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Photographic Memory: A Simple Eidetic Memory Guide to Improve Memory, Productivity, and Happiness. Boost Your Memory with This Technique to Get More Done in Just 14 Days! (Deep Learning Book 3)

by Louis Watts

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Your memory has a powerful ability to impact your life in incredible ways. When developed and used effectively, it can support you in everything, from experiencing greater happiness to improved productivity and success in your life.

This book will be your ultimate go-to guide to support you in improving not only your memory but your photographic memory.

Photographic memory is a form of memory that is used by highly effective people who desire to be successful in everything they do. The method that you will learn within this book is used by high-ranking military operatives. It is a highly effective method that is extremely simple to execute and one that virtually everyone can experience success from.

Within this book you will learn:

  • What photographic and eidetic memory is and how it works;

  • The benefits you can gain from developing your photographic memory;

  • The same method high-ranking military operatives use to develop photographic memory;

  • Tools you can use to improve general memory, which directly supports photographic memory development;

  • How to integrate your memory into your everyday life; and

  • Techniques you can use to test your memory and reach your desired memory goals.

If you are ready to maximize your ability to experience greater joy, higher levels of success, more confidence and self-esteem, improved health, and many other benefits, “Photographic Memory” is the exact book you have been looking for.

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Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory: The Memory Shock Oh-So-Easy How-to-Remember User’s Guide for Your Brain

by Barry Reitman

Learn the secrets to having an incredible memory. Give the simple lessons in this fast-paced, fun-filled, non-technical book twenty minutes a day and you will startle yourself with your ability to remember names & faces, important facts of all kinds, calendar dates, numbers, and where you put the car keys. Begin to use your new abilities from the first chapters, and use these skills in practical applications for a lifetime. You’ll be better prepared for work, daily activities, public speaking, job interviews, and everything else you do.

Learn the tricks of the trade from Memory Shock founder Barry Reitman, with the same fun-to-learn material he teaches at the Continuing Education Departments of two community colleges of the State University of New York. He has also enjoyed excellent responses from groups including Long Island University’s Graduate Campus for Education, Coldwell-Banker, First Investors, Florida’s PAP Corps for Cancer Research, and trade associations around the country, as well as the New York City Police Department’s Executive Training Unit.

Twenty minutes of fun a day for three or four weeks will take to unimaginable levels. Many of the practice sessions are things you want to remember anyway, and most can be done while driving to work or school, mowing the lawn, or washing the dishes.

These techniques are easily mastered and applied by youngsters and adults. For school, your job, or interviewing for your next job, feel the confidence that comes from being able to remember everything you want. Never again fear walking into a business function or party and meeting all new people. You’ll speak to each by name throughout the day or night, and next week and next year!

Available with additional introductory material and exercises as a 4-CD Audio Set here on Amazon. (Search “Secrets Tips Tricks Powerful Memory 4-Disc”)

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Training book with many Exercises

by Peter Schiessl

MS Excel 2016 Training Book
Emerging from numerous Excel courses, this book is not a collection of material, but a proper training book. It lead you to working with Excel from the beginning with many exercises. As it progresses step by step in the material, advanced exercises and applications are finally achieved.
So also suitable for self-study! Completely colored printed!

From the content:

Tables and workbooks
Formula and coordinates
The function assistant
Invoice, comment, date
A budget planning
Expect interest, PMT
Advanced formatting (hide, templates …)
Evaluate a test series (mean value ….)
Create a diagram

Advanced applications:
Travel Expenses
currency table
Score evaluation with VLOOKUP
Monthly salaries with bonuses
Logic with conditions If-then
Trend calculation
Pivot table
External data
Protect data

Speed Reading: How to Boost Productivity by Reading Faster and Increasing Comprehension: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Speed Reading (Speed Reading, Speed Reading … Speed Reading Tips, Speed Reading Advice)

by Henry Lee

A Concise and No-Fluff Guide on Speed Reading

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Speed Reading: How to Boost Productivity by Reading Faster and Increasing Comprehension: A Beginner’s Guide to Speed Reading will help you understand why speed reading is an essential skill in life and why readers have to do away with vocalization and other old-school techniques they learned in the primary and intermediate grades.

