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Powerless Consent

by Janet Nash

Kate Ballard thinks attending a gala on a luxury yacht honoring her old college friend will be the time of her life, but secret cell phone videos, threats to her family’s safety, and a hidden sniper force her into a world of deception and lies. Can her faith erase such horror? Though powerless, she relentlessly tries to outsmart her captor and return to the love her life.

Her husband, Tom, refuses to accept his wife’s decision to leave and discovers that he must revisit his past. With the help of an unlikely ally, he finds evidence of theft and murder tucked away in an old storage locker. When his investigation starts to uncover the truth, he struggles with who to believe. Will he trust his heart, or the deception before his eyes? One thing’s for sure, nothing can stop him from reuniting his family, not even a force as great and Invisible Surveillance.

The Woman of the Words: A Clean Romance Book Collection

by Mica Benchley

Get FOUR sweet clean romance short stories PLUS 8 bonus clean romance short stories inside!

A Mismatch Made in Muscle -Clean Western Culture Romance

This book is about a couple deeply, and madly in love, but their relationship defies every conventional maneuver. Jennifer is a female bodybuilder who loves auto mechanics, action movies, and being physically dominant. Douglas is a scientist who is a small and skinny man, who has a huge brain, but is otherwise a huge wimp. The two of them meet, fall deeply in love, and have a charming life together. They suddenly are hit with a major, emotional, and painful issue that threatens their marriage and livelihood.

They must find a way to cope and problem-solve, or else their marriage will be destroyed. One of them has got tons of muscle, one of them has tons of brains, but is that going to be enough?

A Faith Much-Damned -Clean Christian Romance

This story is about a young lady, Kayla, who lives next door to a rambunctious child, Stephen, who is always getting into trouble. He is lovable and sweet, but is always defiant and rebellious. He often disobeys his parents and does activities on his own will. He must be monitored every moment, to prevent major trouble and behavioral disasters.

The parents almost always keep track of him, but failed on one occasion. The 5-year-old snuck outside and was playing soccer in his front yard. He gave the ball a firm boot and it sailed into the street. Despite being warned many times not to chase the ball into the street, that’s exactly what he did.

He tragically ran right in front of a moving Chevy Tahoe, and met the front bumper. A frantic swerve from the driver came too late. Stephen, is now hospitalized and on life supportâ?¦

Cast for the Perfect Part – Clean Billionaire Romance

Beau Reynolds was a self-made billionaire. He had scrapped and fought his way up the ladder, amassing his fortune the hard way through grit and determination. Now, he could branch out with his companies cared for by his dedicated staff. He had recently dipped into the movie industry. He found another niche he was good at, producing box office hits. Beau was on top as his films became masterpieces, his magic touch once again working miracles. No one saw the demons inside, the carefully locked secrets that had driven him to success.

Amanda Gooding had followed her dream to Hollywood but had only seemed to get a few small parts in B-rated films. As with most aspiring actresses, she worked for a living. Her most recent gig was working for her best friend in the catering business, this time on a yacht the size of Manhattan. Would anyone ever notice her? Could she find that producer who would take her under their wing? Just as she had given up all hope, she found herself gaining the attentions of Beau Reynolds, a very rich, very eligible bachelor.

Aspen Ice Queen – Clean Contemporary Romance

Tristan Carter was a self-made man. He liked the mountains and had moved from Denver to Aspen, Colorado to make his home there. He worked for the Lodge. Summers he worked as a guide, leading hikes up into the high country. Winters, he worked on the slopes, repairing equipment and doing general maintenance at the Lodge when he wasn’t on the slopes himself. He could rub elbows with celebrities or regular folks, it made no difference to him. What mattered was the mountain and his way of lifeâ?¦

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One Week of Positive Affirmations and Prayer Power Cards for the Worker: Start everyday of your week with a healthy mindset!

by Julie L. Bakley

Starting your day with a positive thought can help reduce feelings of burn-out! Print out these seven affirmations and prayers, laminate them, keep them in your wallet or purse. Remember to read them whenever your day gets long and you are feeling overwhelmed. It’s easy to forget God when we become overwhelmed! He is there, always!

Spiritual Wholeness Toolkit

by Vicki Edwards

Imagine dozens of whole-hearted, seasoned Christian leaders, pastors, teachers, and counselors gathered around a single thought:

If you had only one hour (or less) to pour into a growing believer, what tool, verse, inspirational thought, exercise, or discipline would you share with them to help them?

What has been the most impactful in your life?

What if each pain-birthed, life-tested treasure was boiled down in plain language so that you could quickly grasp it, use it and share it with others? Now imagine that these life-long learners offered you only the things they had found the most useful in the areas of knowing God better, standing against temptation, emotional health, relational health and living a fulfilling life. You would have tools.

Dig into a trove of accessible wisdom.

Declaration of Dependence: The Gifts of the Spirit and the Body of Christ

by John Juneman

This is the body of Christ. It is more than just an assembly of individuals. It is the demonstration of Jesus in a supernatural reality — something â??more than the sum of the parts’ — that conveys a beauty and grace that is not of this world. I don’t know about you, but I believe this is needed in our day more than ever. It is why the New Testament, including 1 Corinthians 12, emphasizes so much about the body of Christ and how we function together in it. We live in a day of the â??fantastic.’ Everything is hyperbole, and we constantly seek higher highs in almost every area of life. The world is thirsty for something truly â??amazing.’ I am convinced more than ever by the Word of God that this is not only possible and needed, but it is to be expected when people respond to Jesus together. Instead of trying to parallel the world and seek the fantastic in what we can design or produce in the church, what if we just really seek Jesus together and let Him be revealed through His body? There has been nothing more spectacular in all of human history than that. I am ready to seek Him with you and let Him do that in our day.

The Responding Life

by John Juneman

This was and still is a radical truth for me regarding Christianity. No longer did I have to try to do the right things, which has been the pattern of my life. If you tell me the right thing to do and how to do it, I will follow instructions to the precise degree in order to get it right. But this concept raised Christianity into an entirely new world for me. The single need of being a Christian is to allow Jesus to live in me and for me to respond to His every move. I do not need to figure things out. I do not need to know what is ahead. He is in charge, and He is in me. I will always be where I need to be and involved in the activities needed if I will be open to Him and respond. He will not let me miss it! What a freeing truth this became to me. Just rest and respond to what Jesus is doing in my life. It does not mean a ceasing of all activity, but more of an allowing Jesus to direct and carry the weight of the activity. In some cases, it can mean a quitting of activities that are unnecessary because they are being pushed by me (or others) and not by Him. What a relief!

Witch Wars

by Dawn Flowers

Witch Wars is a wonderful book for anyone looking for defensive, or offensive Magical methods to aid them in their spiritual workings. This gem of a book contains ceremonies, rituals and spells to help with cleansings, protection, banishings, and much, much more, and helps ensure that you always come out on the winning side of a Witch War.

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