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THE ULTRALIST: And the Land of the Sun and Moon

by John M. Alvarez

A Short Story Novella.

The world has crumbled. Much of what was has all but vanished into the recesses of time. Mutants, malformed beasts and old world phantoms are the only things that inhabit the cracks now. Although as hopeless as this painted future is people still persist to live on.
In the ruins of the Southwest two desert kingdoms sit at the brink of war. Now with reports of a foreign power making inlands into their territories it’s become a matter of time before real chaos ignites.
Luckily for them hope has come.
The Ultralist, a legendary wayfarer of sorts approaches one step at a time and they are expected to make things right, but everything isn’t all what it seems.
Xabiere Sundowner, a black sheep of a ranch family will be forced to take up an impossible task. He must join the kingdom of the Sun and Moon into one before it’s too late. Even if he must play the role of an impostor to accomplish it all.

Emily: Army Mail Order Bride

by Mercy Levy

Joshua lost almost everything he had while serving the Confederacy, and returned home to Charleston broken in spirit and body.

Betrayed by those he had called friends and irrevocably damaged by war, he renounced his ability to love and his dreams for the future.

Emily gave up her family and career in London and risked it all, voyaging to the United States alone to seek her future in New York.

Her prospects for a future and a family were nearly dashed when she arrived to a country torn apart by war and hostile to immigrants.

Through the power of true friendship and with faith in the healing power of selfless love, Joshua’s truest friends devise a plan to restore his faith in humanity, his confidence for the future, and grant him the woman he truly deserves.

Barren Fields, Fruitful Gardens: The Story Begins: 3-in-1 Bundle (Barren Fields, Fruitful Gardens Bundles)

by Rachel Miller

Three Complete Novels in One!

Winter’s Prey
When the cruel elements of the Montana Territory inflict tragedy on the Bennett family, life is forever changed. Jessica is certain the answer to her pain lies in starting over. Her brother Marc is determined to stay true to what he has always known.

Amidst the constant battle for survival and the conflict in their hearts, both siblings stand at the threshold of surrender to God. What will they choose?

Field of Ashes
After losing her fiancé to the wild elements of the Montana Territory, Jessica Bennett is sure the key to her happiness is in leaving Twin Pines. But from the moment she steps foot in the untamed, cowtown of Grassdale, Jess discovers a whole new world of challenges: An unruly superintendent, a ramshackle school, drunken cowboys, and a letter from home that changes everything. When the hidden wounds of her heart are discovered, will one man’s secret past hold the key to her healing?

Easy has never been the path Marcus Bennett sought, but as summer unfolds he comes face to face with the one struggle he has avoided for years. When life takes an unexpected turn, he finds himself torn between his responsibilities, his love for his family, and the promptings of his heart. Would God really ask him to abandon his home and family?

Roses at Sunset
Jessica Bennett returns to Grassdale, finding joy in her renewed faith and life at the Crescent Creek Ranch. Clues begin to surface in the mystery of the wildfire that destroyed the school, putting Scotch Jorgenson in the middle of it all. When Wesley Close announces a trip across the wilderness during winter’s coldest months, new questions and fears arise. Has Wes discovered something new about who started the fire? Will he survive the journey? The true depth of Jessica’s surrender faces an enormous test. Will she choose to trust? And what about the man who has been watching her?

When Marcus Bennett chooses to step out in the direction the Lord is leading, he expects to see God provide. But the days of waiting prove longer than anticipated. As Papa’s health declines and the family’s needs grow, will Marc keep his eyes on the Lord? Or will he disappear into the storm raging in his heart?

This sequel to Field of Ashes explores the peace found in Christ, the consolation of the God who never leaves us comfortless, and the fruit of a heart-well tended. Great for fans of Janette Oke.

What People are Saying:
“Many of the scenarios, characters reactions to situations, and words ‘spoken’ by characters both encouraged and challenged me spiritually. I’m not sure I even knew fiction could do this. Thank you, Rachel, for using your gifts to God’s glory!” â?? Leigh Ann, Russia

“A journey from the ashes of bitterness to the light of God’s redeeming love.” â?? Marta – Laurel, MT

“You need to read this book. A novel that will not only grab you and hold you from page one but will also challenge and encourage you in your life! A blessing of a book that you won’t regret reading.” â?? Sarah – North Platte, NE

Robin of the Hood

by Alyssa Skinner

A somewhat modern retelling of Robin Hood.

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