Free literary fiction Kindle books for 26 Aug 18

Offered for Love (Miracle at Valley Rise Book 4)

by Karen Welch

Normal for Stani and Emily Moss will always include the unceasing variety of their life. The increasing demands of Stani’s career fill their calendar, a recording deadline, an extended concert tour, and a visit to Buckingham Palace. For Emily, balancing all this with the care of her growing family poses new and daunting challenges. Nothing they haven’t done before, and nothing they won’t look forward to doing again, or so they tell themselves.
What they cannot foresee is that they are entering a year of milestones, not only for themselves but for others in their tightly knit circle. The months ahead are destined to be marked by promising beginnings and poignant farewells, filled with moments of both joy and sadness, and measured by triumphs and trials unlike any they have faced before.

Trouble Found Me: Eleven Tales of Life

by Christopher L Sewell

Living in the 21st century is an arduous task for the many who routinely struggle through long, dissatisfying workweeks just to scrape by. These people (our friends, family members or even ourselves) narrowly escape ruin as Friday’s paycheck brings temporary reprieve until the bills come due again. Coffee, energy drinks, alcohol and prescription drugs are the lifeblood of the modern workforce. Where is the voice that speaks for this seemingly overlooked majority and their exhausting mission just to survive?

In Trouble Found Me, a collection of eleven short stories, we first encounter Lindsey Shaffer in “A Desperate Thirst,” a story that provides you with a glimpse into the life of a divorced mother of two who resorts to uncomfortable and risque’ measures in order to provide for her daughters. As you turn the pages, you will read stories that place you in the shoes of a destitute father trying to provide Christmas presents for his children, tales of the insecurity and loneliness of present day dating, and narratives that reveal realities such as the long life on the road for a struggling salesman, of broken relationships, heartbreak, alcoholism and also hope.

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