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Prepping on a Budget: Survive When Society Collapses! Cheap and Low Cost Ways to Start Prepping for SHTF, Natural Disasters, an EMP Attack, and a Grid Down Situation!

by Sean Bradley

Are you on a limited budget?

Think you can’t afford to prep?

Are you desperate to start prepping for SHTF anyway?


Yes, even if you have little or no money, there are many ways to start stocking up for SHTF.

And I’m not talking just Dollar Store items either…although they have many useful things, don’t get me wrong!

No, if you really look around and are resourceful, prepping does NOT have to be expensive and can leave you as prepared, if not more, than if you spend a ton on ready-made kits and supplies.

Listen…it’s not a question of being able to afford to get ready…

Fact is, you CANNOT afford NOT to get ready!

Doomsday (or whatever you want to call it) is REAL and WILL happen…sooner or later, it’s just a question of when, not if!

The country is basically out of money and corrupt politicians will do anything to keep power – even if it destroys America.

Things are changing…and most of the time for the worse.

Many cities are simmering hellholes that are just waiting to explode into chaos.

Foreign enemies and rogue powers have infiltrated our porous borders and are ready to take down our power grid and infrastructure at a moment’s notice.

Natural disasters can wipe out entire cities in minutes!

You MUST prepare and you must start NOW…whatever your financial situation.

There IS a way and this book shows you how.

Your life depends on it…

Your children’s and grandchildren’s lives depend on it…

Don’t you owe it to them to do whatever you can to get ready?

What will you say to them when they turn to you for help?

“Sorry, couldn’t afford it…”


You WILL be ready and you will start NOW!

Download this book and GET STARTED!

Inside you’ll learn…

* Food prepping on a budget.

* Doomsday prepping tips that really work!

* Survival prepping hacks for the real world.

* Survival items that everyone can afford.

* Cheap ways to build up your emergency supply for SHTF.

* How low budget prepping can be as good – if not better – than spending like crazy on expensive supplies.

* Why the frugal preppers are often the most prepared for a disaster.

* How prepping on a tight budget can get you ready for a terrorist attack, an EMP attack, and even economic collapse!

* How to find budget prepper foods that are healthier, last longer, and taste a whole lot better than outrageously expensive ready-made foods.

* How to be a prepper on a budget and still be the most prepared family on your block.

…and Much More!


The Home Sellers Guide: How to Put Thousands of Dollars in Your Bank Account when Selling Your Home by Drastically Reducingâ??and In Some Cases Eliminatingâ??the Amount You Pay in Real Estate Commissions

by Romeo Jeremiah Clayton

Dear homeowner,

When you’re ready to sell your home, I know exactly how you can save yourself thousands of dollars!

For some reason, even in 2018, when the real estate market is saturated with home buyers looking for deals, when banks are loaning money at historically low interest rates, and when it takes an average of only 66 days nationally for homeowners to sell their homes, homeowners are still practically giving away thousands of dollars to their real estate agents.

This is money they can use to do much savvier things.

Things such as pay off debt, establish or bulk up an emergency fund, add to a retirement savings account, save for their children’s college, or even buy that new car they’ve always wanted.

Or perhaps, they can travel or take that cruise to Alaska while sunbathing on the deck of the cruise ship or eating gourmet foods cooked by world renowned chefs.


Yet, they are just GIVING THIS MONEY AWAY.

I don’t want you to be one of them.

Let me be clear. I am NOT claiming that a licensed Real Estate Agent is not worth the money they’re paid. But, I am saying that you should at least consider the following facts about what you pay them when you sell your home.

Fact #1: The typical commission, paid by you, the seller, to the real estate agent who lands the contract to help sell your home is 3% of your home’s sales price.

Fact #2: If the person who purchases your home is working with a real estate agent, you, as the seller, ALSO often ends up paying your buyer’s real estate commission, too!

This means, including closing cost, you can end up paying over $28,500 to sell a $300,000 house.


Fact #3: It’s 100% possible to avoid paying, what I consider, the ridiculously high real estate agent fees, and I want to tell you how.

For the small fee of this short, but descriptive guide, I show you exactly how I saved myself, literally, $20,980 in real estate commissions so you can use these same tactics when you sell your home.

I explain everything in excruciating detail in a story-like, suspenseful format to prevent it from being a boring read.


