Free politics and current events Kindle books for 22 Aug 18

Falling For The Alpha: Gay First Time MPREG Romance

by Bookarama Publishing

Can True Love Last Between The Good Guy And The Bad Guy?

Jake Frost was a tearaway onceĆ¢??spending his days committing petty crimes and living up to all those terrible shifter stereotypes that bigoted humans have. A stint in the military had him straightened out, but now he spends his days looking for a job that doesn’t want to be found, and his nights running from ugly memories of desert heat and relentless gunfire.

By contrast, Mikhail Debrov has always been on the right side of the law. A police officer and straight-edge single parent, Mikhail has long since suffered with guilt for the passing of his ex-wife. Their relationship was always stilted, and though they stayed together for their son, they never really had the kind of connection that Mikhail now craves.

Years ago, their paths might have crossed in very different circumstances but these days, Jake is a new man, and Mikhail is about to realize that he has some changes of his own to make. Especially when an unforeseen development blindsides them both. Can Jake settle down from the promiscuous lifestyle that numbs his pains, and learn to let family protect him instead? Can Mikhail come to terms with a sexuality he never thought he’d possess? Or will the urban maze let them both stumble away and lose each other forever?

Why Black Lives Do Matter

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Why Black Lives Do Matter, noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson, takes a laser look at the history of, and continuing propagation, of gross racial typecasting and stereotypes, that have made African-Americans the perennial target of racial and police violence. The book is sweeping in scope, precise in focus, and even hits harder on the same devastating racial stereotypes of Blacks that he examined almost a quarter century earlier in his important work, The Assassination of the Black Male Image.

Government Optimisation: BASIC CONCEPT, how to bring us closer to world peace

by Mark Elderfield

Democracy is broken, but there is a way to fix it!

Ever get frustrated that the party you favour failed to get in to power, even though it had almost as many votes, as the party you hate? Why should the way you live your life be dictated by how other people vote?

Democracy was founded by a city state which kept slaves. So they felt that that enslaving the minority, to the dictates of the majority, was a fair principle. It is not though!

Whilst sometimes it is necessary, such as when deciding whether or not to inoculate all children against diseases, it is not a good way to choose how to live the rest of our lives. We do not have to keep the shackles of history on us! This book will show you a viable alternative.

It will take time and effort though, to unpick the errors, made by following fundamentally flawed principles, for thousands of years. However the solution is, in principle, a simple two-step process, which this work describes. It then goes on to look at the ramifications of how society can be improved, in surprisingly different ways, according to the needs of different countries.

I think that change is inevitable, in the fullness of time. Once enough people have taken the time to ‘get their heads around’ a different way of thinking about politics. Even if that takes a generation, for younger minds, exposed to these ideas, to reach the positions of power necessary to implement the changes.

I do hope that we can find a way to overcome stagnant political dogma faster than that though. As a number of the worst problems, in the world, could be lessened or solved, using the new political tools government optimisation offers.

Depending on how it is implemented, it can:

– improve the ability of a country to prepare for, and respond to, a natural disaster or war.

– allow everybody to live under the rule of the major political party of their choice.*

– give an alternative to independence vs central rule, in countries suffering calls for separatism, by a segment of society, or within a particular region.*

– provide political blocks an outlet for nationalism, without it fragmenting the block.

– reduce the economic and social repression of minorities.

– in countries with distinct cultures, or religions, it can grant each major group self-determination.*

– reduce the ability of any one group to impose their own agenda on other social groups.

– Because of doing the above, it reduces the risk of civil disorder, terrorism and civil war.

– In regions, where there is the danger of war, due to any of the above, that risk would be decreased.

* Only those which are both desirable and economic for the whole society.

One of the nicer aspects though, is even though this social engineering was formulated to solve the problems of democracy (and does so by extending its principles to a logical conclusion), the tools which it does that with can actually be employed by other types of governments too. So it can help people in any country.

There is a cynicism, in the general public, which I know all too well. Even before I have described the proposal, they will say “the powers that be will not let you change things” or “you cannot change society”.

I sincerely hope that you will invest the time to read through this, as it provides ‘win win’ alternatives, so we can.

Plus, every time you think, to yourself “we cannot make such big changes”, please remember that once we were only ruled by kings and dictators. And one man, in Athens, suggested a different way. He too will have heard such comments. Yet, in the fullness of time, most of the world is now governed by democracies, republics and the like.

He took countries from being ruled by one man, to being ruled by 51% of those who vote. We can extend those principles and improve upon that.

I hope that you will find my arguments persuasive, and will join me, in trying to bring us a few steps closer to world peace!

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