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I Fear For Him

by Seconya Y. Bagby

November 9th of 2014 my nephew, Khamani, was born. From the moment I first held him in my arms, I feared for him for the black man that he would one day become. And this is by no means saying I think he won’t be great. For that, he is destined. But even on his best day, someone, somewhere will find a problem with who he is at his core; a black man. That frightens me. This book is my attempt at shedding light on many of those fears in the hopes of opening those lines of communication. It is never too soon to speak up or out about social injustice and inequality. This is my stand.


by doug bentley

New Edition!
Mystical Poems of love, life, death, hope and victory!

“GRAIN is a selection of twenty-eight love sonnets and one long contemplation on death and dying that touches the heart directly. The poet brings about a beautiful unification of love and death which has a direct impact on the intriguing mind. The moment of death and its aftermath are amazingly portrayed and meticulously crafted so as to make anyone drift away into a world of hope.

A mature poet, Doug Bentley not only demonstrates his ability to merge the strongest of emotions. He also shows the poet’s ability to reach out to the dreamer in the present technological age and touch his heart in a very private way. As a poet who believes strongly in the power of mysticism, Doug Bentley has produced this poetry book to reach out to the dreamy soul.”

“GRAIN by Doug Bentley is an erudite, insightful, and provocative poetic journey through the mystical regions of the human psyche. From first word to last, this thought-provoking volume of sonnets and free verse begs to be pondered – to be mulled over and savored like a fine wine. Shakespearean and scientific references inform each of the meticulously crafted sonnets and free verse poems in Grain. Eternal questions are asked but seldom answered – in classic Socratic style, each question leads to another question. From รข??Gravity 1′: ‘one lifetime is a thousand too short/to learn the answers to every question/but instinct has a notion.’This book has much to teach and a timeless cadence that imbues its wisdom with wonder. To quote William Shakespeare, of whom the author is so nobly fond: “The object of Art is to give life a shape” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Doug Bentley’s Grain is an enduring and welcome addition to the literature that will shape worlds to come.” –Reviewed by Rich Follett for Readers’ Favorite

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