In this short guide, I detail:
-What really attracts a potential buyer to your home.
-Who really sets the market value of your home. Knowing this one secrete can save you from marketing your home’s price too high, which will effectively kill your buyer’s deal if they’re using a mortgage to purchase your home.
-The little-known financial advantage you have when you purchase your next home.
-Even if you must work with an agent, how to get them to lower their commission fee
-What the majority of real estate agents really do to help you sell your home faster.
-The financial relationship that you can exploit that exists between a real estate agent and his broker.
-The type of agent you want working for you if you want to maximize the amount of money you save.
-The exact situation when you can easily counter on a buyer’s offerâ?¦and substantially increase your odds of getting what you want!
-The best way to maximize the exposure your home getsâ?¦for freeâ?¦even if you don’t use a real estate agent.
-The exact verbiage to use in your contract to avoid paying your buyer’s real estate agent commissions.
-How to save thousands by hiring only this expert to handle your entire real estate transaction.
-The website that will drastically increase the number of leads you’ll receive when you list your home.
-And much, much, moreâ?¦

Using the tactics and tools that I used, you’re almost guaranteed not to pay a penny in real estate commissions when you sell your home!

Fall Wedding Cakes: Unique Seasonal Cake Inspirations for an Autumn Wedding (Seasonal Wedding Cakes Book 1)

by Adrianne Zalicki

A visual guide book to the best ideas and inspirations for your most special fall wedding. These fall-themed wedding cakes will give you plenty of seasonal design and flavor ideas for your September, October, or November dessert.

If you’re a classic dessert person who prefers a good, old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate cake, opt for a few fall-themed décor elements or accents to give your tiers a seasonal style. Ask your baker to decorate the tiers with a few red, orange and yellow buttercream rosettes or craft fondant maple leaves.

Replicate one of these â??fall wedding cakes for a day you, and your guests won’t forget. Whether you’re getting hitched in September, October, or November, these rustic wedding cakesâ?? for fall are the sweetest way to end your Autumn reception. There are so many lovely variants for a fall wedding! Cakes decorated with flowers, fruit, leaves, berries and vegetables – real or of cream. These fall wedding cake ideas with make you fall in love with fondant foliage, jewel toned texture, and metallic touches.

Fruit and the golden leaves of the fall adorn the tiers of the autumn wedding cake. These ideas will guarantee your fall wedding cake is memorable and yummy.

You Are Not Your Diagnosis

by Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

You Are Not Your Diagnosis is Delmastro-Thomson’s inspiring and emotional story of being mis-diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25. We meet the author at the time of her diagnosis, when she believed she was a healthy young woman scheduled to have elective surgery. Instead, she describes how she was dropped down the rabbit hole of the Western Medical system when pre-op bloodwork showed some very alarming abnormalities. Delmastro-Thomson paints a vivid picture of the diagnostic process, the emotional moment of her diagnosis, and the life-altering ripples that this moment created in her life.

The second part of the book reflects on the key lessons the author learned during the six years following her initial diagnosis. Delmastro-Thomson offers readers insights into topics like how diagnosis can become one’s identity and how to transform that pattern, how the words we use to talk about our health have power, and the power of our minds for either healing or staying where we are. The final section of the book offers the reader several simple practices to begin to incorporate the lessons offered by the book into their own lives.

A Guide to Creating Content For Beginners

by Angela Rawls

My name is Angela. I’m a millenial marketer, and lover of learning as I go. That is how I finished my bachelors degree a year early, and landed a marketing internship with an international company. My journey in content creation started there. I quickly learned its’ importance.

Content is not just for bloggers or YouTubers. Creating content is essential to any business’ marketing plan in this day and age. Putting out content isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. In this book I discuss how content provides value for your customers, and how it can make you more money.

I break down content creation into five steps. In each step I provide examples of real world situations, along with my personal tips. I talk about SEO, website creation, formatting, social media platforms, the marketing funnel, tracking your performance, how to put your content to work for you, and much more. Two infographics are included inside.

For more of my content check out my website: I write about the things I wish I knew in college, marketing for beginners, and how to improve your professional lifestyle.

Whole 30 Meal Prep: Quick, Simple and Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss and Save Time

by Emily Roberts

Juicy junk food may be hard to resist, but all those processed ingredients are slowly destroying your overall health. 

