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Rocket Launches — â??All About This & Thatâ? Picture Book Series for Children (Volume 4)

by Adrian Robbe

Book Description: Rocket Launches is Volume 4 of the “All About This & That” Picture Book Series for Children by Adrian D. Robbe. This book has a wide assortment of specially selected photographs of actual rocket launches that occurred over the past 10 decades. The pictures with the accompanying facts form a rocket history timeline that depicts the significant advances that were made in rocket science. Designed primarily for children ages 7 to 12 years old, each picture in this book is accompanied by interesting and amazing facts about the history of rocket launches in support of space exploration.

Facts Presented: The facts presented in this book contain basic, fundamental, elementary information about rocket launches that are widely known. The information is common knowledge that is generally known to an educated reader.

Learning Benefits for Children: Rocket Launches — “All About This & That” Picture Book Series for Children — Volume 4 provides young children with an unforgettable learning adventure into the amazing wonders of rocket history and space exploration. The brief facts presented on rocket launches in this book serve as a simple, fun-to-read, learning adventure for children. The increased awareness that young boys and girls receive about rocket launches in this fascinating picture book will help them gain a greater appreciation about the marvelous world we live in.

Some of the key questions answered in this book include:

1. What is a rocket?
2. What are rockets used for?
3. How does a rocket engine work?
4. Are there different types of rocket engines?
5. When were rockets invented?
6. What was the Saturn V?
7. How big was the Saturn V?
8. Did Saturn V launches always carry astronauts?
9. What was the Apollo Program?
10. What was the Lunar Module?
11. What was the Space Shuttle?
12. How many astronauts could the Space Shuttle carry?
13. Did the Space Shuttle carry spacecraft and supplies into space?
14. What did the Space Shuttle do?
15. What were the large parts of the Space Shuttle design?
16. How did the Space Shuttle launch and land?

This uniquely designed, informative book also includes a “Pictorial History of Rockets” with pictures and descriptions of a multitude of topics dealing with the history of rockets, to include:

1. First Flight of a Liquid Propellant Rocket
2. Hermes A-1 Test Rocket
3. Thor-Able I with the Pioneer I Spacecraft
4. Sam the Monkey after his Ride in the Little Joe 2 Spacecraft
5. Launch of Mercury-Atlas
6. Little Joe 5B Test Launch
7. Mariner 1 Launch
8. Gemini-Titan 4 (GT-4) Launch
9. Surveyor 1 Launch
10. Atlas-Agena Target Vehicle Launch
11. Apollo Program Launch Missions
12. Voyager 2 Launch
13. Delta 174 Launch
14. Space Shuttle Challenger, Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, and Endeavour Launches
15. Atlas V Rocket Ready for Juno Mission

In addition to the above, this book also includes a “Rocket Launches Photo Quiz Game” for kids and an Extra Bonus Section on “Moonwalks”.

Note: Rocket Launches — “All About This & That” Picture Book Series for Children (Volume 4) is neither authorized nor endorsed (explicitly or implicitly) by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

About the Author — Adrian D. Robbe

After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, Adrian received his commission and served as a career research, development, and acquisition officer in the United States Air Force. Adrian has a Master of Arts in Communication degree with a major in Cinema-Television (Critical Studies) from Regent University of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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by Adrian Del Valle

It’s not every day that a newborn baby is stuffed inside a cardboard box, folded up and left in the gutter. Nick Santinelli steers a huge New York City street sweeper around a corner and sees the box lying just ahead. He gets out and picks it up, both surprised and shocked at what he finds inside. He brings the sleeping baby home and only blocks from his route. “Sandy!” he called out, as soon as he entered the living room. Her hair, still wet from a shower, his girlfriend sat on the couch drying it. “What are you doing home, Hon?” “Oh, nothing importantâ?¦just a baby I found in the street.” She instantly stopped drying her hair, holding the still pose and replaying what she just heard inside her mind, or what she thought she just heard. No, that could not have been what he said. She turned to him with a questioning look. “What did you just say?” Sandy, his longtime girlfriend, decides they should not report anything and raise the baby themselves. She’s dying of terminal cancer and wants this one chance to be a mother. After she passes away, Nick finds a Nanny who he believes he can trust. When the nanny steps out to buy cigarettes after leaving the now three year old to take his afternoon nap, Curby walks out of the apartment and becomes lost in the Brooklyn streets. Without a birth certificate, Nick can’t prove the boy is his. He battles the court and the assigned city caretakers from Children’s Services for custody of Curby where a surprise awaits everyone involved.



