Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 26 Aug 18

Abigail: Charlie Diamond Mystery 1 (Charlie Diamond Mysteries)

by El Edwards

What would you do if the man you loved vanished without a trace?

When Charlie Diamond is asked to find Abigail’s missing husband she knows the pair can’t be as happily in love as she’s being led to believe. There’s always more to every story and the wife is always the last to know.

But Charlie finds Abigail’s courage infectious and agrees to help. Along the way she’s forced to face her own demons and confront her beliefs around happy endings.

What really happened to Abigail’s mystery man that night? Can Charlie find him and what if she’s too late?

The In-Laws (Back Bay Investigation Book 5)

by G.X. Chen

An elderly woman dies at the bottom of a stairway, and Betty is accused as her killer. Convinced that his sister isn’t capable of such a crime, psychiatrist Seth enlists his friend Ann Lee, an amateur detective, and her partner to help clear her name.

Never in their decadelong career have Ann and Fang Chen had to defend a client who already has airtight evidence and an eyewitness against her. As they try to separate the assumptions from the truth, every lead appears to be a dead end, and Betty Foreman seems to be guilty as accused. As the trial day looms, they are under tremendous pressure to prove their mettle and save an innocent friend.

When the curtain finally comes down, however, nothing is what it seems, and the one who wins the battle could lose the war.

Resistance (The Elemental Witch Series Book 1)

by Fiona Angelica Quinn

In a world filled with turmoil, a spark of hope burns bright.

Resistance, the first book in Fiona Angelica Quinn’s USA Today bestselling Elemental Witch Series.

I am Ember Mc Graw, a student at the university, an Elemental Witch with an affinity for Fire, and a fighter in the Resistance.

My mother used to tell me that I had the ability to warm and nurture, or rage like an inferno, and she is right on both counts. When I was still very young, she sent me to the Isle of Haven to harness that heat and train in witchcraft.

Now, I’ve returned to the Range to put my skills to use in the fight against an oppressive Elite caste, trying to destroy us Witches.

Survival of the Witches means the survival of humanity. Each Witch burned in the balefires is one less Witch working to placate a wrathful Father Sky and Mother Earth.

My mission, in this moment, is to rescue Dr. Brighton and his formula. As we snatch him from the enemy, I trip, quite literally, across a bigger task. A stranger mystery. It is Athena herself who sends an owl to tell me to “save her.” Now, I have to figure out who that “her” is and why she needs saving.

As I follow the path laid out by the Fates, I fight fire with Fire.  It is my destiny to be part of the Resistance. Until there is peace, our battle will blaze on.

Click to download Resistance and ignite the magic!

And make sure to look for Book Two – RELIANCE.

Exploited: A Dark Romance (The Dark Redemption Series Book 1)

by Lane Hart

WARNING: This book contains some dark, dirty and dangerous situations before ending in a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. The debauchery will continue in the second book in the series, Redeemed.

I’m going to hell, and my angel’s about to lose her wings.

For years I’ve left a path of death and destruction wherever I go. I promise myself that after one last job I’ll have the money I desperately need to quit taking lives. That’s how I find myself back in my hometown of Lexington.

So beautiful and innocent, I unknowingly end up saving the life of the one girl I was supposed to keep silentâ?¦the one girl I was supposed to end.

She’s my fallen angel sent from above.

I can’t resist staining her pure white wings with my darkness when I use her. Defile her. Deceive her.

The two of us were both ruined by our pasts when they intersected. Pasts that we’re still trying to escape with the hounds of hell on our heels.

Fate brought us together. Now, I’ll do anything to protect my angel from the demons that haunt her. I won’t stop until I slay the devil himself to keep her safe, the man who ruined both of our lives.

The only problem is, my silent angel is keeping secrets from me – the biggest of which is that I’m not the only one who wants to exploit her.

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