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The Impossible Wizard: The Aegis of Merlin Book 1

by James E. Wisher

Men can’t be wizards.

Everyone knows that.

But everyone is wrong.

Conryu has his life all planned out. Then the wizard exam arrives. He passes. The first man ever.

His carefully laid plans die in an instant. His hopes for a simple life gone forever.

Some consider him a monster. Others a threat. Can Conryu survive long enough to make it to wizard school?

It’s going to be a long summer.

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Metamorph: Magic dragon

by Sergey Poshtar

He was betrayed by his closest friend, devoid of magic and doomed to a terrible death. At the last minute his is saved by a very strange, some “wrong” orc, in the end who was not an orc at all. Cares, heals, carries to those who can help. And he hides something else, besides his real race and amazing abilities.

She can be transformed into any living being at will. Greater happiness it did not bring her, but it helped to escape from a deadly marriage. And salvation wounded dragon gave a new home and fulfilled the most cherished childhood dream.

From the author: By tradition, this is a kind, bright, life-affirming tale

Blood Eye (Land of Dreams Book 1)

by Morgan Cole

Life has been hard for John. Now he’s facing eviction and the loss of his precious freedom. If he can’t turn things around, he’ll be one of the have-nots living in the brutal Benefits Towers.

A friend gives him the opportunity to enter the fantastic Land of Dreams, a state of the art DreamStateVR game, and he jumps at the opportunity.

However, the idyllic village of Brunewood seems cursed. Innocent young girls are disappearing and the ill-fated conjunction of the three moons approachesâ??the Blood Eye. Dark magic will be unleashed, can John and his friends save the villagers from a horrible fate?

Blood Eye is a LitRPG/Gamelit novel. There’s no harems in this book, and no sex.

The Legend of King James Manuscipt #4: Strange Lands

by Chag Hero

James is going to a foreign land to meet with people whom he has never meet before. He Has no map of the place and has very little information is known about the region. What drives James to do such dangerous things? His company of knights are ready to protect him, but no knows what those strange lands will bring.

Dragon Badge (Son of a Dragonslayer Book 1)

by Scott Moon

Cops. Sorcerers. Demons. So many ways to die.

In a world threatened by a soul stealing sorcerer, the lost and downtrodden die first. Hellhounds and necromancers lurk in the shadows. A race of warriors fight free of hell and only care for their swords, bloodlust, and vengeance. Demons hunt in the night. Worlds collide with no promise of salvation.

More powerful than all the wizards in this world or the next are dragons… creatures hunted to the brink of extinction by the last dragonslayer. Once sorcerer wants to enslave them, but first he must tear down the barriers of this reality.

Imagine calling 9-1-1 when a robbery turns into a deathmatch with a demon. Visualize the sky burning when dragons rise to destroy the son of a dragonslayer. Picture, if you will, bringing a gun to a sword fight and losing.

Running down a hellhound isn’t as easy as it looks.

Nothing prepared the men and women of law enforcement for what is coming to these city streets. No prophecy foretold the insanity of a sorcerous serial killer bent on grabbing all the power he can from the souls he tortures free of their mortal vessels.

Dragon Badge is the first book in the Son of a Dragonslayer trilogy. Michael Prim knows his father was insane. He understands he’s a freak, destined to remain an outsider no matter how hard he works at his job. It’s not just his purple eyes and intense need for justice that separate him from his peers, friends, and loved ones. Destiney stalks him like prey. His ancestors left him a legacy no man can face alone.

But there’s another who is the last of his people, a guardian made to fight demons and win. He’s found this world an unforgiving and unrighteous place. Gangs, drugs, and bad deals put Klinton in situations few survive… including the day he killed Michael’s partner.

There’s bound to be a rematch, a fight to the death between the two intended to guard humanity from destruction.

If you’re looking for urban fantasy with less romance and more gun fighting, car chasing, and cage match horror then the Son of a Dragonslayer trilogy is for you. Have you daydreamed of leaving this world for another, magical place where heroic deeds and daring sacrifice are rewarded? Give Dragon Badge and the rest of the trilogy a try.

It’s like no other urban fantasy you’ve ever read.

