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CBD oil for ADHD and Insomnia: Therapeutic guide to CBD oil

by Leon Frank

Are you struggling with constant headaches or are you finding it difficult to sleep? Do you find it difficult to focus or are you having difficulty concentrating on something for a very long time? Are you constantly stressed or experiencing regular fatigue? do you know someone suffering from similar symptoms?

As a neurologist and a father of two with 20 years experience in the area of sleep deficiency, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and parenting, I can now say I understand what it means to suffer from illnesses that most people do not understand.

Over 68% of Americans and 65% of the world population is suffering from one form of sleep or brain disorder at one point or the other. Several victims experiencing this health issue evntually develop complications such as seizures, arthritis, ulcer, diabetes and autism. Although research and science is yet to prove this.

The symptoms of Insomnia and ADHD are sometimes difficult to observe and identify because of the stress-filled life we live, it will requires a keen observer to identify these signs from ones behavior pattern to know when or if that person is suffering from this illnesses.

This book contains key tips and information for any parent or teacher to identify ADHD and insomnia cases. It holds tools and helpful resources to learn how you can manage ADHD and cure insomnia.

This book also contain information on:
> What is ADHD and how to treat the symptoms using conventional method and exercise.
> What insomnia is and how to identify and treat it.
> Marijuana and hemp. Most people do not know the difference between hemp and marijuana and they often mistake one for the other. The most common difference between these plants is marijuana contains both CBD and THC (in content greater than 0.3%) while hemp contains majorly CBD with no appreciable amount of THC (less than 0.3%).
> How to use CBD to fight ADHD symptoms and cure insomnia
> CBD dosage
> Difference between ADHD and ADD and lots more

Mr. Máster: Cuéntame sobre el Planeta Tierra (Spanish Edition)

by Ana Zulay Delgado

Desde cuando existe la Tierra?
Quienes fueron sus primeros habitantes?

Nuestro planeta tiene muchos misterios, no en vano nos preguntamos:
Porqué estamos aquí?,
Que nos hizo tan especiales para que exista vida en este planeta?
Cuáles son las razones por la que la humanidad ha logrado sobrevivir?

Todos tenemos una historia y este planeta azul, ha tenido innumerables transformaciones en los últimos 4.500 millones de años desde su nacimiento. Primero la Tierra fue una bola de fuego, para transformarse en el lugar donde hoy vivimos.

Mr. Máster, es un personaje mágico, una especie de maestro, que se encuentra ocasionalmente con Ana y sus amigos para hablar sobre el planeta Tierra. En sus pláticas les comenta sobre temas como, de qué forma evolucionó el planeta, la extinción de los dinosaurios, cómo está formada nuestra atmósfera, la forma cómo nuestro planeta se mueve alrededor del sol para crear las estaciones, estos y otros interesantes temas. También, explica la historia de los combustibles y su contribución en la industrialización y de uno los inventos más trascendentes para humanidad, como es la electricidad

Con la lectura de este libro: “Mr. Máster: Cuéntame sobre el Planeta Tierra” (Tomo 2), se va a sorprender muchísimo, de algunos temas tan cotidianos, pero que no sabíamos o no los recordábamos. Usted quizás desee volver a leer y entender, la historia de la Tierra. Este libro está dirigido a jóvenes y adultos de una forma sencilla y divertida.

Sugar Detox Diet: Ultimate 30-Day Meal Plan to Restore Your Health with Delicious Sugar Free Recipes

by Samantha Adams

By completely eliminating sugar, as much as possible, for a specific length of time, our bodies gradually reduce the craving for sugar. Some programs recommend as little as twenty-one, ten, even three days without sugar. This book, however, will focus on a thirty-day detox, based on the premise that it takes more than three, ten, or twenty one days to completely recalibrate your system and your taste buds. After these thirty days, you will no longer be a slave to sugar, and you can more thoroughly embrace a lifetime without cravings and sugar-related health problems.

Building Resilient Communities: Land Use Change, Rural Development and Adaptation to Climate Consequences

by Brittany Berger

This book is a collection of case studies from seven different countries that use community-based approaches to address problems related to Global Climate Change. The areas of study very from resource management, extreme weather preparation and adaptation, migration, and economic development. Communities around the world are facing new and more extreme threats and there is no easy solution. Each community is unique and this book embraces that diversity and highlights successful strategies, philosophies, and methodologies to disseminate community-based solutions.

Emotional Component of Infertility: The Role of the Counselling Psychologist

by Andjelka Stones

Infertility is thought of as a non illness or something that is just one of those things. Even worst, the medical profession treats it the same way and hence very few countries will offer financial help for treatments or free counselling support before, during or after the treatments. People who are not infertile seldom realise the emotional and psychological problems patients go through. Going through infertility also requires a great deal of time and money and demands a total commitment. It may even become an obsession.This publication is based on real life counselling room experiences. However, some details have been altered to avoid any accidental patient identification. The essence and importance of the issues addressed has remained unchanged.


by Justin Fitts

Do you want to be smarter? Do you want to boost your cognitive function? Do you want to boost your memory, creativity or increase your motivation using a safe and legal drug? If your answers is yes then this book is for you.

Kratom is a drug that has long been existing and has since until now used by local people. Kratom is a cognitive enhancer that is easy to use. Kratom is a legal stimulant and sedative (depending on the type of strain). Kratom has the ability to ease the mind and improve brain function. It is a euphoric and nootropic drug that is currently sold in most countries.

Unlike other psychoactive drugs like opium and marijuana, Kratom can actually be used with a very minimal risk of addiction. If you are a recovering cocaine, cannabis, codin, or alcohol addict then kratom is the way forward. Kratom is a safe way to remain focused without the side effect or the usual high that other stimulant drugs give you.

The effect of kratom usually lasts for approximately 2 to 3 hours. This is good, but for most of you that intend to maximize this period as well as the potency of kratom, this book discusses safe and easy ways to do so. this book also discusses the various ways to take kratom.

One very important problem most people find with most euphoric drugs is dosing. Most people tend to overdose and subsequently harm themselves. While the other few that underdose are prone to the risk of getting addicted. This book covers the proper dose you need and the duration.

Kratom is used in managing anxiety, mood disorder, stress and pain. kratom can benefit you in countless ways.

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