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SEO for Blogging: A Beginners’ Guide to using SEO for your blog and make money online

by George Pain

Do you own a blog or website but have no idea how to generate traffic? Are you interested in learning more about SEO?

This book is your answer.

Blogging is no doubt the most widely used way of publishing information on the internet. There are millions of blogs running on the internet. Moreover, each of the major websites have a blog section where quick updates can be made and users login to interact with authors and publishers regarding information in the published content.

This book starts by introducing blogging in its first section so that the reader gets acquainted with the basics before delving further into the deeper details of blogging for SEO. Choosing a blog niche for your entire blog, and topic niche for your particular post is the crucial first step to optimizing your blog for SEO. The second Section dwells on how you can go about choosing the most appropriate blog niche and blog topic.

Due to popularity of blogging, various platforms have come about to make it so easy for someone to create own blog. This book does an in-depth user-based analysis of the various blogging platforms and recommends the best platform that you can use to maximize gains of your blogging endeavor.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to Choose a Blog Topic
  • Which Blogging Platform Should You Choose?
  • Optimize Your Website for SEO
  • Choosing Keywords for Blog Posts
  • How to Optimize Each Blog Post
  • Popular SEO Add-Ins
  • Other Ways to Generate Traffic
  • Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  • Automate Your Income

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Traction: Quadruple Your Business Immediately With These Marketing Techniques – Start A Business & Startup Strategies – Business Writing And Business Plan To Boost Your Financial Intelligence

by Jonathan S. Walker

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Get Your Business Off To A Flying Start Like Never Before With These Vital Strategies

Do you lack a proven method of gaining traction for your new business? Are you in need of a way to attract possible investors to get an edge over the competition? Do you want to gain momentum for your business that will snowball quickly to meet your company’s objectives and goals?

Well what if I told you there was a way that you can have all of that, prevent your new company from struggling from the get-go, and instead turn your new company into a profit-generating machine? Would that be of value to you?

Introducing TRACTION: Quadruple Your Business Immediately With These Marketing Techniques! The Proven Strategies To Get Your Business Where It Needs To Go

Here are some of the things you will learn in this book to get your business off to a great start:

  • The Power of Business Cards

  • The Strategic Use of Social Media 

  • Capitalizing on Email Marketing (Top Strategies for campaigns)

  • Viral Marketing Strategies

  • Scaling From Small to Large

  • And Much Much More.

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 For a limited time, you will also get the following included in this book:

  • Importance of Offline Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Why You Should Have Speaking Engagements

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Empowered Women in Tech: Finding First Year Success: Insights and advice to help women find success in the first year of their tech career.

by Maigen Thomas

Focused on helping women who are starting their first career in tech, as well as those who are transitioning into technology as a second career, this book combines practical and actionable advice with personal insights from 60 successful tech women.

Get the advice every woman in tech needed during her first year from CEOs, VPs, Founders and Junior Web Developers alike. Written by a flight attendant-turned-full-stack developer, this book seeks to provide reassurance and uplifting motivation to the women who need it most at the best possible time – now.

Empowered Women in Tech: Finding First Year Success covers a variety of issues a woman might face in her first year, including:
– When, how and where to find mentorship.
– The main non-technical skills that needed to truly succeed.
– How to seek out and handle constructive or critical feedback.
– Ways to stay focused and consistent in the face of adversity.
– How to build a supportive network of other women.
– Techniques for facing challenges and overcoming them creatively.
– And much more.

This book is dedicated to every woman who has ever felt like an impostor as she embarks on her career in tech.

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