Praise (and criticism) for Dragon Badge.

“This was one of those “Can’t put it down until it’s done’ stories for me!…” – Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“Great story, loved the blend of cops, fantasy and magic. If you like urban fantasy but are tired of the same old, same old then I think you would like this. I certainly did, it was very refreshing with real, believable characters…” – Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“Exciting debut novelâ?¦” – Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“Like riding shotgun with shotgun with the SWAT team raiding Hell’s Kitchen,” – Amazon reviewer, 4 stars

“What creaures several of the main characters were was never fully explained.” – Amazon reviewer, 2 stars

“The book is a fine police story. It has everything: magic, humor, action and sadness.” – Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

Behind the scenes

Dragon Badge has been edited several times since the first edition was published. Thank you, BZ Hercules for your professional services in this area.

I’d appreciate your feedback and reviews of this book. It isn’t for everyone. If you love it or find it fascinating, please share it with a friend.

The Clayton Chronicles

by Edwin Stark

Strange events are taking place in the small town of Nosfort, Massachusetts.

A corpse turns up with strange marks on its neck, key people in the town are disappearing – and who are those pale, sharp-toothed strangers the townsfolk can’t seem to notice?

For Sheriff Clayton Harris, there can be only one conclusion. But how can one lone lawman take on the nest of bloodsuckers that has taken root in his town? With the help of an undead sidekick, of course. Come inside and meet Sheriff Harris and Sherwin Williams, the sheriff/vampire duo that joins efforts to save the imperiled town of Nosfort from its impending doom.

Hop on a thrill-ride with Sherwin and Harris in an entertaining combination of mystery, biting and fun. Enter the small East Coast town of Nosfort in The Clayton Chronicles!

The Underworld Attorney: Arcane Justice 1

by Madison Nova

An Innocent Client. A Guilty Vampire. A Case to lead her closer to her brother’s disappearance.

Carter Dickson Attorneys is a law firm that caters to the underworld’s creatures. Their youngest associate Alexa has been personally mandated by the Order of Vampyr to save a young woman in court on a charge of murder.

Alexa takes on a case that she thinks is an easy step forward in finding the truth about her brother. When she starts investigating the case herself, she stumbles into an age old underworld war and a vampire determined to make his side win.

Now, she must keep her client save and find a way to stop a war that might burn the veil hiding the underworld. Will she be able to find reasonable doubt? Will she be able to stop the unveiling?

Join Alexa in the first part of “The Arcane Justice Series”.

Alpha (Reign of Terror Book 1)

by Anisa Knight

For hundreds of years the people of Samerya have survived by remaining behind the walls that surround the entire city. Terrors still prowl, still endangering the lives of the citizens when they slip in. But it is not the monstrous beast that most threaten the people. Food is scarce, and slowly people are dying of starvation. Trystan has made efforts to change this, but he knows that his efforts are not enough. So when he braves the world outside of the walls everything begins to unravel as he struggles to solve the crisis.

Convincing the King to let him return outside the walls, he’s sent on a mission with several companions to find other villages. All the while they are tasked with killing the terrors that surround the city. It’s a fools journey that not many believe the group can survive. Along the way, Trystan finds himself festering with inner turmoil, struggling to remain true to his father’s teachings as he goes against his heritage to make a difference.

A Blade’s Beginning: An Ishtar’s Legacy Short Story

by Lisa Blackwood

After being freed from her prison cell by the King of the Gryphons, Enkara will endure the dangers of court intrigues and assassins to be united with the gryphon cub who kept her sane during the many years she spent in a dark dungeon.

But if she doesn’t reach him in time, an assassin in the service of the Queen of the Underworld will steal away her only chance to save him.

Author’s Note:

A Blade’s Beginning is a short story that is part of the Ishtar’s Legacy universe. It ties together events from Ishtar’s Blade and Blade’s Honor. I’ve decided to publish it separately from book 2 in the series because of the sixteen-year span of time between books. And many readers say they don’t like prologues. If prologues aren’t your thing, skip this story and just wait for Blade’s Honor, coming soon!

Also, if you haven’t read book one, Ishtar’s Blade, you’ll want to double back and read that one first.

Blade’s Honor is coming soon!

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