managing a stressful life. Living a life without stress is almost impossible due to the various things we inevitably pass through in our offices, at home and schools. We meet different people daily; some of these people make us happy, while others make us angry. Some make us pass through difficulties and so on. But as human beings, we can deal with these challenges to a reasonable extent and live a stress-free life. There are some simple things we can do in our daily lives to reduce stress to the minimum and live a happy life. This book gives a brief description of how to handle life challenges at a glance and restore back peace and calmness into your life. The suggestions therein are quite useful to everyone, including teenagers, youths and adults. Some of the topics that will interest you and which you may find useful in this book include the following :
* Appreciate and love yourself
* Be real
* Having control over your anger
* Stay off grudges
* Expressing love
* Healthy foods that promote longevity
* Physical fitness and exercise
* Accept God into Your Life
* Managing stress
* Think positively and hopefully
* Define your friends
* Abstaining from crime and immorality.
* Avoiding diseases and infections.
* Having adequate rest and sleep
* Keep your hope alive and lots more.

Rita’s Gefühlskarussel: TRENNUNG, und jetzt? (German Edition)

by Rita Rothman

Nach einer vermeintlich erfüllenden Ehe, kam das böse Erwachen: die Scheidung. In dieser Zeit der Neuorientierung und Selbstfindung, habe ich vieles gelernt. Meine Erfahrungen schildere ich sehr persönlich und gebe Ratschläge, ziehe Schlüsse, wie es zu der Trennung kam und teile schlie�lich mein erlangtes Wissen, in der Hoffnung, Anderen durch meine Worte die Stütze zu sein, die ich nicht hatte.

The Difficult Marriage: Women of faith sometimes live with a terrible secret. What does God’s word say about Domestic Violence in the Christian home?

by DK Hasbrook M.Ed.

There are thousands and thousands of Christian women who are living in and staying in abusive relationships based on the belief that they do not have a choice. This is not what scripture tells us, this is not God’s will for his children. Read The Difficult Marriage and find out what God really says about marriage, domestic abuse, and the life he wants for you.

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