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Not All That Glitters (A Cloverleaf Cove Cozy Mystery Book 4)

by Annabel Allen

Ever since moving to Cloverleaf Cove, Arden has been aware that her friend, Savannah, has been mourning the death of her husband. From what little she knows about it, Shane Winchester was killed in the line of duty eighteen years ago and his murderer is sitting in prison.

She quickly learns, however, that not all is as it seems.

According to the newspaper reports surround the double homicide, Shane wasn’t killed in the line of duty but was actually murdered by his own partner under rather unseemly circumstances . . .

. . . and if that wasn’t surprising enough, she soon learns that Savannah’s been secretly trying to prove the confessed murderer’s innocence ever since.

Now the real murderer is determined to stop her and it’s up to Arden and her friends to reign in the determined widow before she joins her late husband.

Second Chance in Sampson’s Quarry (A Sampson’s Quarry Mystery – Book Three) (Sampson’s Quarry Mysteries 3)

by Sophie Tucker

Book Three of the Sampson’s Quarry Mystery Series

Everyone deserves a second chanceâ?¦
Callie Andris’ childhood was less than perfect. Thanks to her Aunt Staci, she learned there were still people worth trusting. The unexpected arrival of her cousin, Trish, who she hasn’t seen in years, tests her resolve that everyone deserves a second chance.

Will Matthews has lived in Sampson’s Quarry for nearly two years. He has turned his interest in woodworking to start his own business. A rumor about an incident from his past has been spread throughout town and may threaten everything he has worked for, including his budding relationship with Callie.

Strange behaviorâ?¦
After an argument with Will, Callie’s instinct is to push him away. She keeps busy dealing with her business and the strange behavior of her cousin. When days go by without hearing from Will, she realizes that pushing him away is the last thing she wants. As things in Sampson’s Quarry become even stranger, Callie hopes that she will get the chance to tell Will how she really feels.

His Love In Time: Volume I

by J R Sanders

“An adventure worth taking! ” â??â??â??â??â??

“An inspirational exploration on creationism, with an adventurous angel that fights vampires, demons, Lucifer, shapeshifters, and other angels!” â??â??â??â??â??

“Gripping story with great imagination! ” â??â??â??â??

I am the last known half angel, half human, alive. And I’m not entirely sure that I understand why.
While trying to protect my wife, something terrible happens. I was sucked into a portal that sent me in a time traveling loop to the beginning of creation. Now I have to time travel through the bible to learn more about the angels, Lucifer, Moses, and just how much God loves everyone. If I am not careful, I may end up losing what matters most in my life, my wife.

â?  Not everything is what it seems.
â?  God can show up whenever He sees fit.
â?  Vampires, angels, and demons are very real, and it is my job to protect you from them
Now I’m being chased by immortals, hunted by Lucifer, and forced to decide whether to get involved or watch the supernatural events unfold.

If I’m not careful, something terrible will happen to the future.
What would you do if you knew that you could fix everything to make it right? Is it something you’re willing to die for?


“Once you begin the journey with Jacob, you’ll want to follow it through to the completion. I can’t wait for “His Love In Time: Volume II!!” This is a heartfelt, romantic, exciting & thought provoking story with plenty to offer for all ages!!” – â??â??â??â??â??

“A real page turner, had a hard time putting it down. Truly a remarkable story that will keep you wanting to know more!” – Amazon review â??â??â??â??â??

This is the 2nd edition of the first volume of His Love In Time. It is 60,000 words long and is filled with adventure until the end.

His Love In Time is a young adult Science Fiction novel that will appeal to lovers of Christianity, angels, demons, vampires, Lucifer, fantasy, paranormal romance, sword play and dragon slaying, adventure and time travel.

Katie’s Amish Dilemma

by Victoria Morton

Katie is stuck between her obligations and pursuing her passion. She’s taking care of her young niece who is now an orphan. Katie is a bit too young for motherhood and her niece doesn’t see her as a maternal figure. But then her niece mysteriously disappears one day and Katie almost suffers a nervous breakdown. A frantic search begins in the Amish community but everyone suspects that an outsider named Michael is to blame for the young girl’s disappearance. But Katie befriends the man and finds that he isn’t the bad person everyone has painted him out to be. Can they work together and find Katie’s niece?

O Cordeiro que venceu (Portuguese Edition)

by Erick Oliveira


O que você seria capaz de fazer para alcançar o sucesso? Qual o preço você estaria disposto a pagar para chegar ao topo? E se o preço para alcançar a fama fosse sua própria alma? Seria capaz de vendê-la para realizar seu sonho?

