Free horror Kindle books for 25 Aug 18

Curse of the Mouse: Five Flash Fiction Tales

by Titan Frey

Five eerie tales that involve the mouse painting from Maxwell, Pennsylvania and its curse.

Loved By A Killer: A Sexy Paranormal Thriller

by C. F. Rabbiosi

Raina loved performing on the London stage, but one night found herself dancing for only HIM. She froze, her cerulean eyes drawn to the balcony, where the warm glow of gaslights flickered upon his shadowy form. If only she had known that this monsterâ?? wrapped in beautiful skinâ?? would rip her away from everything in the world she loved, perhaps she wouldn’t have lingered so long.

Lord Marcus Loxley loved being a bloodthirsty predator, but one night his gallivanting brought him to his knees in front of her. If only he’d known what would happen when she danced, that she would remind him of someone who had been everything in the world he loved, perhaps he would’ve turned away.

Determined to possess her in every scintillating meaning of the word, he drags her deeper and deeper into his depraved world, willing her to become his crimson-spattered queen. But she fights him, as well as the darkness within that threatens to consume her very existence. And oh, how her caged demoness begs to be released. But desire is a dangerous thing, and a part of her still wants her captor.

Roughly, deeply, quivering, consuming.

Until she begins falling for someone else.

Meanwhile, prostitutes are being butchered in the misty, cobblestone streets of London’s East end, and she begins to wonder: Is her dark lover, the one she is bound to, The Ripper?

With the haunting beauty of the gas lit times of Victorian England and historically accurate Jack the Ripper crime scenes, Loved By A Killer is a beautifully written, gripping paranormal romance.

Warning: Sexual content and graphic violence.

“Quite an interesting concept for a book. The twists and turns are easy to follow but not easy to predict. Couldn’t put it down! -Exposure Book Blog
“Hot damn! are you serious?” I’m in love. I’m seriously entranced.” -Nichole Horn, Amazon reviewer
“I could write a book on this book. Captivating from the first chapter and didn’t let me go until the very last page.” -Amazon reviewer J. Saman
“I know I have things to do but this story is so good and I’m riveted. So intense.” – E. B. Black, Author and editor
“Beautifully written, gripping.” -D.C. Triana, Amazon reviewer

The Order (Saving the Supernaturals Book 1)

by Jaimi Wilson

Werewolves, witches, and hybrids born of both speciesâ?¦

With the vampires having been wiped out, it’s only a matter of time before the wolves are next, which is why I am being sent to the Virginia pack to find a mate. Witches and wolves haven’t mated in hundreds of years, but the Order has demanded that all unattached witches be sent to the packs in the desperate hope that maybe a few of them will find their mates among the wolves there.

The Order, our governing body, is supposed to remain neutral and keep our kind in check so we remain a secret from the humans, and to ensure the balance of the earth is maintained. But, what if the Order is up to something much more sinister? What if they are the real reason the balance is off and the wolves are dying out?

It’s up to Jasmine and her mates to discover the truth and figure out just how to restore the balance.

***This story features polyamory, in the form of a female with two mates. This story also contains mention of M/M involvement. Recommended for readers over 18 years. Contains sex scenes and coarse language***

This book is the first in a trilogy.

CARA (The Cornelius Saga Book 3)

by Tanya R. Taylor

A #1 International Bestseller!

Not all children are innocent — at least not in this story!

Dark, disturbing secrets involving a strange little girl begin to surface and Mira Cullen knows that something isn’t quite right.

After being bullied on the first day at her new school, Rosie Cullen has found a new friend in a mysterious loner named Cara. Rosie knows her only by her first name, but feels she has an obligation to be there for her in an otherwise lonely existence. Mira, Rosie’s gifted mother, allows the budding friendship for a time, but soon senses that things are NOT what they appear to be.

The Cullens will eventually discover that what they initially thought was a worthy deed has turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare.

“I took care of things,” Cara replied casually. “I had no choice. Besides, they deserved it.”

Books in this series…

Book 1 – Cornelius (#1 bestseller)
Book 2- Cornelius’ Revenge (also known as Revenge of Cornelius)
Book 3 – CARA
Book 4 – We See No Evil
Book 5 – THE CONTRACT: Murder in The Bahamas
Book 6 – The Lost Children of Atlantis
Book 7 – Death of an Angel
Book 8 – The Groundskeeper (OUT NOW!)

