Free fantasy Kindle books for 23 Aug 18

Trees in the Desert (Afterlife Book 8)

by Kaitlyn Meyers

The hidden forest of the Fey is threatened by lone demons stumbling upon their secret home. Though the Fey can easily dispatch a lone demon, they decide to call upon one of their own, Chloe McAllister, and her Afterlife crew to find out how demons are finding their way to the forest. As the attacks grow more frequent, the forest is locked down: no one in and no one out.

The Afterlife team works from within to keep their home safe and hidden from the likes of those who shouldn’t be there. If they can’t get the forest secured soon though, these lone attacks could turn into a full assault on the Fey’s forest hidden in Las Vegas.

Harem (Slippery Hands Book 2)

by Wandering Panda

Runa Tatarasa finds himself amongst the vicious, dirty bandits as he awaits his job robbing a caravan.

Meanwhile, as he getting to know more beautiful female bandits, he proposes to marry one of their leader–a cunning vixen who gives him benefits and shares him to many her sisters in the bandit ranks.

The Succubus, The Demon, and The Witch: An Underlayes Reverse Harem

by T. A. Moorman

In Underlayes, a dimension separate from our own, where all mystical creatures reside, lies an orphanage for seemingly cast-off children, known as the Abbey. Children who are born from two or more factions. There they learn both who and what they truly are, and what powers they have lying within. What these children do not know is they were put there for their own good, for their protection, not because they were unwanted or unloved. In fact, the very opposite is true. Many would kill to get their hands on these children.

As Jelissa comes of age, she is about to learn the hard way to what lengths one such being is willing to go.

Jelissa has been a resident of the Abbey for as long as she has been alive. She has also never known what she is, besides being part witch. At the age of twenty-five, she will learn just what types of blood run through her veins. She will also find out much moreĆ¢??that she is also the long-lost princess almost no one even knew existed.

Tialanna secreted her only child away for her own protection. Before she can tell Jelissa the truth, Jelissa is kidnapped. All Tialanna’s greatest fears unfold before her very eyes, and her past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one.

As most do when they come of age, Jelissa will learn the hard way that adult life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And Tialanna learns the hard way that if you don’t learn from your past, it will come back and bite you on the ass.

Tialanna and her band of unmerry misfits are in a race against the clock to rescue Jelissa. Will they find her in time? And if they do, will they be able to save her from a danger they hadn’t anticipated: herself?

Just Cause: Revised & Expanded Edition (Just Cause Universe Book 1)

by Ian Thomas Healy


Mustang Sally has some speedy shoes to fill. This young superhero has waited her whole life to join Just Cause – the premiere team of American heroes. Now she’s hoping her super-speed will earn a spot on the same team to which her parents and grandparents belonged.


A chance encounter with the villain who killed her father changes everything. Even though she’s only an intern, Sally devotes herself to finding the man known as Destroyer. With the help of her eagle-winged best friend Sondra and her super-strong love interest Jason, her investigations uncover a sinister plot stretching all the way back to her grandparents’ era. Sally and Just Cause must risk everything to halt Destroyer’s plans and save the entire world.


Beyond the revised original text, this volume contains three all-new short stories that expand upon the history of Mustang Sally’s family line in the context of the Just Cause Universe. It also contains a summary of the historical and contemporary superhero teams that have been part of the legendary history.

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