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Mr. Pizza

by J. F. Pandolfi

Most people make at least one really harebrained decision in their life. Tony Piza is no exception.

It’s 1973, and Tony decides he needs a carefree year off after collegeâ??with pay. So, to the shock of his tight-knit family and closest friends, he postpones law school and smooth-talks his way into a job teaching sixth grade at a Catholic school in Staten Island, N. Y. A paid vacation if ever there was one! Yeah, right.

Say hi to the Moby Dick of miscalculations. His pathetic effort is making him look bad, especially compared to the other sixth-grade instructor, Sister Theresa, an energetic young nun with a disposition that could have turned Attila the Hun into a daisy-picking philanthropist. It’s also crimping his efforts to enchant Colleen O’Brien, a stunning, straight-talking teacher who sees right through him. And, even worse, he’s starting to feel guilty about shortchanging his students, especially after learning about the issues some of them are dealing with.

So he shifts gears, engaging the kids with his irreverent humor and theatrical flair. But sometimes you pay a price for pushing the envelope. His offbeat style antagonizes the powers that be: the alpha-male president of the school board, and the pastor who’s more interested in single malt scotch than saving souls.

A showdown seems inevitable. Whether he can survive itâ??well, that’s something else.  

No Safe Haven: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (A Last Sanctuary Novel)

by Kyla Stone

Run to save your lifeâ??or stay and fight for what’s yours… 
Isolated at her family’s wildlife refuge in northern Georgia, Raven longs to escape. Instead, she spends her days shoveling manure for bears and wolvesâ??until her father contracts the deadly Hydra virus. 

Desperate to help him, Raven journeys into town to get medicine, only to discover the outside world is collapsing into chaos. There are no police, no laws, and no hospitals. No one is coming to help. 

The wildlife refuge she once resented now offers sanctuaryâ??plenty of food, shelter, and the safety of electrified fences. Using the skills her father taught her, Raven knows how to survive. 

But the threat is just beginning. The electrified fences may be failing. Even worse, a dangerous gang tracks Raven back to the refuge. And they’ll stop at nothing to take what she has… 

Raven can run. Or she can stand her ground, risking everything to defend the animalsâ??and her home. 

No Safe Haven is a thrilling post-apocalyptic novel perfect for fans of Hunger Games andWolf Road. 

*Rated PG-13 for non-graphic violence and mild language.*
“This grabs you from the first page. It’s fast action, on the edge of your seat suspense. You will not want to put this book down. It is so suspenseful.” -Goodreads reviewer 
“An action-packed, fast-paced, heart-pounding read that hooks you from the start and reels you in for the duration.” -Goodreads reviewer
“I LOVED reading Raven’s story!!!!!! There was an intensity in the pages I could feel! I could read it over and over.” -Amazon reviewer
“Great story!” -Amazon reviewer
“Kyla Stone’s best book yet!” -Goodreads reviewer
“Realistic and amazing!” -Amazon reviewer

“Kept me up past my bed-time three nights in a row! It was worth the loss of sleep!” -Amazon reviewer

“Five stars. This is definitely a must read!” -Goodreads reviewer

Forbidden Stories (28 Taboo Book Collection)

by Nadia Swirl

Charlotte is going to the Winter Games for ski jumping and the man she’s known for so long is going there to support her.

Sebastian has had his eye on Charlotte and is going to do whatever it takes to help her get gold.

Even if it means going all the way in…

28 Stories Taboo Collection

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