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William the Conqueror: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

William the Conqueror

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William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, permanently changing the landscape of the English countryside and the course of English history. No one debates his importance; whether the influence was good or bad is a much more involved conversation. To understand English history over time, it is important to understand the transition from Anglo-Saxon history of the country to the Anglo-Norman control that existed until approximately the fifteenth century.

Inside you will read about…

â?? William the Bastard
â?? Claim to the English Throne
â?? Battle of Hastings
â?? English Resistance
â?? Revolt of the Earls
â?? The Death of William the Conqueror
And much more!

Learn about the transition of the Duke of Normandy from his early years as William the Bastard to his final years as King William I of England, often styled William the Conqueror. Gain an understanding of how the Norman occupation changed English culture, language, and sense of law, while also laying down the threads of conflicts that would continue for centuries.
In this short history of William the Conqueror, the Battle of Hastings, and the influence of Norman presence in England, you will get a crash course in the early history of England as we understand it today.

A call to Haiti’s awakening, success and strategies for a better future

by Ernst Etienne

This book highlights in deep the incredible accomplishment of the Haitian nation, being the only ever slave revolution leading to fighting off slavery and attaining independence through bloodshed. The slaves of Haiti played a great role in this after many years under French brutality.

In comparison to other Caribbean nations facing the same state of slavery, Haitian slaves were not allowed to trade internationally for more than 25 years until they agreed to pay huge debts to the French in 1827. Hence they actually had to repay their former â??masters’ for the loss of the â??masters’ â??property.

From a succinct yet enlightening journey through the history of Haiti’s land, to the series of events that earned the nation independence at last, this book is a manifesto declaring the glory and power of this beautiful country. It further deliberates the promise of potential that Haiti holds today to overcome its bounds and reach for the success that is destined in its future.

King Louis XIV: A Life From Beginning to End (Royalty Biography Book 6)

by Hourly History

King Louis XIV

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He was born on September 5th, 1638 in the French lap of luxury otherwise known as the “Chateau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.” This extravagant palace of French excess is located about 12 miles west of Paris. His birth name, “Louis-Dieudonne,” is French for, literally, “Gift for God.” This belief of divine right, initially inspired by his mother Queen Anne, would be a powerful theme throughout Louis XIV’s life.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Conflict of Kings
â?? War and Marriage
â?? The Noose Tightens
â?? The Scorched Earth of Louis XIV
â?? The Balance of Power
â?? Louis’s Last Stand
â?? The Death of the King
And much more!

Although he didn’t create absolutism in France, King Louis XIV seemed to embody the “divine right of kings” better than anyone had before him. Louis XIV directly correlated his own private good with that of the public good. There was really no concept of private property under Louis. The French King viewed all of France as his personal estate, with all who lived and toiled in his domain doing so only under his express permission; even so, not everyone in France had the same sentiment.
The ones who most notably resisted the notion of the King’s absolutism were the French nobles and aristocrats that Louis depended upon to raise armies and defend the country. Despite his theory of absolutism, this dependence on French nobility to bear arms, gave them increasing autonomy and independence from the King. It was this independence that would one day come to a head, and send Louis, the so-called “Sun King” of divine inheritance, into a full-blown conflict with his own subjects – and the world at large.

IVAR THE BONELESS: Myths Legends & History (Vikings Book 1)

by KIV Books

This book will explore the life and exploits of one of the most fearsome Vikings who has ever walked the earth – Ivar the Boneless. The records that talk about him are quite conflicting as they often are with mythical and historical figures.
This book will do it’s best and take a closer look to his origins, family and his notable exploits. We will also catch a glimpse into the possibilities of his demeanor and behavior without moving away from the fact that he is one of the most ruthless men to ever invade England in the 9th century.
It is our hope that you’ll enjoy this book and learn many new and exciting things about Ivar the Boneless!

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