Free lifestyle and home Kindle books for 24 Aug 18

The Plant Listener

by Julie C. Kilpatrick

The plants we keep in our gardens are our pets. You probably already know how you should care for your plants but, by explaining the theory behind our best horticultural practices, this book will tell you why our actions make such a difference to the lives of our plant pets.

Garden designer and lecturer in horticulture, Julie Kilpatrick, takes you on a journey into the world of plants, from their evolution, to their birth, growth, anatomy and finally, death. Along the way, she’ll introduce you to some of her favourite plants and teach you how to care for any plant by understanding its signals. Her advice is unashamedly organic, holistic and firmly in favour of the plants.

In the natural world plants communicate with other plants and animals. They share experiences and resources, issue alarm signals, have sex. They employ matchmakers and body guards, act as landlords and babysitters and, sometimes, commit murder.

Plants are aware of other living things and they are almost certainly aware of us. They are talking to us every day – all we have to do is to learn how to listen.

Survive! Keeping Bees for Honey & From Tree Sap to Syrup : Two Prepperâ??s Guides

by Lorayne Miller

This book is two prepper books in one. If you are a prepper or a survivalist you will want to know how to make your own honey and maple syrup. Book one explains how to keep bees for honey and the second book explains how to make maple syrup from tree sap. Honey and maple syrup are two of Mother Nature’s greatest and sweetest treats.

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