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Unlocking Fear (Keys to Love Series, Book One)

by Kennedy Layne

A captivating romantic suspense series from USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne where seduction burns but danger is never far behind…

A chance mishap with a sledgehammer was the sole reason a chilling nightmare was unleashed in Blyth Lake.

Noah Kendall’s grisly discovery left him in the middle of a murder investigation and a neighbor who knew more than she was willing to say. Reese Woodward had returned to town with dark secrets, and he was determined to unravel them. While evil lurks in the darkness, seduction burns between themâ?¦only time was their enemy.

Will her secrets destroy what they’ve built, or can he earn her trust before the killer strikes again?

Series Blurb: Their homecoming wasn’t so welcoming. Four brothers and one sister each gave twelve years of their lives to serve their country and fulfill their family’s legacy of service. As each of them return to their home of record, they weren’t prepared for what awaited themâ??an unforgivable sin that has been hidden for twelve long years. Secrets and lies are concealed in the dark shadows of the very town they were raised in, and the Kendall family will have no choice but to rely on one another to unravel the sinister evil that they all hold the keys to unlock.


by Lynda Filler

The world’s most elusive billionaire.
A brain trust that cannot be controlled.
A warrior and a patriot.
After the brutal murder of Luke Raven’s wife and seven-year-old daughter, Luke disappears for several months. When he returns, get ready for the non-stop action of Luke, Luci, Zach, RB, Maggs, and a cast of unforgettable characters who form the Raven Group. Discover the secretive life of billionaire Luke Raven, how he made his fortunes, and where his true loyalties lie.
The Code Raven Series is a page-turner, an action-packed adventure.
This is where it all began.

“The author’s style is reminiscent of CLIVE CUSSLER, LEE CHILDS or BALDACCI.” N. Huff



After the love of her life is gunned down by a racist cop in front of her eye’s, a widow is forced to deal with the repercussions of police brutality, national media attention, a broken family and finding love all over again. Along the way we follow the stories of children lost without daddy, the ex-convict brother with a limited future, the sexually adventurous sister who can’t get it together, the racist officer who becomes a target, and the black cop who watched it all go down, as he protected the prejudiced cop and did nothing.

“Will the racist cop face his demons?” “Will the black officer who sat and watched come forward with the truth?” “Will the children ever be the same?” “Will their mother find love again and will he be accepted?” “Will the community recover after one of their leaders was gunned down in cold blood?” “Will national media attention turn the whole thing into a freak show?”
These questions and more are answered in Killing Casanova, a look into one woman’s struggle to lose love, find love, rise above racism, foolishness, and a corrupt system. A must read.

Love Hurts

by Russell Taylor

“Let me tell you something about love. They say love hurts, well my love killed a whole town. Only a small town mind, but a whole town all the same. Love doesn’t just hurt, it maims, cripples and kills. I know, I’ve seen it in action.

This introduction put Russell on the runner-up list for The Independent newspaper’s ‘Opening Gambits’ competition.

Here is the full book, enjoy.

Spirit of Prophecy: Karmic Crime Mystery with a Paranormal and Sci-Fi Twist

by J.J. Hughes

What if your past came back to haunt you and stalked the present until it became your worst nightmare? What would you do if you discovered you’re engaged to a murderous psychopath about to go serial?

J.J. Hughes explores the lengths to which we will go, to keep the past from overshadowing the present and destroying the future. Spirit of Prophecy is a highly original, cutting edge, metaphysical crime mystery with a breathtaking paranormal twist.

Years ago, a terrible atrocity occurred in Apache Indian territory in New Mexico, and now the players take up their positions to execute a horrific revenge. If you liked A.G. Riddle’s The Atlantis Gene you’ll love this .

Evil awakens, and Rosetta Barrett, a psychic detective, must settle old scores and heal ancient wounds. She has the highest international security clearance with the Elite Paranormal Intelligence Services [EPIS], but she can’t tell her family or the courts what she really does. Divorce was hell. She lost custody of her children because of her paranormal beliefs and abilities, and now she’s fighting to get them back.

Prominent American event rider, Juliet Jermaine, loses her Olympic horse, Gothic, and his rider, Isabella, also dies in a horrific unprovoked road rage attack. Barrett is investigating Isabella’s murder. She has a suspect but gathering sufficient evidence to nail a conviction is proving elusive.

If Rosetta fails to convict the criminal and end the horrific cycle of revenge and retribution, the past is set to explode into the present with dire and explosive consequences.

Time is running outâ?¦

Read Spirit of Prophecy and get onboard a metaphysical rollercoaster from the future to the past and back!

Visit the author’s website and get to know J.J. Hughes and her work.

Music of the Gods

by Richard Schiver

So often we don’t realize what we have until we’ve lost it. Donald discovers this truth during a weekend trip to save his failing marriage when he and his wife are involved in an accident.

Avenue of the Dead

by Brian L. Porter

In the ancient, ruined city of Teotihuacan, mutilated bodies bear witness to the work of a serial killer.

After his brother’s tragic death, Detective Captain Juan Morales decides to take a well-deserved vacation. But as he stands at the Avenue of the Dead, staring at a corpse with it’s heart ripped out, he realizes this is not the peaceful retreat he had in mind.

When Morales meets the beautiful archaeologist, Sophia Kanakarides, he is instantly drawn to her. As more gruesome murders surface, Sophia lends her expertise to help solve the crime… and places herself in mortal danger.

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