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A Quick Tour of China: At the Dawn of the Trump Era (Coloring Outside the Cruise Lines Book 1)

by James Wesley

Let me start by saying I have no illusions about being the new Marco Polo. Many people have traveled over some form of the Silk Road since that Italian explorer blazed the trail for Westerners.

Nonetheless, it occurs to me that each point in history brings unique perspectives, and I’d like to share what an average American found on a modestly-priced tour of China in the Spring of 2018. You’ll find it as much history book as travel journal. The mere fact that an average American can travel halfway around the world and express opinions freely about a formerly closed nation speaks volumes.

Confucius say, “Study the past if you would divine the future.”

Oh, and I do realize the Silk Road originated during China’s Han Dynasty, well over 1,000 years before Marco Polo arrived. This book includes an occasional ironic twist.

Tokyo Story

by Tereza Mackova

How far are you willing to go for love?

Alice travels from Prague to Japan with a single goal – to find someone who was very important in her life. But finding one person in the multi-million city of Tokyo – when she has only his first name, an old photo and limited knowledge of Japanese – seems worse than impossible. Especially considering Alice has a terrible sense of direction and attracts minor social mishaps like a magnet. But none of this will discourage her from her plan.
The frantic quest gains a whole new direction as an unexpected helper crosses Alice’s path. He calls her â??crazy gaijin’. He thinks she’s mad and desperate. But he will do whatever it takes to make her happy.

Will Alice be able to find the love of her life? And can she be sure it’s truly real love?

Find out in this compelling novel that combines fine romance, gentle nostalgia, and smart humor.

Lonely Planet Italy 2018: Venice points of interests( Travel Guide)

by John N.Smith

Italia Travel Guide 2018

Venice, located in the northeastern part of Italy, has long been known for being the Veneto region’s capital. Maybe there is no other city in the world can captivate the beauty of romance like this isolated town does. Quaint and dreamlike, Venice sometimes gives tourists the feeling of being on film set surrounded by picturesque canals.

All the beautiful tiny little things make Venice a spectacular destination to explore, yet it can be challenging to organize a whole trip. Therefore, I have ended up writing Lonely Planet Italy: Venice point of interest as a result.

Lonely Planet Italy: Venice point of interest is the complete guidebook which is filled with the most necessary pieces of advice that you need to keep in mind in order to explore the hidden discoveries waiting for you in the romantic corners of Venice.

In this e-book, readers will have a chance to find out more about:

  • Reasons why traveling to Venice should be in your bucket list
  • Preparation tips before heading towards this ancient city
  • What you should do to organize your own itinerary which suits your personal purposes and needs
  • Ways to get to Venice, as well as methods to keep your trip economical
  • Places that you can’t miss out on when visiting Venice
  • Full high-quality images and maps throughout the book
  • Top tips to explore Venice like a local citizen, along with honest reviews regarding the food, means of transportation, activities you should join, and so on

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Somerset Journeys

by Huw Parsons

‘Somerset Journeys’ is a collection of twelve essays and nine poems, starting with a description of a trip to Weston-Super-Mare in 1961, when Huw was just six years old, and ending with a journey to Muchelney and a walk along an abandoned railway line in 2015.

All the pieces are very different, for instance ‘Shepton Mallet Blues’ is a well-researched eye-witness account of ‘The Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music’ held in 1970, whilst ‘Road Rage’ is a scurrilous tale of a motorcyclist’s revenge. My favourite though is ‘The Somerset Within’ where we read that Huw, like eight out of every ten native Brits, has ancestors who spent time in Victorian workhouses.

‘Delightful Huw! Isn’t it wonderful when rhymes just fit, funny when they don’t quite, and absolutely appalling when they don’t exist?’ Sting (Musician and Philanthropist.)

“All wonderful stuff – No deadline like desperation!” David Ward (Poet.)

“Cash from Chaos – Pure Punk.” Gareth Wynn (Musician.)

“More Rupert Brooke please, less Rupert Bear!” Pamela Morgan (Writer and Critic.)

ROME: NIGHTLIFE: The final insider´s guide written by locals in-the-know with the best tips for night entertainment (NIGHT LIFE FOR TRAVELERS Book 10)

by Sarah Retter

What’s the dance club of the moment, the best place for a drink, the most romantic choice? You’ll find all that information you need in this ultimate Rome nightlife guide based on the recommendations of thousands of local night crawlers.

In this fundamental traveler’s guide for Rome, the city that never sleeps, you´ll find information about:

Comedy Clubs,
Dancing Clubs
Jazz Clubs
Happy Hours
Cocktail Lounges
The Live Music Haunts
Single Bars
Swinger Bars
Lesbian Bars
Wine Bars
Karaoke Bars
The Late Night Options
Exotic Food Restaurants
Local Food Restaurants
LGBT Scene
Strip Clubs

Download this book now to get the most out of your night!

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100 things to do in Maharashtra (100 Things (Discover India))

by David Riley

One of the largest states in India, Maharashtra also happens to be one of the most diverse.  Forming home to one of the largest cities in the world, Mumbai; Maharashtra is probably one of the most touristy states in India.  From countless UNESCO World Heritage sites like Ajanta Buddhist Caves, Ellora Buddhist Caves, Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, etc. to natural World Heritage Sites like the Western Ghats and the Sahyadri ranges and the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra sure has a lot to offer.

It has several touristy cities including Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Nashik, etc.  It has hill-stations like Lonavla, Khandala, Matheran, etc.  It has a vast array of wildlife reserves, and a huge coastline with several towns and villages worth visiting.

Apart from these Maharashtra is known for its vast array of fortresses built during various periods in its history.  Many of them (included in this book) are spread across the state in various small towns and villages.  It is hidden jewels such as these that form the best part of exploring the entire state of Maharashtra, instead of visiting just 1 or 2 important touristy cities!

This book takes on an attempt to uncover some of these and many other places, in the form of â??100 things to do’ in Maharashtra.  So, enjoy the list to a point where you can’t just read anymore, and you just “HAVE TO” go to Maharashtra and experience it all with your own eyes.

Do check other books on,
Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Kerala, Nashik, Agra, Goa, Jaipur and many other cities in India.

Costa Blanca: TABARCA (50 imatges) (1) (Catalan Edition)


Viatge fotogràfic per una illa mediterrània de butxaca que conserva encara ben viu l’encant propi dels paradisos.
Ã?lbum de 50 imatges.
[Alacant, País Valencià]

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