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Flower Painting Basics: The Crafter’s Texture Painting Guide: DIY Fabric Painting Tutorials (Crafts, Hobbies, Costumes, Art & Crafts, Textile Painting, Textured Art Book 1)

by Teri M. Bethel

Are you ready to learn how to paint incredibly easy textured flowers?

** Get this book by Texture Painting Artist & Handbag Designer, Teri M. Bethel. **

Have you struggled with painting flowers for your custom fabrics, purses, clothing and craft projects? Now you can paint amazing textured flowers within a few minutes of applying my basic techniques without any experience in art or surface design.

My super easy flower painting tutorial includes:

  • Tips on how to prepare for painting…
  • The best paints to create my scrumptious designs…
  • The must-have brushes to paint your designs with texture…
  • My other recommended materials to create your designs…
  • What nifty surfaces you can create your art on…
  • How to paint yummy leaves that want to pop off your surface…
  • The quick & easy way to paint 5 of my gorgeous tropical flowers…
  • How to ensure that your design is permanently adhered to the surface…
  • How to blend colors in your flowers & leaves and moreâ?¦


  • Wonderful!! Will recommend to friends. I hope to carry my craft work to a new level with paints. Mrs. Bethel makes it seem easy. No stress, no worries. A. Bease
  • Ms. Bethel is an excellent instructor. She makes artists out of persons who thought they could not paint. B. Gardiner
  • I surprised myself! I did not think that I could have learned so much in such a short time. M. P. Leary
  • It was interesting, informative, educational and inspiring. It helped me to be able to take my creative skills to the next level. Thank you Mrs. Bethel, you are awesome. E. McKinney
  • . . . The best ever. #1 S. Moxey
  • I enjoyed learning a new craft. P. Kemp
  • I enjoyed it very much. I learnt so many new things that I know I will use in the future. Thank you. J. Carey
  • Very interesting and creative; something that will last a lifetime. Will continue to work with paints. Thank you for sharing. J. Carey
  • My attention was kept and I never got bored. I surprised myself with what I was able to create. Many thanks. S. Culmer
  • It is very easy to follow and understand. It’s fun and motivating. It has stirred up dormant creativity within me. L. Knowles
  • Very informative- I was shocked with what I did with paint. I will be using it to make some money. S. Gardiner
  • This technique will add to my artful side! P. Pyfrom
  • I loved this. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. D. Benson
  • Love it!!! Fun!!! N. Scott
  • Learning this technique was fun and also enjoyable. A great way for me to vent. J. Moss
  • Given the fact that I have never painted or drawn before, the techniques were so well taught. I can safely say that I caught on to it right away. I am now a budding artist! B. Whymms

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Perfect Patios

by Lorayne Miller

This book is about perfect patios. A patio is a wonderful place to unwind. It is really an extension of your home. Outdoor living space is just as important as indoor. Your perfect patio can be as wonderful as you want it to be. This book will explore patio designs and what are the most important details to consider.

�.வ�.�ா. முன்னுர��ள் (Tamil Edition)

by �.வ�.�ாமிநாத�யர் U.V.Saminathaiyar

�.வ�.�ா. �ழுதிய முன்னுர��ளிலிருந்து த�ர்ந்த��ுத்துத் த��ுத்த ந�ல் �து.

Storie da biblioteca – le fotografie (Italian Edition)

by AIB Marche

Che succede quando un gruppo di scrittori e fotografi si incontrano in una biblioteca per raccontarne in quattro ore le peculiarità e scovarne i tesori nascosti? Di certo si tratterà di un meraviglioso viaggio al centro di un mondo tutto da scoprire, anche se ci appartiene già. Perché sebbene le biblioteche rivestano un ruolo essenziale per le loro comunità di riferimento, talvolta non sembrano godere della dovuta attenzione. Ecco allora che l’AIB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche) Sezione Marche, in collaborazione con RaccontidiCittà e con di Simplicissimus Book Farm, ha rilanciato l’idea di “Storie da biblioteca”, un concorso per stimolare la partecipazione attiva di tutti gli utenti delle strutture del territorio.Il tema scelto per l’edizione di quest’anno è il lavoro: non solo quello del bibliotecario ma anche quello degli utenti, degli studiosi e degli scrittori che si documentano, delle imprese che organizzano traslochi o disinfestazioni di fondi librari… perfino il “lavoro” dei ladri di libri antichi o dei pirati di eBook!Da una selezione di queste narrazioni a più voci emergono istantanee di visioni architettoniche delle biblioteche del futuro, sogni di aspiranti bibliotecari, proposte di nuove competenze e stravaganti lavori da svolgere fra gli scaffali.

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