Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 24 Aug 18

The Other You (Heart of Africa)

by Marion Ueckermann

Who am I? The question has Taylor Cassidy journeying from one side of America to the other seeking an answer. Almost five years brings her no closer to the truth. Now an award-winning photojournalist for Wines & Vines, Taylor is sent on assignment to South Africa to discover the inspiration behind Aimee Amour, the DeBois estate’s flagship wine. Mystery has enshrouded the story of the woman for whom the wine is named.

South African winegrower Armand DeBois’s world is shattered when a car accident leaves him in a coma for three weeks, and his young wife dead. The road of recovery and mourning is dark, and Armand teeters between falling away from God and falling into His comforting arms.

When Armand and Taylor meet, questions arise for them both. While the country and the winegrower hold a strange attraction for Taylor, Armand struggles with the uncertainty of whether he’s falling in love with his past or his future.

Labeled: Uncovering your true, God given identity

by Grace Uzoh Adams

Who are you? Really. Underneath all the facades and masks that we wear, there is the original person God created us to be. We let our life’s experiences and negative influences plaster the wrong labels on us. These wrong labels warp God’s intentions for us and cause us to be people that we never were meant to be. “Labeled” is a book that delves into this subject. Grace Uzoh Adams lays out a simple yet profound premise that points us back to the original labels God created us with. With a biblically sound foundation and a conversational style, this book will encourage you and help you uncover your God given potential. Do yourself a favor and find out who you are!

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