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A Moment in Time: A Pause Bonus Chapter

by CJ Adler

This feeling of being isolated to everything… it’s just a moment in time.

Jay Taylor is a mess, and he knows it. So when everyone expects him to be the bad guy, he thinks nothing he does really matter anymore.

Aqueela Lawson is a girl unlike any other and Jay knows it. His friends think he should just make a move and get the girl already. But how can he when, in his own eyes, he is not good enough for her?

Will Jay ever be able to finally decide to face and talk about the pains from his past? Will he ever decide to go back to being the happy person he once was?

Don’t miss out on this bittersweet accompaniment to CJ Adler’s Pause. Grab your copy now!

A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens has sold more copies than any other individual book in history. Almost twice as many as the first Harry Potter book. Over two hundred million copies and counting.

The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralized by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, the corresponding brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution, and many unflattering social parallels with life in London during the same time period. It follows the lives of several protagonists through these events.

The most notable are Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton. Darnay is a former French aristocrat who falls victim to the indiscriminate wrath of the revolution despite his virtuous nature, and Carton is a dissipated English barrister who endeavors to redeem his ill-spent life out of his unrequited love for Darnay’s wife.

This powerful, compelling portrait of the results of terror and treason, love and supreme sacrifice continues to captivate readers around the world. Dickens’ unforgettable charactersâ??the ever-knitting Madame Defarge, the lovely Lucie Manette, her broken father, the honorable Charles Darnay, and the sometimes scurrilous Sydney Cartonâ??burst from the pages, full of life and passion. The book provides a highly-charged examination of human suffering and human sacrifice. Private experience and public history, during the French Revolution.

This new digital edition of A Tale of Two Cities includes the original John McLenan illustrations from the 1859 Harper’s edition which have been digitally converted into full hi-definition rendering.  

Thug Holiday 2

by Twyla T.

Thug Holiday 2 picks up where book one left off and continues with the scandalous and clandestine trysts of the Holiday sisters. Neither of the sisters could have dreamt of the secrets that were revealed during the Thanksgiving holiday visit. After the explosive blowup and surprise church announcement, the sisters returned to their lives in their respective states to deal with the fallout during the upcoming Christmas season.

Andrea Holiday is seen as “little miss perfect” and the “beckon of her daddy’s eye” and the one “who could do no wrong.” After all, she is on the verge of marrying a man that he approves of and isn’t pregnant out of wedlockâ?¦until she is! Now that her pregnancy has been confirmed, the easy go lucky relationship that she has with her parents is now a thing of the past. Andrea is a grown woman with a child on the way that’s a result of a one night stand. Will she finally break free and start to live life for herself and on her own terms? Or will she continue to live by her parents’ demands to please them? Thinking about the new direction her life is headed, Andrea decides to reach out to her baby’s father. However, can she go through with it and contact the man that gave her more than either one of them bargained for? Will she keep the baby a secret and become a single mom? Or will she do the right thing and allow him to make the choice of being in the baby’s life?

Anastasia Holiday is back in New York and ready to get on with her life without her bitter husband. However, Richard is not making the divorce easy by any means necessary. He is actively pursuing a tormenting vendetta against Anastasia. She has to resort to someone she never imagined for help. On the flipside, Anastasia’s saving grace in her relationship with D’Mani or is it? With relationship woes coming from every direction, can Anastasia withstand the mental stress of it all? Will she ever get the love and happiness that she so desperately wants?

Alyssa Holiday is back in New York with her fiancé and is making leeway with her first major FBI case. When some photographic evidence reveals a close relative, she decides not to turn over everything and not to inform her boss about her discovery. However, someone is plotting and the evidence goes missing and ends up in the wrong hands. Now, it’s too late and her credibility is questioned. Is Alyssa’s career over before it really even started? Will the discovered evidence caused more dissention between the family? With her job in jeopardy, will Alyssa prove her dad right by agreeing that all cops can’t be trusted?

Alexis Holiday returns to Georgia to settle unfinished business with her so-called best friend Bre. Still feisty as ever, Alexis moves on with her life and turns to her new lover JR. With all his secrecy, she figured he was a bad boy because she was very drawn to bad boys. However, Alexis discovers that his brand of badness is a little more than even she could handle. JR is willing to help with her money woes and give her the life that she always wantedâ?¦but at what price? Is there a line that she is unwilling to cross? Or will the temptation prove to be too great to pass up?

Find out what happens to all of the Holiday sisters in the second installment of Thug Holiday 2: Christmas Edition.
Warning: This book contains a cliffhanger.

His Ever After (Love, Emerson Book 3)

by Isabel North

Jenny Finley is finally back on her feet, two years after her ex-husband left her as a single mom with a ruined credit score and no home.

