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Arrival on Thaxos (Dead Souls Book 1)

by Amy Cross


When she arrives on the remote island of Thaxos, Kate thinks she’s going to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Instead, she quickly learns that Thaxos is ruled by a mysterious family known as the Le Comptes. The head of that family, Edgar Le Compte, has just returned after spending many years away.Locals believe that the Le Compte family are all vampires, and that their return will plunge Thaxos into a fresh period of turmoil.

Soon, Kate finds herself drawn into a world of passion, horror and deadly intrigue. Along the way, she begins to learn that her arrival on Thaxos might not have been an accident, and that the horrifying rumors about Edgar Le Compte and his family might be true after all…

Dead Souls – originally released as a serial – is an ongoing horror series. Each book ends on a cliffhanger, and readers are highly advised to read the series in order.

The White Bench: A Horror Novella

by Alec John Johnson

William Bowers was living the dream. He had retired a little over a year ago at the age of thirty-six. He had always been handy with a hammer and about six years ago during the 2008 recession he got it in his head that he should be buying some of those run down foreclosed houses. Why not? He could buy them for dirt cheap, improve them, and then either rent them out or sell them for a profit. It made perfect sense, especially in the current market. Houses were at rock bottom prices.

His first house that he bought was in the older part of Carolsburg, Missouri. It was the part of town that each and every house on the block was at least sixty years old. Most of them were still in pretty good shape but there were a few that looked to be falling apart at the seams. William turned that first house for a decent profit in only a few months. The rest was history. With each passage of time he sold more and more houses.

After a couple of years of buying and selling William came across an older farmhouse just outside city limits of Carolsburg. Each side of the house was surrounded by corn and soybean fields. The only street leading away from it was a dusty gravel road that rarely had passing traffic. Here at this dilapidated farm house is where he met her. He didn’t know what she wanted from him but she was there and she would not let her presence go unknown. That much was certain.

Field of Blood: A Horror Novella – 18,000 Words

by Alec John Johnson

A young woman wanted to leave the small Missouri town of Carolsburg. It was a nowhere place with a nowhere future. All of her friends from school were settling down and beginning to have families of their own. She knew that if she didn’t act soon that she would be joining them. Sure, she liked her boyfriend, but he was a townie, and he would always be a townie. She needed to escape. She was meant for larger things.

She had the money saved up. All she had to do was quit her job, pack her bags, and break up with her boyfriend. She thought about this for a moment. Ho would she do it? He had a temper and she had seen it before, but it was never directed towards her.

What could possibly go wrong?

Please note that this story is around 18,000 words long.

The Horror of Raven’s Briar Orphanage (Dead Souls Book 10)

by Amy Cross

Determined to rescue Anna, Kate and Jennifer set off on a journey to the infamous Raven’s Briar Orphanage. They soon discover, however, that the orphanage is well-defended, and that an entire army awaits them. Fortunately, they also learn that they might not be alone…

Meanwhile, Estella frantically tries to save her dreams. With Edgar turning away, she realizes she might still have one chance of true happiness. The more she tries to save herself, however, the more she moves toward her ultimate role as the dreaded Witch of Thaxos.

Dead Souls – originally released as a serial – is an ongoing horror series. Each book ends on a cliffhanger, and readers are highly advised to read the series in order.

Serial Killers Uncut

by J.A. Konrath

A gigantic double novel featuring 21 different serial killers…

For everyone who thinks the bad guys are so much more fun to read than the good guys, this is a book just for you. The definitive volume containing every major villain from the Crouch/Kilborn/Konrath Universe is here.

First, there was Serial, the collaborative smash-hit that has been downloaded 500,000 times and optioned for film.

Then came Serial Uncut, which expanded on that story.

Then Killers, the sequel to Serial.

Then Birds of Prey which introduced every major villain the writers had ever created into one cohesive novel. (Birds of Prey + Killers = Killers Uncut.)

And now, all that and more has been brought together for this definitive, omnibus monster, which at roughly 600 printed pages, is the length of two full novels…

Serial Killers Uncut

This epic work, over two years in the making, contains Serial Uncut, Killers, Birds of Prey, Crouch’s Break You, an interview with the authors, and more.

Serial Uncut + Break You + Killers + Birds of Prey = Serial Killers Uncut

If you haven’t read anything by Crouch, Kilborn, or Konrath, Serial Killers Uncut is the perfect introduction to the dark side of their universe. And if you enjoy a despicable bad guy (or bad girl), you’re going to love this.

There are twenty-one serial killers featured in this book: Lucy and Donaldson from Serial, Orson and Luther from Desert Places, Locked Doors, and Break You, Mr. K from Shaken, Alex and Charles Kork from Whiskey Sour and Rusty Nail, Isaiah from Abandon, Taylor from Afraid, Javier from Snowbound, and many, many more.

