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James Madison: A Captivating Guide to an American Founding Father Who Served as the Fourth President of the United States of America

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating Life of James Madison

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James Madison earned the title “Father of the Constitution.” How did this man who was diminutive of stature with a weak constitution produce such an energetic document? Through more than 200 years, it stands like a silent sentinel to protect the freedom and independence of the American people.

It was a time when the Americans were weary from the tumult of the Revolution, but Madison’s job had barely begun. He realized that it was up to him now to help fashion the future of a country that would outlive him.

Although characterized as introverted and pensive, Madison had a ferocious absorption to persevere until he could effectively shepherd the Constitution through all the logistical stages necessary to make it real.

In this new captivating history book, you’ll discover the story of his remarkable life from beginning to end.

This captivating history book covers topics such as:

  • Early Life and Education
  • James Madison: Prankster and Protester!
  • Spirit of the Revolution
  • The Governor’s Council – The Second Continental Congress and its Aftermath
  • James Madison: Father of the Constitution
  • Congress or Not: That Is the Question
  • Delicate Dolley – Manipulative Hamilton – Wild Lyon
  • Secretary of State and Fourth President
  • Partial Retirement and Death
  • And much more!

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Black Swan: An Interracial Romance

by Lenka Kennedy

In the sixties, life was much different for white and black Americans. A progressive time of change, protests, and the struggle to stop change. Each race had their own separate lives, but what about the ones who couldn’t?

Katarina DuBois is a sixteen-year-old living in a small town in Alabama. She is a dancer and lives a normal life, aside from the fact she is biracial. Her father always travels working on the railroad, so nobody would know her heritage. She is commonly mistaken as white and bullied for her appearance.

As a child, she was ripped away from her best friend, Phoebe Gomes, because of her race. And years later Katarina re-connects with Jamie Gomes, Phoebe’s older brother. He is attracted to her and doesn’t care about Katarina’s origins. She finds comfort in his affection, but her mother warns Katarina of getting too cozy on the other side.

Will Katarina come to terms with her heritage?

A Love So Forbidden

by Issa Grey

Marlene prefers to keep to herself, never having met a man she considers worthy of her affection. Her mom’s urging for her to go out more does not bear results as she shows no interest in doing so. That is until she is somehow convinced to go out with friends to a weekend resort club.

Purely by chance, she meets her roommate’s cousin who comes to drop her off. What starts off as mere interest on both their parts matures to much more over the next few weeks. So much so that Hugo invites her to meet his family, sparking off an altogether new problem. Clearly, she is not what they had in mind.

It remains to be seen how he plans on changing their minds to be more accommodating of her. Will he succeed or is this yet another case of love denied from the resistance of family?

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