She has a steady job, a fantastic daughter, and exciting plans to start her dream business as a landscape designer. Everything’s going great until the night her not-so-secret crush, Derek Tate, six feet plus of sweetness and oh-so-much sin, shows her he could rock her worldâ?¦or bring it crashing down.

Derek is patient and persistent, and he makes it clear there’s no going back. Can Jenny resist his wicked smileâ?¦does she even want to?

Stuck between a hot mechanic and a hard place, should she take what Derek’s offering, or shut him down for good?

His Ever After is a standalone friends-to-lovers romantic comedy in the Love, Emerson series.

Thug Holiday

by Twyla T.

Growing up in Jackson, MS, the Holiday sisters always did everything they could to please their parents. Their parents expected them to have outstanding careers, a good man that leads the family, and lots of babies. However, life steps right on in and does its job by throwing curve balls that sends the sisters in many directions. Follow the Holiday sisters to see what lies ahead for them.

Andrea Holiday is still living in Mississippi, working as a family attorney at law. She is very proud of the career she has always wanted, but she is very unhappy living a mundane life. At every turn, love is finding her sisters and friends, but seems to escape finding Andrea. While attending a conference in NYC, Andrea steps out of her comfort zone and gives a handsome thug the time of the day, and he gives her more than she bargains for. Will love finally find Andrea?

To the outside eye, Anastasia Holiday is living the life. She has her own business, along with a great marriage. However, everything is not what it seems. Anastasia is tired of the façade and set out to do things her own way by finding solace in the arms and bed of another man. Will Anastasia find a way to combat the ill-feelings of her life and find a way to make her marriage work? Or will she succumb to finding love and a happy life with the thug she has fallen for?

Alyssa Holiday has finally graduated college and was excited about finding a career in the communication field. However, she discovered those jobs are not what she thought they would be. So, Alyssa decided to change course and joined the FBI without informing her family of her new life choices. She has set a goal to become the best agent she can be. But when her first big case hits close to home, how will she balance the personal from the professional? Will she compromise her new career for family?

Alexis Holiday moved to Georgia to attend Clark-Atlanta University. While there, she finds herself slipping into the fast life, so she ends up doing something that she had vowed to never to do. However, she must keep her family from finding out about her new gig. In the midst of this, she finds herself intrigued by two different people that she is very much attracted to, but she is confused about what to do. Will the chemistry Alexis experiences pull her towards the thuggish man that she craves, or in the opposite direction?

Award-winning authors, Twyla T, Patrice Balark, Dani Littlepage, and J. Dominique, tagged teamed to bring the first book of their hot new, high octane urban fiction series, Thug Holiday. This story is filled with unlimited drama wrapped in luscious lies, undisclosed lust, secret rendezvous, and titillating secrets. Find out what happens when the sisters all meet up for the first time in years in the Thanksgiving Edition of Thug Holiday.
Warning: This book contains a cliffhanger.

Sinning & Sanctified Part 1

by A Patterson

*** Terrell Hunter***
Pastor of Journey Toward Christ Missionary Baptist Church. God’s Man, ladies’ man or con man. Handsome, intelligent, charismatic and loved by everyone.
What he possesses can kill youâ?¦literally.
***First Lady Charisse K. Hunter***
Wife of Pastor Hunter, First Lady of the church. Beautiful, smart, yet naïve, passive, but powerful. She is not as innocent as you think?
Are her secrets as great as her husband’s?
***Shavonne Swanson***
The high maintenance mistress of Pastor Hunter. She has dedicated her life solely to himâ??fearful of new competition.
How long before she loses her position? Will she be able to recover?
***Frenchee B. Henderson***
A self-proclaimed diva. She is rich, powerful and empty inside.
She’s stuck in a loveless/sexually unsatisfying marriage.
What will she do to achieve happiness? What will surface from her past?
Or has it been there from the start?
***Lady Monica Davenport***
The Church Organist. A well-educated, beautiful, sophisticated, semi-wealthy, lifelong rival of Frenchee B, capable of betrayal.
Will her secrets be revealed?
***Natalie Champion***
The Pastor’s Administrative Assistant. She’s young, beautiful, money-hungry, freedom-loving, promiscuous, yet self-reliant. She is privy to everyone’s secrets, lies and indiscretions. Sweet, yet scandalous; having the Champion DNA. She’s torn between love, money and family.
Which one will she choose?
***Denise Bellman***
The single mother who’s attempting to leave her past. She seeks acceptance, love and money. However, old habits of choosing the wrong men die hard.
Will she find what she needs?
How far will she go to get it; and will it pay off?
***DeAngelo “Debonair” Champion***
Sexy, smooth, smart. He lives off the labor of the ladies. As a life-long player of women, many love him, but he loves only one and she is the one woman he can never have.

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