Free poetry Kindle books for 23 Aug 18

The Thailand Sonnets

by William Peskett

What could be more unusual, and more alluring, than a collection of 38 sonnets about modern life in Thailand? The sonnet was devised in 13th-century Italy and revitalised in 16th-century England. In 21st-century Thailand it has finally come of age.

Most people think of the sonnet as a rather dry form of verse, but in fact the rhythm and rhyme it requires make it proceed at a rollicking pace and the discipline of getting the story across in only 14 lines makes for economy of expression.

If you want to know about making merit, ladyboys, elephants, bar ladies, Songkhran, the jungle and all the other things that go with living in one of the most fascinating countries in Asia, then have a go at this book.

If you thought verse was a dry form of story-telling, prepare to change your mind. Some of these sonnets aim to make you laugh, while all of them will be sure to make you think.

Nirvana: Pieces of Self- Healing (Poetry & Prose)

by Michael Tavon

Nirvana is a compilation of hauntingly beautiful pieces by Michael Tavon. The author discusses, regret, anxiousness, racial issues, craving for love, and much more. Tavon gets deeply personal and introspective, in hopes of helping those who are in need of self-healing too.

“Entrapped inside your
Heart-shaped box
For lonely years
You’ve left me here
To survive off hope and tears

I know your return is unlikely
Unlike me,
You have a gift
Of hurting others with a smile
Luring your victims
Into the traps of your eyes

I enjoy this place
Although it’s often cold
It has pockets of warmth
In your Heart-Shaped Box
I’ll forever be stored
Waiting for you
Love me more
Than August loves to storm.”

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