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Top Dog Breeds for Survival and Homesteading: 40 Breeds to Help You in Any Situation: (Homesteading Guide, Prepping Guide, Off Grid Living)

by Prepper Sam

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Top Dog Breeds for Survival and Homesteading: 40 Breeds to Help You in Any Situation

Book 1. Top Dog Breeds For Survival: 10 Dog Breeds To Rely On When The Apocalypse Comes

Welcome to the Top Dog Breeds For Survival, a book designed to look at the best dogs in the world and distill a list that would be beneficial towards an individual attempting to survive during a rough time. Dogs are an excellent companion to have if you are their owner and you are in a survival situation, but the problem is that not all dogs are good to have around during such a situation and some perform better than most. Additionally, it can be difficult to decide why such a dog would be useful in a survival situation, which causes most owners to simply seek out foraging dogs but this won’t help you survive as dogs can eat things humans can’t. This book looks at the different areas of survival one needs to take care of in such a situation and determines which of the best dogs on the top lists are useful during survival situations.

In the first chapter, we’ll go over the primary reason why one might need a dog and in this area, we will cover such issues as:

  • The difference between a pack of dogs meant to delay prey
  • The difference between an offensive and defensive dog
  • The difference in the types of scent following dogs

In this book, dogs are view from the angle of needing to survive a situation, probably a long-term situation. This is why we look at such things as:

  • The sensitivity to other animals and the source of their effective attribute
  • The behavior of the animal while they engage in that activity
  • The history of the animal and where it gets its’ ability

This book is meant to help you survive: survive a burglary, survive in the wild along, and survive a natural disaster. This is why this list is going to be different than many you might find elsewhere.

Book 2. Best Dog Breeds for Homesteaders: 30+ Handpicked Dog Breeds For Herding, Protection, Hunting And More

If you are a passionate homesteader or would like to attain a self-sufficient lifestyle, then you should get an ideal dog. Since a dog comes with its own responsibility, it is important to do some research. Don’t worry – we are here to help you!

In this extensive guide, you will get all the basic information about various kinds of dog breeds that homesteaders should consider having. Since every homesteader can have different requirements, we have listed various breeds in individual categories. This will help you pick the right breed of dog for home protection, livestock guarding, hunting, and so on.

We have listed details about more than 30 different kinds of breeds in this guide. Besides that, we have also discussed the things one should consider before getting a homestead dog. Some of the topics that are covered in the book are:

  • How a homestead dog can help you?
  • Things to know before getting a dog
  • Best breeds for home protection
  • Top dog breeds for livestock guarding and herding
  • Ideal hunting dog breeds
  • Various other kinds of breeds for homesteaders

If you are planning to get a new dog, then this is certainly an essential guide for you. Read this precise and informative book right away and easily pick the best dog breed for your home.

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The Progeny

by Mark Rudes

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