When breathing seems heavier and belly fat becomes your new best friend, it is time for the ultimate diet reset and a complete toxin elimination. Wonder how to restore your health without sacrificing your satisfied belly? Buy this book now and find out.

In this book you will get:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood
  • Soups, Salads and Sandwiches
  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Desserts
  • And Much More

Don’t wait another second to get this life-changing book. Get fit, happy, and stress-free by ordering your copy right away!

Anxiety: Natural Remedies Proven To End Your Anxiety, Fear And Panic Attacks Forever

by Taylor C. Roldan

Discover Natural Ways To Overcome All Of Your Anxieties And Fears, Put An End To Your Panic Attacks Forever

When someone first starts to experience anxiety symptoms, their doctor will usually suggest that they start taking a prescription medication. However, that is definitely not the cure all and may not even be necessary. Many stress related issues can be treated very effectively with natural remedies.

In this book, you will learn all about natural remedies that have helped thousands of people relieve their stress and anxiety symptoms, and eventually even overcome them for good. These natural remedies are incredibly simple, and can help anxiety sufferers in a variety of ways. By taking advantage of this knowledge, you can start to take the appropriate steps towards improving the quality of your life.

Living with anxiety is hard, but you don’t have to continue to live that way. Educate yourself and learn all about the different natural remedies that are available to you. Get control of your life once again and allow yourself to be the person you used to be. In this book, you will learn everything you need to know to do just that.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • The Effects That Anxiety Can Have On Your Body
  • How To Use Everyday Activities To Alleviate Your Symptoms
  • The Many Health Benefits Of Using Natural Remedies
  • Natural Remedies That Will Reduce Your Stress And Anxiety
  • Simple Exercise Routines To Overcome Your Anxiety
  • And Much, Much More!

Purchase your copy of “Anxiety” today. You’ll be glad you did.

Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Explore your Gift, Enhance your Life, Protect Yourself & Connect to your Mind: (Highly Sensitive Person, Emotional Health, Toxic Relationships, Energy, Self Protection)

by Jessica Joly

-Do you constantly feel affected on a deeper level by other people’s feelings and emotions?

-Are you overly sensitive to other people’s feelings of misery? Do you experience their pain as if it is happening to you even when that shouldn’t be possible?

-Do you have well-developed intuitive and psychic abilities that help you make the right decisions for yourself and others?

-Do you instantly feel the energy of people, places, and things even when you are meeting them for the first time or have never visited the place before?

-Do you always feel low on energy or drained at a physical, mental, and spiritual level after people share their problems with you?

-Are you able to feel people’s pain, feelings, emotions, and thoughts as if they were occurring to you?

Empaths are keenly tuned in to other people’s emotions, and it is imperative for them to know how to use their gift in the best possible manner and how to protect themselves from emotional and physiological exhaustion.

If you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above, you might be an empath. Empaths are people who can easily “feel” other people’s feelings and absorb their energies, regardless of whether the energies are positive or negative. They tend to go around accumulating everyone’s feelings and ending up exhausted in the process.

This book is packed with plenty of wisdom, actionable guidelines, and care routine tips for empaths. As an empath who are so susceptible to other people’s energy, you need a well-developed self-care and energy protection system.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things you’ll take away from the book:

-Solid techniques for protecting and preserving your energy as an empath
-Proven self-care tips and tons of fool-proof grounding and earthing techniques to help you get in touch with the root of your existence
-Nine absolutely power-packed tips for developing greater empathy
-Benefits of empathy in your personal and professional life
-Identifying the types of energy vampires who can drain you physically, mentally, and spiritually, and a plan of action for dealing with them

Lectin Free Meal Prep Cookbook: Easy and Fast Lectin Free Meal Prep Recipes for Beginners (Reduce Inflammation, Lose Weight and Prevent Disease)

by Frank Roberts

Are you familiar with Lectin Free Diet? 

Do you want to know about the benefits of Lectin-Free Meal Prep Diet? 

The Lectin Free Meal Prep Cookbook includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Desserts
  • And Much More

Don’t wait another second to get this life-changing book. Get fit, happy, and stress-free by ordering your copy of Meal Prep right away!

It only takes a few seconds – Scroll up and click the BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK button on the right-hand side of your screen.

Complete Keto Diet Cookbook: 500 Ketogenic Recipes for Eating Healthy Everyday

by Vincent Brian

Being on a Ketogenic diet will probably be the best decision you will ever take. Once you start this diet, you will soon feel and look amazing.