Before the Summoning – Short Story

by Blue Erat

The last time that the vampires were mentioned was during the life of Andrzej Buremski, the Duke of Motybia, a small duchy which was a fiefdom of the Polish Crown. He disappeared in 1610 right after the rebellion of the palace servants. It is said that all the people there were murdered by having their hearts stabbed with an aspen peg. All apart from the 19-year-old heir. From what has been written on the forum of Polish legends, if he had been killed then the Vampires had been destroyed as well.

Bloodline: Bark At The Moon

by Jesse Briseno

Domonic Blackblood has lived that last 17 years adopted and happy but his happiness is taken from him with the discovery of his origins. A truth that started just before he was born as the curse of the werewolf passed to his father.

Years later Domonic shares the same curse as the bloodline his father Arnie Alvarez once was burdened with. The sins of his father are at his doorstep, as a serial killer who shares the same bloodline as his father is unleashed on his town sending a ripple effect to all those affected by the bloodline, including those that hunt the ones who bare the mark of the wolf. With every secret Domonic unlocks the closer he is to accepting his fate and inevitable downfall into a world of madness.

The Goblin: A Tale of Madness, Terror, and Trickery

by Wyatt Michael

The Goblin is now a FEATURE FILM! Watch it online.
A boy imprisoned by an abusive recluse mother alone in a mansion in the 1920’s begins to get ideas of his own when a goblin in his closet comforts him in the dark.
Simon, an eight year old boy, spends each day alone in the silent corridors of an old three story mansion. He lives there with only, Mother, who is an erratic and paranoid recluse. She starves him and frequently locks him in closets or the basement cellar out of fears that he may eventually grow stronger and harm her. He has never been outside and no one has ever come over to the foreboding house and he spends his days in the dusty abandoned rooms talking to Timmy, his very old marionette doll. With Mother’s abuse, he is ragged and pale just as she is and takes on a frightening form. As Simon wanders the upper floors of the house alone, he is increasingly unnerved by someone moving his things. Sounds on the floors above in the night begin to fill him with dread and he finds it difficult to be in his room. To his horror, each night at the stroke of nine o’clock upon the grandfather clock, Mother begins to shut off electrical power to the upper floors to put him into his bed. In that darkness that crawls through the suffocating corridors when the clock tolls the two o’clock hour, something begins to open his closet door from within. Over time, the mood of the house changes, the boy changes, and terrible things will happen to everyone who resides within the walls of the old beast. Trapped in an ever deepening hole of madness, terror, and trickery, the innocent boy and ultimately a detestable man, one day discovers that the thing that has been watching him has had plans for him all along.

The Goblin is a terrifying spiral into darkness that will leave you pleasantly stunned. For all lovers of intense suspense, period thrillers of the 1920’s and 30’s, stories that make you afraid of the dark, and poetic books from classic authors of Victorian Horror.

The Goblin is now a feature film! Get it on Amazon.
Watch the movie trailer/book trailer on YouTube by typing: The Goblin movie trailer

on IMDb: The Goblin (2017)
Twitter @thegoblinmovie

Crónicas del regreso: Señores del Mictlán (Spanish Edition)

by Alfonso Chacón Rodríguez

Aquellos que han estudiado esta historia y que han sabido hurgar en el secreto de los señores del Mictlán, saben su verdad. Que esta tierra guarda aún los trazos del culto a Xólotl y que su poder maligno todavía permea de gimoteos el resuello de los vivos. Es un hedor a mortandad que mana del suelo fértil cuando la noche cae y la tierra toda es un tremor de alimañas en busca de sangre, en los flancos del ganado, los cuerpos cálidos de las aves de corral o el cogote indefenso de algún trashumante tardío. Hay, es cierto, quienes, en la memoria gastada de las
generaciones, recuerdan noches en que fueron perseguidos por un hombre con cabeza de perro que acezaba al ritmo de la huída, o anocheceres tormentosos en que sintieron el cercano aleteo de un pájaro y el roce de un pico que tanteaba a alcanzarles el pescuezo.

Soul Thief

by Jeff Chapman

What happens when you abandon your family? Do they abandon you? Does a soul eater or a mythical monster come looking for you? James is about to find out. He’s home alone, having once again turned down an invitation from his family to share in an evening out. He’s about to come face to face with a thief of a distinctly supernatural kind.

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