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Prelude to Ascension (The Assemblies of the Living Book 1)

by Brent Clay

John Riley is a physicist who achieves his lifelong dream of unraveling the mysteries of anti-gravity, but along the way, also unwittingly discovers the secret of interstellar communication. When he and a small group of coworkers attempt to respond to an unexpected message, believing it to have originated from somewhere on earth, they find more than they anticipate. The message is from deep space.

Once contact is made, the Remotes, as they are called, will not be dissuaded. Humanity becomes an unwilling newcomer to a staggeringly ancient galactic collective, which regards the earth as an â??emerging world’ that is subject to its oversight. As humanity slips further into the grip of the enigmatic consortium, the mysteries become deeper; there is more to earth’s history than meets the eye, and even the galaxy itself is not what it seems.

HUMANITIES CONTINGENCY: You Will Lose Yourself (The Carnage Trilogy Book 2)

by Matthew Birch

Follow along with the intense sequel to The Carnage with Humanities Contingency.

Prepare for the side of the story that is less about the action and the guns, and more about the people who dwell within circumstances that no one should ever have to face. Welcome, to the psychological side of the apocalypse.

Humanity is just a concept. Interesting thought, isn’t it? All our lives, the belief and idea of working together to be happy and survive are seen as the golden staple of human achievement. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely agree. But when you’re faced with the twisted fate of fighting humanities own worst creation of everything that is wrong with the world, wouldn’t you do anything to survive, right? Ed Jones, the survivor, the fighter, will do whatever it takes to preserve the lives of those he strives to live for. Regardless, your own humanity is something you cannot afford to lose in the process.

Follow the accounts of every last survivor in the second book of â??The Carnage Trilogy’ in, â??Humanities Contingency’, the sequel that dictates what happens when good people enter a world of darkness.

No matter how hard you fight. You will lose yourself eventuallyâ?¦

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Alien Dimensions: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series #15

by Neil A. Hogan

Alien Dimensions is a science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical short stories anthology series featuring amazing indie and established authors from around the world.

Previous issues have featured stories about extraterrestrials, clones, robots and androids, invasion and colonization, cyberpunk and space opera, first contact, genetic manipulation, starship exploration and more.

Alien Dimensions is always on the look out for stories that make you think, that give you a new idea or concept, or written in a way that will get you scratching your head and saying WTF? From seriousness to humorous, high octane to slow burn, from back-story heavy to present tense dialogue-driven adventures, Alien Dimensions explores the boundaries of the future.

Enjoy a much more alien experience with Alien Dimensions.

In this issue:

The Mnemosynian Trap by Mike Adamson

Excerpt: Stellar Flash Alien Frequency

Talons of Bravalia Three by Arthur Davis

Excerpt: Sea of Mammals

Earth 23 by Lava Payne

Silverfly City by Michael T. Best

Dreams Arising from Accelerated Frequencies by Regina Clarke

From all the Winters Past by Regina Clarke

Excerpt: Gene Pool

Gravity Locked by Neil A. Hogan

Home by Francis W. Alexander

The Great Debate About Earth by Jack Zakour

The War That Wasn’t by Isaac Teile

The Invasion At Lakewood Terrace

by K. Anderson Yancy

In the midst of an alien invasion, refugees seeking safety gather together in a home undamaged by the intruders’ initial onslaught, discovering for better and for worse they are as much a factor in their survival or demise as their attackers.


by Matthew Dawes

After being abandoned in the dark, muddy trenches of Northern Idaho, Corporal Wyatt Anderson is forced to outwit and outlive the Scourge as they congregate on the blood-soaked battleground.


by Michael R Taylor

What is Cheltenham? The Gold Cup? The Ladies College? Home to GCHQ?
Not anymore.
Cheltenham is a war zone, a battleground fought over by the forces of the British Army and their implacable enemy, the VC.
British Army officer Captain Tom Becker has seen his fair share of the war. All he wants to do is keep his unit and himself alive until the war is over.
But the war seems endless, with no victory in sight, and when Becker’s unit and his best friend are viciously killed in a rocket attack his journey to find their killer leads him to realise that his enemies are a lot closer than he thought – and the war’s end a lot further away.

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