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Dan Alexander, Pitcher (Bottom of the Ninth Book 1)

by Jean Joachim

Fed up with cheating women, Dan Alexander, star pitcher for the New York Nighthawks, grew restless. Searching for something more than a bar babe, he zeroed in on a girl in the stands. He never expected to see a beautiful chick pushing frankfurters. But the hot dog girl looked as smokin’ as the food she was selling.
Holly Merrill found a place to hide in plain sight, as a vendor at Nighthawks’ stadium. Keeping her secret safe and simply happy to stay alive, she never considered finding love an option. After all, a bad girl doesn’t deserve a decent guy, does she?
Coming off his best season ever, Dan went into the playoffs, hell bent on winning the pennant and playing in the World Series. But could he maintain his focus on the field, where everything was going right, when off the field everything was falling apart?
CAUTION: locker room language.
First book in The Bottom of the Ninth Series. Other books in the series are:
2) Matt jackson, Catcher
3) Jake Lawrence, Third Base
4) Nat Owen, First Base
5) Bobby Hernandez, Second Base
6) Skip Quincy, Short Stop
7) Will Grant, Center Field
8) Extra Innings
9) A Nighthawks’ Christmas

ALL RHODES LEAD TO MURDER!: A 5-Volume Alton Rhode Mystery Omnibus

by Lawrence De Maria

Private eye Alton Rhode has been shot by the Taliban, tortured by sadistic thugs, betrayed by a woman he loved, found people in witness protection and been poisoned by a serial killer. His best friend is a dapper mobster, and on more than one occasion he has found common ground with cold-blooded assassins whose codes of honor, though warped, merged with his. The police are often exasperated by his tactics (not to mention his sense of humor), but they trust his instincts.

In CAPRIATI’S BLOOD, Rhode has recently returned from military duty when a beautiful woman asks him to find the bank-embezzler lover who fathered her daughter and disappeared 14 years earlier. The man, she says, doesn’t know about the child but his bone marrow could save her life. Rhode takes the case, although it seems hopeless. It soon becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems. Bodies pile up as Rhode’s search takes him from a college campus to a nursing home to a Florida orange grove. And, finally, to a revelation he never sees coming.

In LAURA LEE, a neighborhood security guard apprehends Elizabeth Olsen, gun in hand, fleeing a mansion. Inside, John Denton, a prominent banker lies dead. The District Attorney, smelling a slam dunk in an election year, will prosecute the case himself. Elizabeth’s wealthy father hires Rhode to clear her. Soon, the drama takes an unexpected and tragic turn and Rhode uncovers a startling secret that threatens everyone involved.

In SIREN’S TEARS, the death of a spider monkey in South America is the prelude to a series of apparently unsolvable human murders in Canada and the United States. Only when Rhode is approached by a suspicious Catholic priest does the killer have anything to worry about. Urged on by an unlikely underworld ally, Rhode pieces together the mystery. His hunt for the truth spans thousands of miles and makes him a target of a diabolical killer who uses sex and science to seek her perverted revenge on men.

In SISTER, a nun’s murder in Massachusetts brings two homicide detectives to Alton Rhode’s office. Before she became a nun, the dead woman was his first love. Plagued by long-suppressed memories, Rhode dedicates himself to finding the killer. But there are no suspects, clues or obvious motive. But then a pattern emerges, which sets Rhode on a cross-country hunt for a probable serial killer. What he eventually discovers shocks him to the core.

In GUNNER, Alton Rhode is angered by the apparently senseless murder of a Vietnam-era Medal of Honor winner. Then the killer, one of Rhode’s own former troopers, tells him that the murder was not the home invasion the police assume. The assassin, a patriot of sorts, didn’t know his victim’s heroic history. Now, he wants to set things right. He also doesn’t know who ordered the hit, so he gives Rhode the $20,000 he was paid for the assignment to finance an investigation. Rhode barely survives an ambush in upstate New York and more people are killed before he gets to the bottom of the murders.

Deadly Practice: Health, Wealth, Fraud, and Intrigue

by Bill Yancey

Who’s trying to murder Sarafea Seville, why, and will they succeed?

Seville admits she is overbearing. “A lot of people think I’m a bitch. I think that is a compliment.” She has recently been hired as the office manager of three urgent care facilities to direct their future expansion. Her employers, two doctors, spend more of their time chasing hot women, driving fast cars, and spending their profits than working. No one who labors under Seville enjoys her pointed remarks, threats, innuendo, or cheap shots. She has managed to fire almost every employee hired by the physicians when they first established their clinics. In addition, she has replaced those staff members with cronies of her own.

The earnings for the business have soared, but so have the expenses. Legally and illegally, Sarafea is finding more ways to capture money left on the table by insurance companies. In addition, Seville is well known to the medical community in St. Augustine, Florida. She has presided over the collapse of several practices. The demises of a gynecology practice, a surgical center, and several other medical clinics have been laid at her doorstep by some observers. She doesn’t interpret the failures as her responsibility. “If they had just followed my instructions,” she says, “they would have been much more profitable.”

To Addison Wolfe, MD, it appears someone is trying to murder Ms. Seville, the African-American Dragon Lady of accounts receivable. The problem is narrowing the field; everyone he knows wants her dead except her employers. And one prime candidate is Wolfe’s best friend, the ex-SEAL, Jake Harer. Worse, the physician partners who employ her are completely oblivious to their predicament. They have abdicated their responsibilities and can no longer run the centers without her. She’s destroying their organization from within.

Wolfe prefers the partners recognize the damage she is inflicting on their practice. Perhaps then they would fire her, but that scenario does not look promising. Wolfe can’t allow someone to murder the office manager. That conflicts with his beliefs and training to help preserve life. He has a hard time being devoted to protecting her, however, since he too would be happy to see her fired, or dead.

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