Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 23 Aug 18

The Awakening: A Transformational Love Story

by Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

The Law of Attraction is set into motion by an unspeakable tragedy. Through his grief, a young man is drawn to his spiritual teacher. Together, they discover the closest thing to heaven on earth, a Consciously Awakened, Loving Relationship.

Tormented by grief and loss, Mark Celli makes the decision to end his life when, unexpectedly, the life of his spiritual teacher, Paula, is plunged into grave danger. During a heart-pounding rescue, Mark and Paula realize that their bond transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime.

Paula’s near-death vision reveals ancient Universal Truths, which causes the spiritual partners to travel across space and time to the Source of Love. What they find there may just help save humanity.

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo, founding father of Spiritual Life Coaching, and the creator of the HuMethodâ?¢ healing modality, weaves a modern-day parable that harmonizes with the core elements of the Human Consciousness Movement. Taken from over 20,000 session hours and hundreds of client experiences, deep psycho-spiritual lessons are illuminated through the power of true events that happened to real people just like you.

As each Secret of Transformational Awakening is revealed, you will be infused with a new-found enthusiasm for living a more empowered life. After reading this book it will be impossible for you to view the world in quite the same way ever again.

The Mystic RUNES: A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness

by Karen Hays

Experience heightened awareness and tap into your soul’s innate wisdom! Are you looking for insightful thought-provoking guidance? Are you ready to be uplifted, stimulated and intrigued in your search for direction? This is not your ordinary book on RUNES! The Mystic RUNES is here for you to find purpose, spiritual guidance and enlightenment through accessing the hidden meanings of the RUNES and their wisdom! Did you know that the RUNES are considered secret? The truth is that their secrets lie within the Soul of the Self! The Mystic RUNES is written to help you tap into the very core of your spirit through their messages. In this book you will learn how to use the RUNES to create talismans, intentions and affirmations. You will be guided through exercises in activating the energy of your RUNES and learn to integrate their essence into your very being! You will also be shown how to understand the meaning of your name with the RUNES and experiment with friends’ and family’s names as well! Along with all this, most of all, each RUNE offers insight that opens doors meant to assist you in looking at situations in your life with power and compassion toward finding your way in accessing heightened awareness. What an amazing journey The Mystic RUNES offers the seeker! You will want to use this book as reference every day to guide, to uplift and to enlighten! Scroll to the top and BUY NOW! And enjoy the process! 

Life, the Universe, God, and all that Stuff: ‘an inside-out view’

by Johnny R. O’Neill

What is feeling? What is it to â??feel’?
Simple question?
The author theorizes that existence is the â??feeling’ of â??it.’ That, as a marble statute doesn’t â??have’ marble, but is marble, so we don’t â??have’ feelings, we are feelings. Thoughts are feelings in the brain, (which itself is a â??feeling’). Vision is feeling in the eyes (which themselves are â??feeling’)â?¦
Life, the Universe, God, and all that Stuff, by Johnny R. O’Neill, is a journey of ideas (and, necessarily, a personal journey as well) leading to the thought that life is nothing but â??feeling,’ that the â??bosons’ of our universe â??carry’ that feeling, and that â??feeling’ is nothing butâ?¦everythingâ?¦the all it, of life, the Universe, God, and all that Stuff.
More than that, the book explores the implications and meaning of â??life is feeling.’ Within, are explanations for awareness, language, consciousness, morality, free-will, evolutionâ??even the Adam and Eve story, Genesis, gets a fresh interpretation.
The forbidden fruit of the tree of Life? With this book, perhaps, we can get a tasteâ?¦

Her Christmas Surprise

by Mercy Levy

Meredith has everything in life, a great job as junior partner at her law firm, condo in Park City, and Clark, her successful lawyer boyfriend.

When she admits to a friend that she feels like something is missing, she’s convinced to do volunteer work at Christmas time, helping at the local outreach center, to fill that void in her heart.

It is there she meets Jonathan, a handsome widower who works by day in construction, and in the evenings, delivers food to families in need. His gentleness and kindness to those in need are in stark contrast to the handsome, but selfish man she has fallen out of love with.

When tragedy strikes, she risks losing the very thing she didn’t know she needed most. It will take a Christmas miracle to save the man she’s falling in love with. Will Meredith be granted her Christmas wish?

Small Group Leader Secrets

by Travis Albritton

Apathy is the enemy of every Christian small group leader. When people don’t care they aren’t invested, and when they aren’t invested you end up having to do everything. You may even doubt yourself and wonder if you have what it takes to lead effectively.