There are some good guys too, including Andrew Z. Thomas (Desert Places, Locked Doors), Jack Daniels (Whiskey Sour, Shaken), Violet King (Locked Doors, Break You), Tequila (Shot of Tequila), and Clayton Theel (Draculas).

Serial Killers Uncut is an original 120,000 word double novel that stands alone without having read any of Konrath’s, Kilborn’s, or Crouch’s work. As a bonus extra, it also includes an additional 30,000 words of the following novel excerpts:

AFRAID by JA Konrath 
ENDURANCE by JA Konrath 
TRAPPED by JA Konrath 
SHAKEN by JA Konrath
DRACULAS by Blake Crouch, JA Konrath, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul Wilson
DESERT PLACES by Blake Crouch
LOCKED DOORS by Blake Crouch
FAMOUS by Blake Crouch
SNOWBOUND by Blake Crouch
ABANDON by Blake Crouch
RUN by Blake Crouch

About the Authors:

BLAKE CROUCH is the bestselling author of the Wayward Pines series. His website is

J.A. KONRATH is the author of the bestselling Jack Daniels series. Visit Joe at

Scary Stories: Fear Asylum: Collection of Scary Stories to keep you awake Tonight True Tales of Terror

by Bubba Sawyer Jr.

Fear Asylum – Vol. 1

Collection of Scary Stories to keep you awake Tonight: True Tales of Terror

Ultimate collection of Horror Stories

Mysterious Horror Stories, Unexplained disappearances and Unsolved Murders!

Warning: Please be aware. All the stories in this book have been verified as being TRUE Horror stories that really took place! These stories are not made up in any way – they are backed up by FACTS. Maybe disturbing for some!

So if you love to be thrilled and chilled by real-life stories of danger, loss, and the unexplained? Or are you intrigued by the dark and unknowable depths of human nature.
this is the book for you!

Welcome horror junkies, my name are Brutal Bob, and I am part of the Killer Clown Posse! I’m here tonight, tomorrow night, and many nights after that make sure to haunt your thoughts and dreams. As always, I will do so with only the scariest, most horrifying tales and legends. However, you must know that this is not a book for the faint of heart and if you are scared easily I suggest you think twice before reading this book. The stories inside this collection are chosen to insure the perfect dose of horror and suspense.

They say home is where the heart is. It’s meant to be a place of refuge, where one can be surrounded by people that love
them and feel perfectly content with the world. But what happens when something goes terribly wrong? When you read this book, you will unlock the portal for my Killer Clown Posse to enter your life. We will be watching you!! We might be in your closet or under your bed. We might be in the attic or hiding in the back seat of the car. But when you least expect it, you will meet us and remember that day foreverâ?¦..
The choice is yours
A night full of Paranoia and Anxietyâ?¦
Or one of Beautiful, Stress Relieving Sleep…
Which one will you choose tonight?…


by C. J. Benito

262 páginas

Segunda y última parte de la saga Una extraña en mi ventana
Straush es llamado y todo el clan viaja hasta Roman donde se oculta la sede del imperio vampiro. El emperador agoniza y ante el temor de una guerra civil vampira, ruega a Straush que lo suceda en el trono. Straush acepta con gran pesar, pues sabe que eso le separará para siempre de su querido clan.
De regreso a la mansión todos los miembros del clan tratan como pueden de adaptarse a la nueva situación pero cuando todo parecía regresar a la normalidad, una serie de incidentes provoca que la comunidad vampira centre sus ojos en Logan. Por todo el mundo los vampiros comienzan a desaparecer, los pocos testigos cuentan como un ser extremadamente poderoso está acabando con clanes enteros. Straush se ve obligado a ordenar a la Casa de las sombras que detenga a Logan pero cuando estos tratan de cumplir su misión un clan vampiro ayuda a escapar a Logan.
Straush tratará de capturarlo pero en el fondo no puede evitar sospechar que tal vez Logan no esté tras esos asesinatos.
Vuelve Logan más erótica, misterioso y con más ganas de acción.

Colour Runner

by Anthony Ashe

Sarah Green wishes she were taller. She wishes bubblegum wouldn’t lose its flavour. She wishes school would start in the afternoon. But above all, Sarah wishes she could remain a kid forever. When she receives an invitation to the mysterious House of Vine, a secret dwelling where reside two genii, her wishful thinking becomes all the more real.
A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits her, the chance to claim a single wish. But like those before her, Sarah must first agree to play a game. And it is a game of the deadliest kind, where terrors lurk behind every corner, where fiendish puzzles break her wits and where the clock shows her impending doom.
Can she overcome it within twenty-four hours? Can she uncover the horrible truth behind the House of Vine and its enigmatic hosts?
It is, after all, child’s play.

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