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Aftermath: Who will be left? (The Carnage Trilogy Book 3)

by Matthew Birch

The third and final chapter of the intensifying page-turner Carnage Trilogy is here, and its survivors are about to face their greatest battle yetâ?¦

The Carnage has come; humanity has faced its battles, now we will see its aftermath.

Humans were not built to do battle with the likes of their greatest enemy, and through its gentle wrath, it will tear them apart. Smarter, their enemy will outdo them at every turn, only for the secrets inside to come out when the time is right. Everything has a purpose; everyone has survived, fought, and seen so much pain. Now, their mind and bodies will be pushed to the limits when they are put through the greatest test of their lifetimes…

This is it, the battle, the war, the Aftermath. With the branding, comes a fate worse than death, which survivor will be left?

Follow along to see the accounts of all the final survivors who have gotten so far, read on to see their story, and its end in the third and final book, of the intense Carnage Trilogy.

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Reunited: From the Athena Lee Universe (Smuggle Life Book 6)

by T S Paul

The captain and crew of the Rossi continue their smuggling journey to rescue their friend.

Back on New Detroit, Captain Rea and her crew battle against old foes and new as they struggle to find their lost crewmate and friend, Taylor.
Everything that has happened is coming to a head.

Can they save their friend before it is too late? Or will Drake and the mysterious woman succeed in their evil plan?

Interlopers (The Strangers Bureau Book 1)

by James Philip

Acting under Presidential decree three men meet clandestinely in a villa at Compiegne to belatedly begin to contemplate the unthinkable.

What if ghosts really exist? Not as spectres, not as whispers in the night but as real people who simply find themselves out of their time and place like fallen angels. And what if our leaders have always known about the â??interlopers’ in our midst?

Interlopers – Book 1 of the Strangers Bureau Series is a novella introducing my new series of supernatural mysteries – The Strangers Bureau – which features veteran Sûreté detective Eleanor Gerard.

In Interlopers we discover that not all is well within the mysterious, ultra secretive Security Committee for Interloper Affairs. For seven decades SCIA’s work has remained a dark secret within the underbelly of French Governments throughout war and peace. The best kept secret of the Fifth Republic has become a bloated, corrupt monster, a rogue organ of state whose senior officers are more preoccupied with personal aggrandisement and the preservation of SCIA’s power, than any meaningful notion of service to the French state.

SCIA was created to quarantine, to hide, to render invisible a reality that no French Government has ever dared to confront. Now is the time of reckoning when sooner rather than later, that reality will become public knowledge. And when that happens, so too, will the scandal of the Security Committee for Interloper Affairs.

But things are moving too fast; the situation is not one of too many cooks wanting to put their fingers in the cake mix but of too many powerful men who ought to know better putting their hands into a meat grinder.
This re-proofed, revised and re-formatted edition of ‘Interlopers’ was uploaded on 9th December 2017.

Before Yesterday, Comes Tomorrow

by John Messmer

Exploration is within the Professor’s grasp. Many of his students call him a crackpot, but he is driven by inner desires. Neighbors are moving, but his wife helps him with his endeavors. As his closest friends try to undertand his motives, the adventure begins. The survival of the Earth depends on the results. The first journey to Mars is the only hope.

After writing “Dawn of Negative Time” from and “Within the World of Forever”, another thought-provoking novel was imagined. The third book is a continuation of the story, which draws the reader into another reality. With another fresh approach, more is revealed. My objective is to enhance the first two books from a unique perspective. If the first book is the foundation, and the second is the structure, then the third is the meat, which covers the future from the past. A higher level of awareness is obtained as the story progresses. Enjoy my third science fiction novel and prepare for a journey, which will never be forgotten by any generation.


by Ingo Potsch

Adventure novel, Science Fiction with spaceships and (some) aliens, espionage story, thriller and crime fiction, a little bit â??coming of age’, some tiny tender romances, a bit of â??rescue the world’, and much more is combined in this book. The novel integrates extensive world building in to the rapid flow of the story which easily carries the reader along. The story is written in a clever prattling style that shifts easily into amusing dialogue and so aids the pleasure of the reader as he tears along with the young heroes on the trail of the mysterious secret, and secret adversary, threatening the well-being of the entire human race.

The Arkansas River Monster

by Kenneth Edward Barnes

There is something in the water of the Arkansas River. It is unlike anything that has ever been seen or heard of before. After there are several attacks on animals and humans, the people all along the river and streams that flow into it are terrified and want answers.
No one even knows what it is. There are speculations and theories, but since the victim never sees it until it is too late, no one knows for sure what the monster is or how it came to be in the waters of Arkansas.
Some think the creature may have come from the ocean and became trapped when the new Mount Carmel Dam was erected, which blocked its exit back to the Mississippi River. Others think it could be a giant alligator or even an overgrown catfish. Some even think that it could be a shark, which has somehow adapted to fresh water. Then there are a few that think is an unknown creature such as the Lock Ness monster. Only catching or killing it will answer the question once and for all. However, it will not be easy to capture or even find the mysterious monster as it has plenty of places and water in which to hide.
This short novel of about 29,000-words takes place in southeastern Arkansas near where the Arkansas River runs into the mighty Mississippi. What could this mysterious creature be? You will discover the answer, but only after it takes its toll on the minds and nerves of those that live in or near its secret domain.
Share the fear, the dramaâ??the suspense of those that live in or around the small town of Mount Carmel. Yes, it is an “almost real” story of a creature that could be living near you in a large river or lake. Be sure you turn the lights on before you start reading The Arkansas River Monster!

Empathy (Street Book 1)

by Ryan A. Span

In the future, telepathy is no longer a fantasy; it’s a job. Gina- just Gina- is a woman with no future, trying to make her living along the Street of Eyes, where people go to hire the desperate and the suicidal for their unique services. She is one of the sellers, the new underclass, who use “third eye” or “Spice”- a powerful drug that gives them the ability to read minds- as their way of making ends meet. The drug has only one downside- it drives the user insane. Gina no longer cares about the risks and is content to go on the way she has for years, not knowing fate has something very different in store for her when she accepts a mysterious job from an unusual buyer. Before she knows it, Gina finds herself embroiled in a dangerous mystery, hunted by gangs and madmen, consorting with hackers and assassins, and all the while trying to keep her mind from coming apart at the seams. Street: Empathy is the first volume of the acclaimed online series STREET.

The Secret Religion of The Elite

by Tim Ozman

There is a culture that runs the world. A cult of power shared by an elite going mostly unnoticed by those not in it. It’s a secret and esoteric society and it covertly controls all governments, media corporations, mass entertainment outlets such as sports media, and all organized religions.

It uses fear, superstiton, and utopian ponzi schemes in order to assume control over those that believe in the claims of its priesthood and its miracles.

This is not a “who done it?” conspiracy book but a “what is it?” book. This is about the it. The “it” is their RELIGION.

The god of their religion? Themselves. And to the degree to which we give their priesthood power and influence, we worship them. When we tremble before their phoney threats, we are in fact genuflecting at their power over us.

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