Small Group Leader Secrets breaks down the 7 game changing principles you need to build a thriving small group. You’ll learn things like:

– How to get everyone on the same page
– How to craft a great discussion in less than an hour
– How to build deep relationships within your group

Imagine how it will feel when you actually look forward to meeting with your small group every week. You can be the spark that helps people become more like Jesus and be inspired by the impact God is making through you.

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre small group. Learn the secrets to leading a thriving small group and become everyone’s favorite leader.

Spring Beauty Inn (A Floral Inn novella Book 3)

by Rose Verde

Wedding planner, Kathy Murray snags a high profile client for a spring wedding at her family inn. A dream come true. But then, her brother insists their friend, her teenage crush, brings his expertise into play. Kathy plans to keep her heart on a leash and do her job.

For Mike Pierce, helping his friend pull off a wedding intended to put a facelift to the family inn is a way to pay back years of friendship. Kathy does not want him around for some reasons he can not fathom. But he determines to win her trust and heart in the process.

Ridin’ Lonesome

by B.N. Rundell

He thought it would be the adventure of a lifetime, but little did he know he would face unbelievable loss and tragedy before they reached their destination. An attack by a war party of Pawnee was costly and resulted in the loss of many lives. But with God’s hand upon him, J.W. Harpold set out to find his own way in life. All he knew was he wanted someplace warmer and that meant head South.

With detours along the way in a Ute Indian camp, and with a couple of Texas bound cowboys, J.W. would find himself in the middle of cow country and looking for a job. Little did he know he would soon find the love of his life and the two would plan a life together, but a vengeance seeking member of her family would derail those plans.

But J.W.’s God proves to be bigger than any circumstance and the girl of his dreams would become the light of his life. Their hope was to start a family and build a life together, but a bitter father and challenging circumstances would stand in their way. Based on a true story, this account of the lives of a young Texas couple in the midst of Indian wars, cattle ranching and a feuding family prove to be difficult but rewarding as well.

Am I Still A Member?: Memoir of Creating a Congregational Care Senior Visitation Ministry By a Lay Member and the Benefits Received By All

by Nellie Jean DeRamus

“Am I Still A Member?” is written to show the need to visit those who can no longer attend church or an organization and share the significant rewards for doing this. It includes details for establishing a structured ministry to accomplish this by laity written in narrative form including stories of fictitious people to make it more interesting.

All events are based on happenings from memory of my experiences with facility- and home-bound people over a forty-year period including the establishment of a structured ministry in a medium-sized church which has continued to grow since it was created several years ago.

References to any church or religion are modified and all names are fictitious. Problem situations are included to help you overcome any obstacles you may have in creating or participating in a ministry in your church or organization.

It is my desire that some who read what I hope they will find to be an interesting novel will be inspired to create their own memorable experiences by visiting facility- and home-bound people in their community and brighten the lives of those they visit. You can’t begin to understand the difference it will make in your life as well as those you visit until you do so

Amish Betrayal (Amish Romance

by Esther Weaver

Miriam Petershwim was getting married. It was a day she never thought she’d experience again. As a widow with a 14 year old daughter, Miriam had consigned herself to a life of being alone. She didn’t like being alone and had struggled after the death of husband three years earlier. She hadn’t planned on a being a young widow. Elizabeth, her daughter, was more like her father. Confident and self assured who didn’t care for her mother’s self pity.

Now a man had chosen her. Miriam had sought out a new relationship and Mark was a wonderful man. Elizabeth liked him too. He didn’t seek to replace her father.

Amish weddings were a whole community affair as the guests descended upon Miriam’s house, Elizabeth just wanted some time alone with her mother. But the short trip almost ends in disaster when the buggy gets hit by a car and mother and daughter are stranded. Mark will think she has stood him up. Is her life ever going to be happy and straightforward?

They are rescued and feeling relieved, they quickly change their torn dresses. They are late for the wedding but fate it seems has intervened again, the groom is missing!

The Elixir Of Longevity: A book that contained my experiences of more than 10 years of how I transform myself from a physical appearance and health… Of a 60-year old to a 30-year old!

by Nicholas Kauffman Jones

A book that contained my experiences of more than 10 years of how I transform myself from a physical appearance and health…
Of a 60-year old to a 30-year old!

