Free reference Kindle books for 25 Aug 18

SPHR Human Resources Questions Review sphr certification prep: SPHR Human Resources Certification

by Mark Davis

sphr certification prep questions

phr certification phr certification Practice test: phr certification

by Robert Samuels

phr certification phr certification questions and practice test

PLC (Programmable Logic controller): A quick guide to basics

by A J

PLC Programmable Logic controller is written for anyone who is interested in the topic but has no time to go through 100s of pages of information. During his career in the industrial automation Domain, A J has met a lot of such people who were interested in knowing more about PLC and understand more but the information seemed overwhelming. Thus he came up with this quick guide where you can get PLC basics without spending hours.

This book is for you if :
If you are a student in the automation field
If you are a beginner and want to understand the basics.
If you in the PLC domain & just need to brush up the PLC basics.

sphr certification Review Questions Guidebook: sphr certification

by Omar Jackson

sphr certification review guide book questions

What The Heck Is Forex: Six Simple Steps To Profit Trading Currencies in The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex Trading Book 1)

by Dr Gregory Arana


There are hundreds of books and blogs about the forex market. What makes this book special??
Disclaimer: Foreign currency exchange is a difficult concept to explain and trading this market is tough to profit from consistently. There is a risk of losing some or all of your initial investment.
I have a special ability to take complex concepts and make them simple to understand. This book not only introduces you to what the basics of forex are.. but takes you on a quick journey from not knowing wtf forex is about to trading a demo account .
I have invested thousands of dollars in learning about this market. There are thousands of teachers of various methods of trading. It is easy to get overwhelmed and swamped.
I am here to introduce you to C.A.E.S.E.R.
This is a pnemonic I created to make sense out of all the Forex noise and distraction and get you on the road to practice and profit rapidly.
Let me be clear. This is a complex market and there is a lot to learn. What I have provided in this book is a basic starter kit. At the end of reading this you will know enough about the opportunity in this market to make a decision to practice and learn to trade for a full time independent income.
We are in a time of rapid development and expansion of technology and financial markets. There is a need for balance in your investments.

Death is real. So what is true success? By Mohammed Raj Abdullah (and Jason Evans): what is true success? (life is an examination, series. Book 1)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

Simulation of immortality is not immortality and living inside the world wide web (internet 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc) is not paradise) uploading your life memories calling them mind files and creating a personality inside the internet will not give you immortality. And therefore also inside a robotic body.

How To Be A D: How To Be A Drug Dealer

by Jason Santiago

To date in the USA there is a misconception the size of our government and just as important to this plethora of deception. This level of disinformation is also known as propaganda. The misleading information against cannabis that has been presented since the early 1900’s has been proven incorrect in every unbiased scientific study, report, and journal commissioned to study this plant. The standard misconception is that we want to legalize cannabis just to “Get High”.

The World speaks English: book 1 beginner

by Christopher Harris

The world speaks English is a six book English course from beginner A1 to pre-intermediate B1 in six clear stages specifically designed for high school students who need to achieve a B1 level.
Although primarily aimed at high school grades 6 to 11 the course can equally be utilized by English students of all ages either in educational institutes or for personal use.
Learn English with the latest communicative techniques where roleplays and games are at the heart of the process.
Produced by native English teachers living and working in South America, each book is a fully integrated student syllabus with free downloadable online audio for classwork and self study.

Turn Your Negatives Into Positives and Your Positives Into Superlatives: Notes and Ideas on How to Make CSEC English Language Work for YOU

by Lorna A Fraser

My aim is not just another revision guide; it is a motivational guide, to help students at all levels to move from a level of negative self esteem, to a positive level of belief in yourself. Anyone can develop that enhanced level of self-esteem which enables one to do whatever is necessary to achieve superior examination results. Wait no longer; take the simple steps which help YOU to do so.

How to Improve your Videos: by Learning Basic Cinematography

by Jepster Togle

So, you’ve got that fancy camera and know how it works from exposure, depth of field, and shoot video with it? How about add some knowledge about cinematography with it?

Upgrade your knowledge in shooting videos by learning the foundations of Cinematography with this ebook√Ę??!

Learn the basics of shot composition, camera angles, camera movement and even creating basic cinematic lighting!


by Camille Wealth

Reading is one of the most important skills for those who want to really succeed in life, because reading is a part of human existence.
A lot of people read and find it very hard to assimilate or comprehend. This may be as a result of distractions from home or of mind wondering.
Reading is very important for everyone’s success, and it is the desire of everyone to read without having to go through any distraction. But there are some issues faced by both young and old when it comes to reading, from one distraction to another.
This book is meant to guide you through the steps of speed reading and comprehension.

Macro photography simplified for beginners: the easiest guide to macro photography

by Rahul Joseph R

Learn how to click macro photos with the most minimum number of equipments, even with a mobile camera.
This book will help you get started with macro photography the easiest way. Macro photography is an art that can be perfected with hard work and if you are considering to set into clicking macro but you dont have the money to invest in big equipments? Want to click great macro pictures easily? want to learn to edit those pictures easily? want to get into this art like 1..2..3
This book is the one for you!
With detailed explanations of all my best pictures and bonus tips on how to earn through photography. This will work as a friendly and inspirational guide as i have used my personal images and explained each and every step in my own words. You also get an intro into advanced macro photography and other secrets. You will find no other book with photos explained in own simple words than anything technical and deep.

This book is a friendly guide to help you. I have simplified this book exclusively for beginners with all simple words.

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