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Moving to the UK: Essential practical advice

by Matthew Bazazi

Moving to the UK?

This practical, well-researched guide is for you. Written by a Brit with experience of family and friends moving to the UK, it is jam-packed with essential, tried & tested advice to make your move run a little smoother. The author’s first Kindle ebook, Moving to London: Essential advice for moving and living on a budget, has featured in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank top 100 books in the Budget Travel and UK Travel categories.

Taking your first steps

Moving to a new country can be a daunting process. By undertaking some simple steps you can reduce the stress and uncertainty. Find out the most useful website to get you started.

Understand visas and Brexit

Find out about the range of visas you can apply for to come to the UK. Get some top tips with making a successful application and about staying permanently.

Working in the UK

The city is an economic powerhouse and there are many exciting jobs on offer. Understand the working culture, how to apply for a job and how you get paid.

Find somewhere you actually want to live

The rental market can be extremely expensive and competition been prospective tenants can be fierce. Understand the market, get some top tips on finding cheaper places and discover the best apps and websites for your accommodation search.

How to get around and save on everyday essentials

Get to know the different transport options and how to choose the perfect travel card. Find out about everyday practicalities such as taxes and bills, plus how to save on them.

Going out and staying in

The UK has an incredible entertainment scene and you could easily spend all of what you earn before the month is up. Find out about free events and activities, staying active and how to buy cheap theatre tickets.

Extensive resources

The back of the book contains an exhaustive list of useful resources to help you do further research and save more.

About the author

Matthew Bazazi is a proud Londoner and part-time author. His first book, Moving to London: Essential advice for moving and living on a budget, was published in 2017.

Essential reading for those planing a move or visit in 2018/19 and beyond. For advice on moving to London, visit the Moving to London Blog

Overwhelmed by Disney: When to Go: Choose the Perfect Time for Your Magical Vacation

by Dawn Forbes

Planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth?

There’s a lot to consider: When’s the best time? Where do we stay? How much will it all cost?

It might seem intimidating, but with this roadmap, you can get the answers to all of these questions and more.

With the best, up-to-date information, you will know exactly what to do (and when to do it) when planning your perfect Walt Disney World vacation. You’ll learn not only what to do – but the WHY as well.

Once you have Overwhelmed by Disney on your side, you’ll be ready to experience the most magical vacation possible.

Disclaimer: This is an independently published book with helpful tips about Walt Disney World. It is not produced, endorsed, nor edited by the Walt Disney Company.

Prostitution in Frankfurt: The Complete Report

by Rockit Reports

Prostitution is legal in Germany in particular forms. Sex work flourishes across the country, not least of all in Frankfurt, its financial hub. This book explores the ins and outs of the commercial sex industry in Frankfurt with concrete examples. Coverage includes full details of open and functioning sex centers like the massive Oase FKK sauna and one of the largest red light districts in the world.

Three Hours From Home: Travels in Southeast England

by Barry French

A comedy. A lone moment in a pub reading about the composer Joseph Haydn in a newspaper inspired the author to visit towns and villages in his local area. Although it was the composer that grabbed his attention, it was a photograph of Kings College in Cambridge that was inspiring. In theory, it was just a case of jumping on a train to a place no more than three hours from home and to document the findings. This is not a guidebook or an analysis or the cities, towns and villages. It is merely a snapshot of the location that particular day. But solitary travel using public transport in Britain can drive the most balanced of people to the brink of insanity√Ę?¬¶particularly a grumpy old git like Barry.
Warning: Book contains material and language some may find offensive.

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