Zana throws her garbage out of her back door. She thinks nothing of it until one rainy night she sees something strange from her window. What could it be? The funny little mystery?

Children’s Books: THE SPIDER WHO BECAME A WRITER! (Fun, Cute, Rhyming Bedtime Story for Baby & Preschool Readers about Sally the Spider Who Became a Writer!)

by Tim Zak

The Spider Who Became a Writer is a read aloud, baby nursery rhymes kids book that is written in easy-to-read rhyme style. This is the perfect picture book for children from preschool to little kids.

In his latest kids bedtime story, “The Spider Who Became a Writer”, Tim Zak — best selling children’s book writer — helps children relate to many of the problems they encounter each day through the eyes of baby animals. Tim can help you communicate important messages to your children through rhymes and colorful illustrations!

Here Is A Preview Of What Your Children Will Discover…

This is the rhyming story of Sally the Spider who became a writer!
Sally loves writing messages in her web everyday for the other animals to read.
What happens when the farmer tells Sally she can not write anymore?
Sally has been warned to stop writing messages by the farmer!
What will happen once the farmer catches Sally writing more messages in her web instead of doing her part to help around on the farm?

Super Trooper (6th Grade Revengers Book 5)

by Steven Whibley

Jared and Marcus are back again, but this time they’re taking on a tough troop leader who seems to be preparing his group of explorers for the apocalypse. Unfortunately, the end for THE REVENGERS might be closer than they realize…

The troopers of Wilderness Explorer Troop 13 would like to learn how to tie knots build campfires, but their leader, Burke “The Badger” Buchanan, is more focused on teaching them how to survive. If he had his way the Badger would have his troop eating bugs and chewing on tree bark during their meetings, but Jared and Marcus have other plans. The boys decide to shatter The Badger’s ego by inviting him to take part in an fake global survival competition of their own creation, one with challenges that can’t be accomplished. But as The Badger sails through task after task, THE REVENGERS wonder… can The Badger be stopped?

Things only get worse when school gossip-queen Janet Everton comes dangerously close to revealing the true identity of THE REVENGERS.

With action and adventure around every turn, Super Trooper is the hilarious adventure your 9-12-year-old readers have been waiting for. Parents and kids will laugh out loud as they enjoy Steven Whibley’s fifth addition to his popular 6th Grade REVENGERS series.

More by Steven Whibley

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Book 2: Abduction (pre-order coming soon)

The Dean Curse Chronicles:
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6th Grade Revengers:
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This book contains lots of funny animals memes which makes you laugh out loud. I hope you enjoy this book a lot and forward this book to your friends if you loved them.

Karmartha: The Last Garden

by R.G Strong

Everyone thought the animals were extinct
But they’re grown-ups. What do they know?

Nine-year-old Katerina doesn’t feel like she fits into the world. Until the day she and her older brother Joshua are transported to a magical garden. It doesn’t take them long to realize this isn’t like their mother’s garden. For a start Mom’s garden doesn’t have a panther or gorilla wandering through the carrots.

Suddenly Katerina will find out just how special she really is, as she fights to save her new friends from hunters, zoologists, and singing rats.

Because in the end, they are the last best hope for the future.

This exciting new book by New Zealand author R.G Strong will entertain and educate children about the world of animals.

Grab your copy now.

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