Margaret Simon pagou um alto preço para ser a maior atriz de Hollywood: a alma dos próprios filhos.
O que Margaret não esperava era que seus filhos, no início da adolescência, fossem sequestrados pelo satanista que comprou suas almas quando ainda eram recém nascidos. Eles foram levados cativos para um país africano, onde seriam sacrificados em um ritual satânico. Entretanto, o irmão mais velho consegue fugir do cativeiro e se refugia em uma selva.
� nesta salva africana que, inesperadamente, encontra alguém que o ajuda a sobreviver e se proteger dos animais selvagens: Um Cordeiro.

O pequeno cordeiro passa a ser seu melhor amigo nesta aventura no meio da selva, protegendo seu amigo dos ataques de animais selvagens controlados pelo Satanista que faz de tudo para captura-lo novamente.

Mergulhe nesta emocionante aventura e ajude o menino, juntamente com o pequeno Cordeiro, a libertar sua irmã do cativeiro e vencer o poder maligno que tenta destruí-los, e se emocione com um desfecho surpreendente e revelador que transformará a sua vida e renovará a sua fé.

The Cranbury Papermaker

by Maureen Lang

Will he steal her inheritance . . . or save it?

Arianne Casterton is devastated when her father and his new wife are killed in a train accident. Despite her faith in God, Arianne’s grief soon turns to despair when she discovers one-third of everything her father owned has been transferred automatically to his wife’s son and heir, Jonas Prestwichâ??someone Arianne never knew existed.

Jonas’s mother married a backwoods papermaker much too soon after becoming a widow, embarrassing Jonas who lives among Philadelphia’s elite. Though he’s distressed by his mother’s death within a year after losing his father, receiving a portion of the papermaker’s inheritance feels like justice.

God has blessed Arianne with the passion and talent for papermaking in her family’s tradition, but the demands of keeping the business going are nearly overwhelming. When Jonas offers to expand her efforts into something more modern and profitable, Arianne is suspicious, reluctant to give up the art of handmade papermaking. But she realizes without his unwanted help she might lose everything anyway.

The Cranbury Papermaker is the 2015 release from award winning writer Maureen Lang, author of thirteen previous Christian romance novels and novellas.

One Nation Under gods (Sword of Abbaddon Book 1)

by Grace Walton

From bestselling Inspirational Romance Author- Grace Walton. Book One in her new Swords of Abbaddon series- One Nation Under gods, a Dystopian Inspirational Romance.

This is a novel of what ifs. What if, through the centuries, the Christian religion remained a small house church movement? What if it never became a mainstream faith? What if the Bible had never been gathered together from the many and disparate scrolls of wisdom existing to encourage and nourish those first few early Christians? What if one repentant, forgiven Nephilim/Half-Breed Angel family remained? One family so committed to Christ, they dedicated a man in every generation to serve God in a most horrifying and sacrificial way? What if?
Half-Breed Angel Salem D’Angelis has his life all planned. He’ll run the family’s vast Texas ranch. He’ll marry a local girl. He’ll start a family. He’ll escape his family’s celestial curse and live an ordinary quiet life. Then it appears – the supernatural summons marking him as the Sword of Abbaddon. Now without flinching, he’ll use his preternatural skills and gifts to be God’s Destroyer.
Lily Meade comes from small-town Pagan royalty. Her grandfather is the High Priest of the Pantheon Church of beach side Providence Point, Texas. Her Nana is the church’s hereditary Oracle. Lily will inherit that position, if she completes her one-day service as a Temple Servant. But how can she be a prostitute, even a holy one, for 24 long hours?
Their lives collide one hot summer night. She’s running away. He’s stoically facing his destiny. Salem knows his life is almost at an end. Lily thinks hers is just beginning. The only things standing between them and ultimate destruction are ten righteous people and one tattered scrap of Holy Script.
Love is powerful and often used as a weapon. But can it or any puny human effort, ever truly stay the Sword of Abbaddon?

Lucille of the Amish

by Eliza Baker

An Amish anthology of romantic sweetness and heartache…Lucille is shocked when her parents attempt to arrange a marriage for her with Elliott King…A man she has thorougly disliked since childhood. But she’s a good and obedient daughter, she agrees to see where the idea might lead despite its being against her wishes. She goes through the motions but then Elliott King falls ill. Wracked with guilt, Lucille remains at this bedside and the two grow closer…Once upon a time, she prayed that nothing would come of their relationship but now she’s praying that he stays alive…Will Gott answer her prayers?

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