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Narcissistic Mothers and Covert Emotional Abuse: For Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

by Diana Macey

If you feel something was very wrong with your childhood, yet you are unable to point to any of the horrific abuse often talked about in the media, this book is for you.
It is for adults who don’t know why they struggle with the things in life that come naturally to others, who find socialising draining because they are easily affected by the moods and the words of others and cannot understand why sadness and dissatisfaction prevail in their lives, while others thrive with seemingly a lot less.
If you struggle with such issues you might be an adult child of a cover narcissistic parent.
Covert narcissistic parents break down their children’s self-esteem and sense of self in order to manipulate them into serving their unhealthy needs and demands. The abuse is subtle and over time, it erodes the victim’s personality, distorts their sense of reality and it does severe damage to their ability to function.
And if you wonder why anyone would do that, the answer is simple; narcissists are not mentally healthy people and their goal is not to raise mentally healthy offspring.
Most parents do not destroy their children. The narcissism is classified as a personality disorder for a reason, and it has to do with the predatory and inadequate way of sustaining their ego.
It is classified as a cluster B personality disorder with a specific set of dynamics and outcomes. This book is not about the academic description, your parents might’ve had full blown narcissism or had strong tendencies, ether way their unhealthy behaviour affected you and you need to understand what happened in order to heal.
Other signs of such abuse are chronic anxiety, getting overwhelmed, concentration problems, substance abuse, irritability, flashbacks of humiliating moments from the past, inability to cope with failure and negative emotions, inability to enjoy the simple things others enjoy.
This indicates something is majorly and fundamentally wrong with your mental state, and it is the result of the prolonged abuse you’ve been through. Worst of all, the abuse is not easily visible or widely acknowledged. Understanding the problem will help you start recovering.
And, of course, this book is for those who already know about narcissism and narcissistic abuse. More specifically it’s about covert narcissistic mothers, and how they inflict lasting damage on their children.

Emotional Intelligence: 42 Highly Effective Techniques to Mastering your Social Skills, Improve your Relationships & Boost your EQ: (Social skills, NLP, … Language, Anger Management, Communication)

by James C. Ryder

Do you think you are an emotional person? Can you easily empathize with others, without really needing to try? Do you often feel out of control?

Do you find that your emotions dictate the way you feel, the progress you make on a daily basis, and how you behave?

These are all signs that you need to work on your own level of emotional intelligence.

If so, this book is for you. 

This guide provides 44 highly effective techniques to takes you on a whistle stop journey from low EQ to high EQ. You’ll learn how to foster better relationships, communicate effectively, set yourself goals for the future, adopt a more content, happy, and positive outlook, and most importantly, how to control negative emotions, and steer your own ship, without outside influences. 

Every strategy is simple and easy to follow, giving exercises to try and confidence-inspiring, one on one motivational chats, helping to give you the final push towards making the changes which will revolutionise your life for the better. 

This book will help you learn:

– What is Emotional Intelligence
– Why is Emotional Intelligence Vital For a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Life
– Emotional Awareness and Control
– Learning to Control Anger and Use it in a Positive Way
– Improving Motivation, Avoiding Procrastination, and Distractions
– Socialization and Communication : Secrets of Building Rewarding Social Relationships
– How to Become a More Positive Person
– Practicing Emotional Intelligence at Work
– Change Your Thoughts and Feelings
– Using Communication Skills to Connect Closely to Others
– Understanding Empaths and Empathy
– Turning Your Thoughts Within
– Embracing Happiness in Life
– The Vital Importance of Confidence, and How to Make it Grow

â?¦And so much more!

With every single step towards higher emotional intelligence you’ll feel healthier, happier, and more hopeful, reaping the benefits of your hard work. 

Download Emotional Intelligence: 42 Techniques to Change Your Life For The Better, and take the first step on your self-development journey towards total health, success, and happiness.

Blockchain for beginners: Everything you need to know about what blockchain and Cryptocurrency is

by Jürgen Wonke

Of course, this eBook can not make you an expert.
But it certainly helps you to find your way around fundamentally.

If you feel the way I am, Blockchain and the opportunities it offers will not let you go.

You will absorb this eBook and can hardly wait to put it into practice.

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