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Motivation And Productivity Guide: Find Methods For Self-Motivation, Time Planning, Goal Achieving And Personal Productivity (Peaceful life Book 2)

by Matthew Wright

Motivation occupies a front row seat in our minds most of the time. However, it is shocking to discover that we do not truly understand it. What does it mean to be motivated? What role does motivation play in achieving success? What difference would it make if I am not motivated? These questions frequently plague many people because it is imperative to first understand what motivation is.
Motivation and Productivity Guide book discusses the relationship between motivation and productivity. “There is no productivity without proper motivation.” Do you lack motivation and have no energy to accomplish anything despite so much of what is waiting for you?
Matthew Wright’s Golden guide to self-motivation and productivity reveals happiness as a key to having great productivity. With blunt honesty acting as a major tool in the production of this life changing book. Wright reveals more than enough ways to “Be your own champion” with amazing story references made. One would be amazed at how far the right motivation can yield unexpected results to get us our set goals.
This awesome piece will expose ways to become one of those happy, successful people who seem always enthusiastic and productive.

Empty! Box Of Chocolates

by Nicolas Foster

“What you think is not what you thought, What you thought is not what you think!”

Penny Flame

by John Reinhard Dizon

While researching the atrocities committed during the Apache Wars, university graduate Moneen Murphy learns of her great-great grandmother’s key role in easing the tensions between the Pima tribe and the U.S. Army.

Tracing the relationship between her grandmother and the natives, Moneen begins a journey into the unknown. As she slowly discovers the truth, dark secrets and ghosts of the past are brought into the modern era with catastrophic force.

The story of this fateful chapter in America’s past reflects issues and events of the modern age, presented in an unforgettable, epic adventure.

Praise for PENNY FLAME:
“Compelling and well-written… a must-read” – P.S. Winn, author
“An epic adventure.” – Lee Gimenez, Amazon review

Hail the Vietnamese Victory Over US Imperialism!

by Ricardo Santiago

** The full contents of this and dozens of other works are available in Ricardo Santiago’s “Socialism and Struggle: Selected Works” (ASIN: B00DFLUDTO) at a greatly discounted price. **

Saturday, April 30, 2015, will mark the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, which signified the victory of the heroic Vietnamese people’s fight against imperialism after decades of war.

This was a historic day in the struggle of oppressed people around the world. Let us celebrate this monumental achievement, knowing a defeat of imperialism anywhere is a victory for oppressed people everywhere!

Representations of Transnational Human Trafficking: Present-day News Media, True Crime, and Fiction

by Christiana Gregoriou

This open access edited collection examines representations of human trafficking in media ranging from British and Serbian newspapers, British and Scandinavian crime novels, and a documentary series, and questions the extent to which these portrayals reflect the realities of trafficking. It tackles the problematic tendency to under-report particular types of victim and forms of trafficking, and seeks to explore both dominant and marginalised points of view. The authors take a cross-disciplinary approach, utilising analytical tools from across the humanities and social sciences, including linguistics, literary and media studies, and cultural criminology. It will appeal to students, academics and policy-makers with an interest in human trafficking and its depiction in the modern day.

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