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by Tiffany Turner

Get lost in the world that Alley brings to life for her grandchildren, Jen and Jimmy, as she weaves for them the tale of the summer that she met-and fell in love with- Angelo Adducci, one of history’s most notorious and vicious crime bosses. As she pulls them into her story, Jen and Jimmy will learn that their grandmother wasn’t always elderly, frail and grey-no, she was once young, beautiful and had a smile that could charm the devil or even, Angelo Adducci.

When the story begins, Alley is a young woman who dreams of travelling the world with the Navy as a nurse and spends her free time as a waitress in her best friend Joe’s bar. On a boring, cloudy day in New York City in 1941, her entire life will change, for she is about to be swept away into a world of mobsters, murder and intrigue. You see, sometimes the man you fall for is prince charming, sometimes, he’s just a monster in a fedora hat.

The Farmer’s Slaughter (Book 1) (A Harley and Davidson Mystery)

by Liliana Hart

Book 1 – The Farmer’s Slaughter

A Harley and Davidson Mystery

The Texas Hill Country promises to be anything but ordinary when bestselling mystery writer, Agatha Harley, begins researching her next novel. What she doesn’t expect is for her research to lead her to her newly retired neighbor, Hank Davidson. She recognizes a cop when she sees one, and Hank doesn’t look like her idea of retired, despite the black socks, sandals, and manicured lawn.

Hank needs a place to forget his past, but Agatha needs his past to secure her future.

As an FBI trained profiler, Hank Davidson sees right through most people. But Agatha isn’t most people. She’s as seasoned as any cop he knows and just as mouthy. It doesn’t take long for him to get caught up in the cold case Agatha’s using for research, but small town roots run deep, and loose lips will tell you anything you want to know–except who the killer is.

In the spirit of Angela Lansbury and Murder She Wrote, enjoy these cozy mysteries in order to get the most fun out of your experience.


The dynamic husband and wife writing duo of Liliana Hart and Scott Silverii combine their love of adventure and storytelling into the Harley and Davidson Mystery Series. While they’ve discussed a team writing effort for years, when it came time to actually develop their characters, both admit to being stumped.

Why not write us they laughed.

Liliana, a 29-time NY Times and USA Today bestseller and author of over 59 titles, enjoys this labor of love with her husband. Scott, a former Chief of Police and law enforcement professional has over 25 years of banging down doors and busting bad guys. An author of 10 titles, he says this by far is his favorite mission.

Together, they have created a lovable tandem of adventure seeking, mystery-solving heroes that you’ll get to know and love. You might even catch a glimpse of Liliana and Scott in each story. Well, probably much more than a glimpse.
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The Moon Stands Still: # 7 (The Raleigh Harmon Mystery Series)

by Sibella Giorello

“Raleigh Harmon is one of the best heroines in modern literature.” â?? Nicole Petrino-Salter, Into the Fire

On a scenic riverbank outside Seattle, forensic geologist Raleigh Harmon digs up evidence on the FBI’s most famous unsolved mysteryâ??the disappearance of hijacker D. B. Cooper.

That’s when her life starts to unravel.

Juggling two urgent crime casesâ??including a murder investigation that might send an innocent man to death rowâ??Raleigh triggers an avalanche of danger.  And fractures her romance with FBI agent Jack Stephanson.

Worse, Jack doesn’t seem to care.

In The Moon Stands Still, Raleigh Harmon confronts her worst fears of failure and abandonment, fighting to uncover the truth and deliver justiceâ??a truth will change her life forever.

Praise for the Raleigh Harmon mysteries

“Raleigh is truly a remarkable characterâ?¦.”â??Melissa

“If you have not read any of these books, do yourself a great favor and get them all!!”â?? Jennifer

“What I love most about this book is how very real Raleigh seems to be. I keep thinking, ‘Raleigh’s just like one of us.'” Pia

Editorial Reviews of the Raleigh Harmon series

“Giorello has won the Christy Award and has received two Pulitzer Prize nominations. When you read this book, you’ll see why.” Booklist, starred review

“It isn’t often that I cry at the end of a thriller. This time, part of me was overflowing with affection for the characters; the other part was filled with disappointment because the story was over.” Karen Dahood,

“â?¦adding to Giorello’s reputation as a pro and a shining star.” Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“The clever plot twists will have readers riveted from the start. Tough, edgy Raleigh Harmon and the city of Richmond are beauties with endearing qualities that are hard to resist. Fans of Sue Grafton and Tim Downs should add Giorello to their favorites list.” Romantic Times, 4.5 stars

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