Free science fiction Kindle books for 24 Aug 18

The Sword

by J.M. Kaukola

A dead AI haunts the net. Transhuman madmen battle tyrannical regimes. Elite military units turn into terrorists. A flying city is hurled into the sea.

The Terran Provisional Authority rose from the ashes of the Collapse. It is the last, best hope for human survival. The men who rule it will go to any length, to ensure mankind’s survival.

They have failed.

The clock is running out.

Ancient sins and modern technology collide, in this fast-paced, thinking-person’s military scifi. Nothing is as it seems, as truth and lies collide on a dying Earth.

Gulliver of Mars: Science Fiction Novel

by Edwin Lester Arnold

Gulliver of Mars is the tale of Lieutenant Gulliver Jones of the United States Navy who magically appears on Mars. In a fortunate incident he manages to save the life of Martian Princess Heru who sticks with him, as his quick return to Earth is not possible. Gulliver learns a lot about the culture of Martian society as they get through many adventures, going down a River of Death.

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