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An Informal and Unofficial Preppers Guide to James Wesley, Rawlesâ?? Patriots

by Dr. David Powers

How many of you want to be prepared for life when the crap hits the fan? I’m talking zombies, nuclear warfare, economic collapse, or aliens.
What about something a little less dramatic but way more common that changes your life? Such as hurricanes, floods, civil unrest, or terrorism.
It’s good to be prepared, and reading good end of the world fiction like Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles is a great way to educate yourself. But those books only go so far. If you’ve ever read them and wished you had a little more information on tools and techniques, then this book is for you. An Informal and Unofficial Preppers Guide to James Wesley, Rawles’ Patriots goes beyond the fiction and into the tactics, strategies, weapons, and more that are used in the book.
This edition, the first in its series, is written by Dr. David Powers, the founder of the Center for Apocalyptic Studies, and an expert in staying alive when things fall apart.

Silent Light

by James Karch

Beijing China
“We’ll share a toast to your next assignment.” Qian drank his toast and was in heaven, the world as he knew it was now his. The Chief took on a serious look and said. “We have reason to believe the Americans are developing laser technology that could render our missiles useless. You are to go to America and find out what this is and steal their secrets.”

It had been a long flight from China with several transfers in assorted countries to mask his route and once again use the name of Duan Lee to keep his real identity hidden.

“Hi Duan, long time no hear. I figured I’d be hearing from you soon.”
“Yes well I have an undercover project going that you could help with if you want to. Mylin, how would you feel about going to Washington State near a naval base there to get information for me on one of the American Navy’s new weapon?”
“Let me see, lots of handsome young sailors, sounds like it could be fun, I mean yes I’m interested.”

Sunshine Spirit

by Barbara Willis

As Jane steps from the rubble of her West End home she meets Will; he offers laughter and love in abundance. But will his kindness lead to a happily ever after, or draw Jane into secrecy and danger?

With the Blitz of London upon them, Will teaches Jane to live for the moment and throw caution aside. He introduces her to his surrogate family, the joys of the theatre and the open road. In turn, Jane acquaints him with her eclectic mix of girlfriends and life at the Grandchester Hotel.

Amid the loss and discovery, a promise is made to wait for a loved one’s return. But wartime London is a dangerous place, and they soon find themselves in the middle of deception, desperation and murder.

Royal Continuum

by James Huber

An alternative history novel. It starts from a well-known historical event. Near the end of the War of Independence, a group of Colonels requested that George Washington make himself King of the new nation. Washington considered and declined, maybe his greatest gift to the American experiment. But what if he had accepted this offer? That is the premise and story behind To Challenge the Present. The novel is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the response of the Colonists to the heavy tax burden imposed on them by the Crown. This story is fascinating for its unique take on the historical characters that we think we know so well. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and especially Thomas Jefferson, are shown in a new light and it is sometimes eerie and a little unsettling but very good reading.
It shows the political differences between the Northern and Southern colonies. Added also gives us a glimpse of what the people and politicians in England were thinking, which is something you haven’t seen much in the history books you’ve read.In this book, readers will learn about the making of the Empire of Mexico, and watch King George Washington hand over power to his step-son. Meanwhile, France suffers from many internal crises and, when she goes to war, she demands much support, but who will be her ally? Read on to discover how alliances get formed and how Mexico and New England have to forge a powerful alliance to oust the invading French Forces
Here is fictional adventure that makes the reader feel like they are reading history, with some oddly familiar names and characters that readers would love to hang out with. A compelling cast of characters, and some, like General Antonio de Santa Anna and Ulysses Grant, are well-developed and interesting. There is a lot that readers will love in this novel, including the narrative voice that is mellow and unique. The author confidently “tells” rather than “shows” much of the story, yet it still remains very engaging. The plot is beautifully thought out and the execution is excellently accomplished. The novel is well-structured to make for an enjoyable read, with short chapters that are quick to finish, well placed paragraph breaks, and dialogues punctuating some of the memorable passages. Readers will be immersed in powerful and exacting political intrigue as they watch compelling characters in conflict, and witness the rise and fall of great nations.
To Challenge the Present, it is the story of King George Washington and his descendants. He is aided by the figures we know in history, but these figures are different. Jefferson, Franklin, Francis Marion, Henry Knox, Sally Hemmings and the King of England, all combine to see the revolution in a new light. The descendants have to fight off a Communist type country of France and New France.
The second part is to Honor the Past. Here we see The ultra strong country of Mexico, the richest on the North American Continent. They work with the King of New England to fight off aggressors and further conflict. George Patton, Dave Eisenhower, Frank Roosevelt all have a part along with the Emperor of Mexico.
Part three, Hope for the Future involves cooperation, again, with the forces of Mexico to fight off a warlord in South East Asia. He uses a dedicated commando and his Intelligence officer to sink ships and attempt assassinations. Several Characters return from book one.

Main Force Country (Until the Night Book 1)

by James Philip

Main Force Country is the first book of the Until the Night Series and is set in September 1943.

The Until the Night Series is about Bomber Command in the winter of 1943-44 and follows the experience of Adam Chantrey, a 25-year old veteran of the bombing war sent to Ansham Wolds in Lincolnshire to rebuild a shattered Lancaster squadron.

Exhausted and tormented by his own demons he discovers, amidst the chaos of war and loss an unlikely inner peace up on the High Wold of Lincolnshire while all around him the world is enveloped in madness.

It is September 1943 and Bomber Command is gathering itself for what many in the High Command believe will be its final victorious campaign; but even the true believers in the â??main aim’ know that the coming winter battle will be bloodier than anything which has gone before.

Here in the heart of rural England, in Lincolnshire and elsewhere on the East Coast airfields of the Main Force all the years of building up and preparation are about to come to fruition and everybody knows that this is the lull before the coming storm.

For Adam Chantrey, looking forward to the fifth year of his personal odyssey duty has become his watchword, and life on the squadrons his only reality. And then one day while waiting for a train that is late, he encounters a different fate…

And afterwards, nothing will ever be the same again.


This (SECOND) edition respects the characterisation and narrative of the first edition but has been re-edited and re-presented in a modified format designed to be more user friendly to Kindle and other e-book publishing platforms.

The â??Until the Night Series’ is:-

Book 1: Main Force Country – September 1943
Book 2: The Road to Berlin – October 1943
Book 3: The Big City – November 1943
Book 4: When Winter Comes – December 1943
Book 5: After Midnight – January 1944

All five books of the â??Until the Night Series’ are available free to subscribers to Kindle Unlimited.

This reproofed and re-formatted version of Main Force Country was uploaded on 15th February 2018.

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