The chapters in this book are also especially organized into three main sections:
1) speed reading and studies about it
2) various ways to increase one’s reading rate and improve comprehension speed when reading
3) selected texts for reading practice and questions to help you understand what you read beyond the surface.

Not only will you become a better and faster reader after learning the techniques in this book, you will also gain confidence as you see your skills improve in just a short period of time. Mastering the skill of speed reading may seem daunting at first, but after practicing consistently, you will definitely see an increase in your reading speed.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Speed Reading
  • Bad Reading Habits
  • How to Read Fast
  • The Road to Productivity
  • Test Your Skills
  • Your Own Reading Program
  • Conclusion


The testing section is wonderful, you actually get to see how much you have improved by the time you’ve finished and can keep working at it until you’re ready. Highly recommended, this is a wonderfully informative book! Nicole W.

“Highly useful and so clear and concise- an ideal read for anyone who is concerned that they may be reading too slowly!” Stella

“I highly recommend this book, it helped me increase my reading speed easily after learning the strategies and techniques in this book. I learned tons of great information that helped me.” Brian

Download your copy today!

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Graduated and Clueless: How to live like an adult when life is confusing

by Caleb Bale

The truth is, graduates around the world are clueless about where they want to go next in their lives. How can they pursue their dreams if they don’t understand more practical subjects like developing a solid budget?

This book is for people confused by financial terms or are simply overwhelmed by where they should live. It’s for those who want to understand different types of insurance or even those who want to get married. Plus it covers topics of time management, job searching, retirement, and relationships.

This book will reveal subjects and issues you likely haven’t considered with easy-to-understand examples. Don’t be an overwhelmed and confused graduate any longer. Be the graduate who is informed. The tips and tricks in this book will help you move forward in life confidently and optimistically. Each chapter will give you new insight into life beyond the diploma. All you have to do is read it.

How to Not Suck at Math

by Brenden Rawls

Do you suck at math? Are you scared of failing your next math class? Or are you interested in helping someone you know pass their class? This book will help you get earn the grade that you think you deserve. You get an insider look into how a math teacher learns math. Through classroom stories, life experience, and straight-forward advice you can push yourself to new understandings in mathematics, which is exactly what you will get inside this book. To continue to follow my work, please visit my blog at

Thank you.

Dr. Esperanto’s International Language, Introduction & Complete Grammar

by Richard Geoghegan

This is an English translation of L. L. Zamenhof’s “Unua Libro”. It does not include the accompanying Esperanto-English vocabulary.

Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio – Parte 3

by Stephen Harrison

Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio’ – Parte 3

Este es el tercer eBook de la serie de best seller â??Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio’.

Cada libro contiene quince artículos interesantes sobre una variedad de temas tales como: la historia, la religión, el mundo natural, la ciencia, viajes, comida y más.

Es perfecto para los estudiantes de inglés que quieren mejorar su comprensión lectora y ayudará con la parte práctica del examen.

El eBook incluye:

� 15 artículos cortos fascinantes.

� Glosarios que incluyen palabras clave, explicaciones y traduciones al español.

� Preguntas sobre cada texto (se puede acceder a las respuestas con un click).

� Enlaces a videos con cada artículo (si el dispositivo lo permite).

Este libro contiene artículos sobre los siguientes temas: el yeti, los dingos, Islandia, los vikingos, Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, geisha y mucho más.

Si usted desea mejorar su comprensión oral y escrita de inglés nivel intermedio y disfrutar de los textos que lee, descarge este libro ahora.

The Senior Dummies’ Guide to iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks: How to Feel Smart While Using Apple Phones and Tablets (Senior Dummies’ Guides Book 5)

by Kevin Brandt

Seniors! This book is for you! In this book you will find the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Android tablet or smartphone. With easy to read steps, large print and vibrant COLOR images, you will find FORTY tips like these:

How to…

#10: Enable “closed captioning”â?¦

#16: Lock the device so only you can get inâ?¦

#38: Video call to see the grandkidsâ?¦

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