Free philosophy Kindle books for 26 Aug 18

The Abyss of the self

by Don Nieve

This is a book out of all literary categories, of an essay nature, written in the first person. It combines metaphysics, religion, esotericism, philosophy, science and psychology. The common denominator is the individual, the human being, and how it relates to the whole. It can be hard for those whose connection is positive, clear and defined. But it becomes an atypical survival manual for those who are lost, those who have not found themselves at all, or for those who need an explanation and meaning to their lives that has not achieved any creed, thought, or hope…

Nietzsche: 365 Profound Quotes from the Superman of Philosophy

by Nico Neruda

“Everyone thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

This book is a categorized collection of profound quotes by Nietzsche, who is among the most notorious and controversial thinkers in the western intellectual tradition. He aimed to philosophize “with a hammer,” to demolish the philosophical tradition founded by Socrates and Plato and slaughter its most sacred cows. Central to that tradition is the value placed on truth, reason, objectivity, and a moral system based on altruism and self-sacrifice.

  • Quotes categorized into wide variety of subjects (inspirational and uplifting, beautiful and profound, wit and humorous, wise and enlightening, aphorisms, god and religion, love, art, solitude, views and opinions, etc) for daily reading
  • Convenient and easy navigation
  • Perfect gift for wisdom lovers
  • TIP: Take time to ponder and read at a leisurely pace. Slow down and enjoy the profundity.

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

 ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The Powerful Book of I Am Affirmations: An Inspirational, Empowering & Positive Script of Self Affirmations for Attracting Happiness & Success (The Self Affirmation Script)

by Kiera Zinn

Success comes down to one element – taking action. Without the motivation and self-belief, you will never take action to achieve whatever it might be you want to achieve. This is why we have created The Powerful Book of “I Am” Affirmations, packed with incredible self-affirmations for positive thinking and attracting the success you deserve and strive for.

Are you stressed about your weight? Do you wish to become rich and famous? Do you have the desire to climb the ladder of success? Whatever it might be, the affirmations in this book were made for people like you.

Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat over and over, you visualize these empowering words to already exist and manifest into your life. Think of positive affirmations as a pep talk to yourself, a reinforcement towards setting aside your doubts and realizing that you have potential and everything necessary to achieve your goals, dreams and a happier life.

So ask yourself –

  • Are you ready to climb the ladder of success?
  • Are you ready to reach the riches you desire?
  • Are you ready to find your dream job?
  • Are you ready to attract the physic you’ve always wanted?

If the answer is yes then start by saying “I am“.

Just by simply thinking positively, you are already making steps towards progress. Repeating I am affirmations has been proven in psychology to help nurture and improve a person’s mindset. By implementing affirmations into your daily routine you increase your chances of succeeding tremendously.

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