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The Demise of Humanity

by Jayme L Miller

The world came to an abrupt pause and what came next forever changed the world. My parents, gone. My friends, gone. Everyone gone, except were they really, gone? Day’s ticked by moving forward but when the sun descended and darkness crept in; something dangerous, hungry and terrifyingly manic arose. I wanted to hide away but a strong pulling sensation left me no choice. I was needed and in order to survive I would have to face my fears. I would have to leave the old me behind and enter a world full of unknowns. Through pain and darkness I emerged and became something new. Would I be able to save them before it was too late? Before they met their demise…
I woke with a start and felt pain and agony spread through my body like nothing I’ve ever felt. My body was burning from the inside. A fire flowed through me like a raging river. The fire racing through every vein in my body. My heart was a bomb. Only this bomb was set on repeat, exploding over and over. My entire body was being blown to pieces. The pain was unreal and worse than any nightmare I could have imagined. A steady stream of blood drained out of my nose, eyes and ears. I coughed and blood exited my mouth. I knew this wasn’t good. I was dying, slowly and painfully death had come for me. Then for the briefest moment in time, came complete darkness and paralysis. I felt nothing. I was nothing. I longed for these moments. I didn’t know where I was or how long it had been. I only knew I was alone and longed for an ending…

Rhesus X: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

by Roger David Francis

Are people with Rhesus blood descended from aliens?
Many scientific studies suggest this could be true.
It is rumoured Governments secretly monitor those with a certain blood group.
The question is: WHY?

Mankind harboured a deadly secret. Scientists had suspected certain blood types must be of alien origin. And they were right!
Richie was looking forward to a weekend away in a country cottage. He had received a blood transfusion whilst recovering from a motorbike accident and needed to recover.
This was going to be the start of a terrifying journey into the unknown, threatening the very essence of his life.
The aliens had a plan using virtual reality headsets to draw their victims into another world.
Their cave held a deadly secret. Anyone carrying the Rhesus X gene was in danger.
Why was the Rhesus X gene so important and could Richie escape from the aliens and save his family?

One Day at Genetic Park: Terrorlands

by Marco Chu Kwan Ching

Carrie and Marco love to study the evolution of life. One day, Uncle Dino surprised them by offering them a rare opportunity to visit the first Genetic Park in the world.
It was like a dream come true!
But, the Genetic Park is no ordinary theme park.
Something unnatural is going on in the parkâ?¦
Something paranormalâ?¦
Somewhere, somehow, there is an evil force in the parkâ?¦
Just another urban legend, right?

Lightspeed Magazine, August 2012

by John Joseph Adams

Lightspeed is an online science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SFâ??and fantasy: from epic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, and contemporary urban tales, to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folktales.

In our August 2012 issue, we have original fantasy by Kat Howard (“Breaking the Frame”) and Linda Nagata (“A Moment Before It Struck”), along with fantasy reprints by Wil McCarthy (“The Necromancer in Love”) and Delia Sherman (“Cotillion”).

Plus, we’ll have original science fiction by 2012 Nebula Award-winner Ken Liu (“The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species”) and a collaboration between Caroline M. Yoachim and Tina Connolly (“Flash Bang Remember”), and SF reprints by io9’s Charlie Jane Anders (“Love Might Be Too Strong a Word”) and award-winning author Michael Swanwick (“Slow Life”).

For our ebook readers, our ebook-exclusive novella is “A Separate War” by Joe Haldeman, and we have an excerpt of Kitty Steals the Show, the new Kitty Norville novel by bestselling author Carrie Vaughn.

All that, plus our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, and feature interviews with bestselling authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Seanan McGuire (a/k/a Mira Grant).

To The Stars (The Harry Irons Trilogy Book 1)

by Thomas Stone

TO THE STARS is the first book in a science-fiction trilogy concerning an intrepid group of space explorers in the year 2107. Harry Irons dreams of escaping poverty and an over-crowded Earth by gaining employment with the Braithwaite Corporation. After proving himself in a series of tests, Harry gets his wish and soon enough finds himself struggling to survive on an alien world. TO THE STARS was written for a general audience and is sure to satisfy both younger and older fans of alternative fiction.

E.T. Bryant Tales of Time and Magic

by E.T. Bryant

Three original stories by story teller E.T. Bryant
The Paradox of Dawn – Jarem is trying to find answers to what happened in the past. Who was the first man and woman? Who is the god with no name? Will he find the one? Picture a dying planet where survivors are waiting for rescue by a race of clones. A quest for answers to questions past and future. Jarem’s journey to find who he is, and love offers a true paradox.

The Farm – is a strange place where things are not as they seem. A story with a mixture of truth and fantasy. You will find yourself in a special place where you must believe in magic to see who lives there.

The Egg – Horace has a wicked plan, but he must be careful not to upset history. Would what he did in the past really go unnoticed? Is Lizzy the reincarnation of an ancient queen?

Life after death

by Phyllis Blomfield

Dean stared at the pit. “…No. I better stay here and make sure nothing crawls out of there without a fight.” He drew the meat cleaver from his waistband, brow creased.

“You sure?”

“Just be quick.”

Sam hesitated, then limped up the stairs as fast as his leg would allow. Quick he would be.

Dean still had the lantern, but without Sammy’s flashlight, the surrounding darkness seemed tangible. He shifted. Black veins burst underfoot. He thought he heard a sound from the pit, but it could have been Sam, moving around upstairs.

“Hurry, little bro.”First, Sam broke the leg off of a chair in the dining hall. Then he made a rope of cloth napkins, soaked it in rancid cooking oil from the pantry, and wrapped it around the end of the leg. He tied it in place with curtain cord, which would last long enough for their purpose.

He was about to head back to the cellar when he paused. They had no idea what they were going up against. They had a bit of salt and iron, which would repel ghosts and demons, but if there was something that was neither, their chances dwindled into single digits. Perhaps…

Sam returned to the table, looking at the cutlery. Dusty and tarnished, he had no doubt they were silver. He filled his pockets with forks and knives before hastening into the foyer to check the grandfather clock. Just after eleven.

Although he loathed to return to the cellar and its putrid stench, Sam knew he had little choice. Besides, he would feel much better with the thing downstairs dead and out of the way, or at the very least, located and identified.

Torch unlit but at the ready, he took a last deep breath of semi-fresh air before beginning the journey back to the cellar.

The stairs creaked and squealed so he didn’t bother announcing his presence. But he expected a snarky comment from the depths. It didn’t come. Sam swallowed dryly.

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