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Reflections Upon A Sunny Day: An Autobiography by Murderer and Death Row Escapee Fred H. Kornahrens III

by Fred Kornahrens III

Fred H. Kornahrens III is one of South Carolina’s most famous criminals. He was condemned to death row and then, to the shock of the entire state, managed to escape. In the years that followed, people discussed Kornahrens’s story. Everyone had an opinion about the man, but few knew the truth. Now, he tells all in Reflections Upon a Sunny Day.

As a child, Kornahrens suffered from the unstable parenting of his mentally ill mother and aggressive father. When the two weren’t fighting each other, they were taking out their frustrations on a helpless child. Kornahrens’s mother was eventually hospitalized numerous times for schizophrenia but found no relief in the asylum.

Kornahrens himself began exhibiting signs of mental illness, but his upbringing hadn’t given him the tools to cope. He thought he found a purpose when he joined the military, but his career did not last long. He hoped he could make up for his parent’s faults by providing for his own family, but this proved to be the biggest mistake of all.

Finally, Kornahrens’s damaged psyche collapsed, and the resulting tragedy devastated the community. He has written his story, trying to make sense of what happenedâ??for himself and for his readers.

Tens of thousands No Maybe one of millions of people: My bone marrow donor experience story (Japanese Edition)

by Katsuyoshi Nishimura


Memoirs Of A Self Proclaimed Genius

by Carmine Cassara

An hilarious look at my personal journey through life, and how I’ve managed to wreck it along the way. If you think you’ve had it rough, read my stories, they are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.

Candy Apple Butterscotch: A Memoir

by Rebecca MacCeile

Candy Apple Butterscotch chronicles the journey of Rebecca MacCeile as she takes her first steps into adulthood, navigating her way out of the shackles of a mentally abusive childhood. A harrowing tale of overcoming trauma and adversity while trying to find her place in the world.

We meet Rebecca at the tender age of eight as she is exposed to the dark side of humanity for the very first time during the height of the late 90’s drug epidemic. The impact of which left her reeling many years later. Especially so when she entered the world of dating, and met a man who seemed to be a ghost from her past.

Follow along as Rebecca discovers her resilience and strength while being dealt one devastating blow after another: domestic violence, rape, infidelity, loss, heartbreak, and mental illness. She not only survives, but thrives through it all with an insurmountable sense of optimism, tenacity and hope.

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