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The Goblin and a Lucky Adventure (Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl)

by Juliet Boyd

When Spout, a young goblin who lives in The Forest of the Hooting Owl, decides to go on his first big adventure alone in The Big Lands, things don’t go quite as he’s planned. Not that he actually has a plan, other than having an adventure.

The moral of this tale, if it ever became a legend of the forest, would be â??Don’t go adventuring on an empty stomach’, but as Sprout’s never going to let anyone in the forest know about it, we won’t worry about such things. Suffice it to say, that food plays a large part in this tale. Waste food, squishy food, food for making steps and food out through which tunnelling is a necessity. There is also some eating.

Oh, and there’s a rabbit. And no, the rabbit is not food.

The Goblin and a Lucky Escape is a 5,000 word short story in the world of the Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl. It takes place before the main series of books and is aimed at children of 8-12 years old and anyone else who is young of heart. Read this story today and get your first taste of a Sprout that has no connection at all with greens (except for that fact that he is green, of course).

I Found a Super Suit

by Daniel Smith

Ben was dreaming when he woke to his rooster, Big Red, greeting the sun with a loud “Cock-a-doodle-do”. When he arrived at his hen yard, his feisty friend was nowhere to be found and his favorite hen, Cozette, was interested in a mysterious object at the edge of the forest. What she found that fateful morning takes Ben on the adventure of a lifetime.

Follow Ben as he chases the sun across the sky, opening his eyes to the world and learning a few things along the way.

Marley’s Beach Adventure (Naturebella’s Kids Books)

by Kimaada Le Gendre

Aloha readers! Marley is excited to spend a fun day at the beach with her family. Set in Hawaii, Marley enjoys beautiful scenery, delicious food and refreshing waves, all under the magical North Shore sunshine.

Marley’s Beach Adventure is the first multicultural travel picture book in the Naturebella’s Kids Book Series. Filled with vibrant illustrations and a rhyming text, this book is an entertaining story to read to a baby or for any child learning to read on their own.

Animal Adventures

by Stanley Morse

Join King Karrot, the Royal Rabbit King, in “Snagging a Dragon!” Help Tobias the Turtle in his wild adventure in the Animal Kingdom! Let SooperMut, the doggondist dog in the world, save the day in “The Corn is Ripe!” And, let Orsen Buggy direct you in “Bank Nite Tonight!” Animal Adventures 1, a 1950’s, interactive comic book everyone will enjoy!

Of Phantoms, Flights: A Tapestry of Twisted Threads in Folio

by Stephen Donald Huff

Boogeymen, banshees, werewolves and vampires; all figments of horror drawn upon parchments of fable, each the product of individual phobias, like quills, dipped into inkwells of collective nightmare. Despite vaguely amusing caricatures, these monstrous legends probably developed from grisly human origins.

Indeed, we confront our violent primitives in every new atrocity, and each murder teaches a simple lesson that humankind consistently resists. Consequently, we forever lack viable means for exorcising so-called â??inner demons’.

Even now, your secret devil whispers into the blackout parts of your mind. Listen. Of demigods driven beyond far horizons by unreasonable lusts and unquenchable desires; of insatiable murderers presented as captains of commerce; of industrial-strength bloodletting, bad consciences, and impotent wizards stumbling through a fatal loss for words; of primitive human societies drawn from forests by promises in stone; of magic amid darkness, way down deep; and of ghosts that vouchsafe gods; such twisted threads weave life’s strange tapestry. Of hidden dominions, here encounter endless landscapes, and of phantoms, flights.

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