Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 26 Aug 18

How to use Law of Attraction to be happy, loved and make money

by Lucas V.

I wrote this book “How to use Law of Attraction to be happy, loved and make money” for myself. I had notes in many books I read and certain important points in my mind and I thought if I put them on “paper” in a cohesive form it will be helpful to me. I wrote it to help myself achieve my dream. Now after finishing it I have an intuitive feeling that I should share it. I want to be clear that at the moment of writing these words my dreams have not yet become a reality, but I do believe that knowledge in this book can be very helpful to readers. I know I wish I could read a book like this long time ago – it would help me not to make certain mistakes and clear misinformation I had about how to use the power of the mind.

When I achieve my dream and if I learn something valuable in the process I will add it to the book.

If you decide to purchase this book thank you and I really believe that it will be helpful to you in achieving your dreams.

Topics covered in this book:

– The diffrence between going for a small goal and a big one
– What you can do to improve your ability to visualize
– What forgiveness is and what it isn’t and how to forgive
Key elements to use affirmations correctly
– When affirmations may not be enough
– Possible mistakes people make when using Law of Attraction

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