In this book, you will learn how to…

Shorten the duration to get the desired beauty results without endangering your health…
Restore your self-confidence and regain your motivation…
Improve intimacy with your beloved ones and have a better sex life…

Previously I was ashamed…
But now I feel proud announcing my age…
Because I am the living proof that age is just a number!
“Stop letting others define you. Stop letting others dilute you. Don’t be bullied or pressured into being less than you are.”

How many times do you miss the important moments with your family due to your health issues?
How many times can you tolerate when you caught your beloved ones checking out the other ladies or gentlemen but not you?
The wait is FINALLY over…

Our beauty is our self-confidence…

And our health is our wealth…

To live a life of SICKNESS FREE and be PROUD of who you are…

Take action NOW,

As our health is our responsibility!
Many have begun this transformation progress for their own sake…

So, what are you waiting for?

Knowledge Revealed (The Nememiah Chronicles Book 1)

by D.S. Williams

Charlotte Duncan moves to the small town of Puckhaber Falls with only one goal: to end her life after a devastating tragedy.

But soon, the friendly locals – along with an accidental meeting with the mysterious Lucas Tine – give Charlotte reason to pause and reconsider the path she has chosen.

She finds herself drawn to this man; he is an enigma, and Charlotte doesn’t understand why she is so enamored of him.

As time passes, Charlotte discovers Lucas’s secret… and in turn, reveals some of her own.

Embracing Your Divinity

by Laura Emily

Laura Emily teaches us to appreciate and notice our inner being.

By taking the reader on a journey through her own experiences, Laura teaches us to listen to the universe and allow ourselves to follow the path the universe is trying to take us on. She tries to make us understand that even though we may not think the universe is on our side or that things are not meant to happen, something has not happened yet because we, as individuals, are not yet ready to receive this event. Once we accept the universe’s plan and allow things to happen, whether they are good or bad, only then can we truly reach our full potential.

Bible Study: A Study Guide That Will Simplify The Bible And Unleash The Word Of God Into Your Life (Bible Study Series Book 1)

by Alexis G. Roldan

Discovering The Word Of God In A Way That Is Easily Understood

In this bible study guide, we start at the beginning, explaining how it all began when there was nothing except God. After creation, an enemy is introduced and the fact that we are all in a spiritual war. Despite the fall, there is still hope and God makes an amazing covenant with Abraham – a covenant which He will spend the rest of time unfolding and fulfilling. Along the way, God’s people find themselves in bondage as slaves in Egypt, then wandering in the wilderness, but eventually they reach the Promised Land where more struggles and challenges await them. The desperate need of a Savior becomes more and more apparent and pressing. Then in the fullness of time, Jesus arrives – Immanuel, Messiah and Coming King.

The format of the book is such that each of the ten chapters covers a certain period of the Bible in chronological order. At the end of each chapter there is a “Pause to Ponder” section which gives the reader a short Bible passage or verse to read, and then a few thoughts and questions to ponder about that particular passage. In this way the “treasure chest” is carefully and steadily being explored, with the purpose of discovering more and more treasures and insights into God’s Word.

The aim of this bible study book is to bring a fresh perspective and excitement to all those who wish to read the Bible, regardless of whether they are new to the faith or have been on the journey for years. The unlimited treasures of God’s Word are freely available to all who would seek and search for them. This book can be used as a springboard to facilitate the joyful and rewarding adventure of discovery by encouraging readers to open up their Bible’s every day.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • How It All Began, Right From The Very Beginning
  • The Main Points From Genesis To Revelation
  • The Meaning Of Important Messages Throughout The Bible
  • All About God’s Promises And What They Mean For Us
  • Where To Look To Continue To Grow Your Knowledge Of The Word
  • And Much, Much More!

Get your copy of “Bible Study” today. You’ll be glad you did.

Dreaming of You and Me (Canterbury Romance)

by Kristy Tate

When you find the man of your dreamsâ?¦
Nora Tomas’s search for her birth mother brings her to Canterbury Academy. Getting a job is easy. Confiding in the school’s owner, Irena Rowlings, is not. Once Nora meets Irena’s son, Cole, the decision to confide in Irena becomes even more complicated. Cole is literally the man of Nora’s nightly dreams, but has she been dreaming of him because he maybe her brother? She struggles to remain friendly yet distant until she can uncover the mystery of her birth.
Cole is drawn to Nora even though he’s certain she harbors secrets. What he fails to understand is how those secrets will change his world, for better or for worse.

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