The Ketogenic diet is the healthiest these days and more and more people opt for it each day. You should become one of the millions of people who chose this healthy lifestyle each day.

Inside this cookbook we gathered the best Keto recipes for every occasion. You will discover different recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, healthy snacks, and breakfasts.

Have a look at some of the recipes you are about to discover:

  • Beef, Avocado, and Eggs
  • Bacon, Sausage and Ham Casserole
  • Leeks Breakfast Mix
  • Shrimp and Asparagus Salad
  • Celery and Mushrooms Mix
  • Chicken and Tomato Soup
  • Easy Mushrooms Mix
  • Brussels Sprouts Appetizer
  • Pineapple and Cucumber Appetizer Salad
  • Mussels and Tomatoes
  • Apricot and Pineapple Chicken

Start a Ketogenic diet today and use our exceptional cooking guide to prepare the best Ketogenic meals ever!

Effective Communication: Skills and Strategies to Effectively Speak Your Mind Without Being Misunderstood (Speak Fearlessly Book 1)

by Keith Coleman

Kindle MatchBook Eligible: Print-edition purchases lets you buy the Kindle edition for $0.

Vocalize your thoughts with compelling skills to express yourself, be authentic, and impress your audience

Be honest, when you meet a person for the first time, how do you form an impression about them without knowing them immediately? Through their appearance and the manner in which they communicate with you.

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information and spreading knowledge among people. We all communicate on a daily bases, but few of us do it well enough.

Sufficient communication skills act as the basis of all our relationships and determine how we relate to people. From public speaking to presentations, job interviews, personal relationships and daily transactions, there is no scenario where communication cannot help you achieve the goals you truly deserve.

Being able to articulate your views and express yourself is critical in both business and personal relationships. Imagine having a head full of ideas but not having the ability to show or convey them. Effective communication gives you the power to put across your ideas assuredly and compellingly.

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know about how to effectively communicate without being misunderstood, including:

  • How To Build Effective Communication Skills
  • How To Handle Public Speaking
  • How To Get Your Point Across And Avoid Conflicts
  • How Body Language Can Compliment Your Verbal Skills
  • How To Be An Active Listener
  • And much, much more!

Just Click “Buy Now” And Set Yourself On The Right Path To Mastering The Art Of Effective Communication!

Writing as a Retail Business: A Guide

by Sharon D. Anderson PhD

Each book published, each manuscript written becomes the owner’s inventory to offer for sale to the public: a retail business. One manuscript or ten, this is the inventory in the Author’s store. Writing as a Retail Business is an overview pointing the way to creating an actual business from your writing. The guide is “short and sweet”, planting seeds for the writer to edit, much as a plot ready to manifest.

Love Ya Later, Bye

by Kimberly Tayman

Following the death of Kimberly’s mother in 2008, she decided to write a book to memorialize and honor her mom’s life. Utilizing her mother’s doodles and writings, along with the 148 cassette tapes Kimberly recorded during her mother’s last year, she is able to paint an honest, yet complex picture of her mom. During the process of composing the book, Kimberly discovers the complexity within herself and the need for further growth. Kimberly’s unique multimedia approach to the project permits you to both read about her mom, and to listen to her mom’s version of the story, in her own words. It’s a story of survival, heartbreak, and redemption, but most importantly, it’s a story of courage.

Sex Positions – The Sex Bucket List for Couples: 100 Sexy Positions and Naughty Challenges

by Madison West

Warning: Your Sex Life Will Never be the Same. 

There are 100 Sex Bucket List Challenges in Totalâ?¦

To play, couples will wipe their sexual slate totally clean and start from the very beginningâ?¦welcome back to virginity.

You’ll take turns choosing dirty positions and sexy fantasies to act out together. Discovering what turns each other on and exploring kinks you never knew you had.

Bring your fantasies to life with chapters like

  • Virgin Territory
  • Everything Oral
  • Sex Sex Sex
  • Playing in Public

You’ll be vulnerable. You’ll be playful. And you’ll create an intense bond with your partner on a much deeper level.

Just dating. Newlyweds. Happily married.

Every couple wants a naughty sex life.

And this challenge is very naughtyâ?¦

Plus, you’ve never cum this much in your life. I guarantee itâ?¦.

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