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Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Eleanor of Aquitaine

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Eleanor of Aquitaine became the queen of both France and England, the wife of two kings, and later the mother of two kings. Heiress to the rich French provinces of Aquitaine and Poitou, she was undoubtedly one of medieval Europe’s most powerful and wealthy women.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Duchess of Aquitaine, Queen of France
â?? Eleanor and King Louis Joins the Crusade
â?? The Royal Divorce
â?? Continuing Conflict and Courtly Love
â?? At the Center of Rebellion
â?? Fifteen Years of Captivity
And much more!

Eleanor of Aquitaine has, not surprisingly, captured many imaginations. From inciting her sons to rebel against their father to the tale of her “courts of love,” where she reportedly fostered the idea of courtly love and promoted the arts, to her captivity and later tireless work to rescue her son Richard the Lionheart from his imprisonment, Eleanor’s life is a tangle of legend mixed with the struggle to interpret the sometimes-scarce facts. This does not make it any less fascinatingâ??or any less worthy of study. In this book, you will find a concise exploration of the life of one of the medieval world’s most memorable figures.

Dark, Depressing, and Hilarious: My Bittersweet Journey In and Out of the Music Business

by Drew Fortier

From cluelessly making a brutally honest and poignant documentary film about the hard rock band Bang Tango, to joining said rock band as a guitarist, Musician, Filmmaker, Actor and now Author Drew Fortier shares tales from his highly irregular and under the radar career in the entertainment industry which also includes: forming the eclectic pseudo all-star band Zen From Mars, starring in the horror film Her Name Was Christa, playing guitar for and eventually making a film about the late Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley and becoming a traveling record label executive with Thom Hazaert for Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s EMP Label Group.

A moment with the Saint of the slum

by Fr. Peter Manikam

A moment with the Saint of the slum brings back the life of St. Mother Theresa and what her life means to people. Her life has profoundly impacted several millions of people across the world. This book captures the essence of her life and the meaning her life has given to people from cross section of the society.

The Curious Case of Alice Crimmins: an anthology of true crime

by Ana Benson

In this True Crime anthology, we look at numerous female killers…some murdered their husbands….others murdered their children like Alice Crimmins…Long before the Casey Anthony trial that captivated the nation at the end of the 2000s, there was a very famous case that strikes an incredible resemblance. The trial of Alice Crimmins was the main talk in the 1960s as it divided the country into two opposing sides. While the Casey Anthony trial was very straightforward because of the numerous evidence that pointed in the direction of her guilt, Alice Crimmins’s case lacked the physical proof that could link the woman directly to the murders of her own kids.
Regardless of this, the prosecution put her on trial, and they won. It was a different time when women and mothers were supposed to behave in an acceptable way. Alice didn’t fit the norm, and she quickly rose up as the number one suspect even though it was unclear if she had any involvement in the deaths of her two kids. She was judged by everyone because of her lifestyle and the fact that she had an estranged husband. But was Alice Crimmins really guilty of the crimes? Or was the investigation sidetracked by the prejudice?

2:06: the story of my mother’s afterlife

by Jane Sayre Denny

There is no force on earth, or in heaven, greater than a mother’s love. My mother proves that every day, ignoring the fact that she has been dead since 2009.

In addition to the countless proofs she has provided of her continued existence (through apparitions, visions, noises, object manifestations, totem animal appearances and more), she has sent money, prevented floods and car wrecks, settled disputes, revealed vital information, and rescued me from a nightmare that should have taken my life at least five times.

I know these things are her doing because she signs her work with the number 206. I can be certain when I see that number in any format (2/6, 206, $2.06, 2:06), or a black squirrel, that she is nearby intervening on my behalf. Starting on the very night of her death, and constantly to this day, this number has appeared so prolifically, and in such outlandish places and ways as to be statistically impossible by coincidence.

2/6 was my mother’s birthday.

Most books of this kind tell collected stories of different ghosts communicating once or twice then moving on. I know of no other story in which a single departed spirit filled 170 pages with acts of intervention to help and communicate with the child they left behind. This is that book.

Dorje Dolma: A Saga Of Life, Labor and Love

by Roop Krishan Pandit

This story dates back four decades. It is a fabric of real and imaginary events scrambled and stitched. Whatever entertainment this story provides could have been sufficiently obtained from its fictional part. But the naive author implicitly believes that pure fiction is, by its very definition, bland and without purpose, simply because nothing begets nothing. This story is dedicated to every honest workman and in particular to the engineers of the Indian Telecommunication Service of Government of India.

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